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Commodity prices and rentals increased in Ndola ahead of new salaries


Some concerned civil servants in Ndola district in Copperbelt province says the salary increment which is expected next month should not result in increased rent and essential commodities in the area.


Mrs Memory Ndeila a teacher by profession notes that it was unfair for landlords in the area to have increased rentals by 25 percent already in expectation of increased civil servants’ salaries who are have been awarded increment of less than 10 percent effective next month.

She explained that it was unfair for someone who gets an increment of five percent to have his or her rentals increased by 25 percent.

“So these landlords that want to increase the rental should also increase them according to the salary percentage increment. If you get a 5 percent increment then the landlord should also consider giving you a 5% increment on rentals and not the 25 percent or 50 percent they are coming up with,” she said.

Another resident observed that an upward adjustment in commodity prices would not be very fair considering the electricity tariffs and fuel prices had already been adjusted upward.

“As civil servants we are not looking forward to having prices of various commodities increased for the simple reason already government has increased the price of fuel and also the electricity tariffs have been adjusted upwards.

Salaries for public service workers will be increased next year.

This is according to a statement on the proposed 2016-2018 Medium Term Expenditure Framework issued by Secretary to the Treasury Mr. Fredson Yamba.

He however cautioned that the overall size of the public sector pay as a share of GDP should not rise during the period 2016-2018.The public service pay is therefore programmed to fall to 8.4 percent of the GDP by 2018.


  1. A Peasant farmer is the most vulnerable person in Zambia and no one thinks of Him instead he/she is used as a tool to supply for the rich and intermediate. His/ her salary is once per year. Has the government ever given them loans like we see civil servants do? Seeds and fertilizer are expensive and then you want his produce to be cheaper. God forbid to exploit your fellow man.

    • It s not the duty of the gvt to feed you or to tell you the price ,carpillers in mpika went up to 50k/gallon price made by people. The selves

  2. Rentals are up the all Ndola… Soon we will reach lsk..trends sad for ordinary hard working people…like me n you….I guess alternatives are imperative

  3. If the landlord increases his rentals, the tenant has a right to find attentive accommodation. The Landlord can even increase the rentals by what ever percentage he/she want the onus is on the tenant to find a house which he thinks he can afford. Alternatively if you are in gainful employment ask you employer to provide accommodation. The landlord has a right to charge whatever rentals he/she comes up with. The best solution is to build your own house so that you stop complaining. It seems like you do not want to be called a lord.

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