Special Assistant to the President for Project Implementation and Monitoring Andrew Chellah has expressed concern at the non-compliance of the twenty (20) percent sub contraction to local contractors.

Mr. Chellah said this is in reaction to President Edgar Lungu’s directive of the implementation of the 20 percent subcontract to Zambians by al contractors in the country.

Speaking after the tour of various projects contracted to mostly Chines owned contractors in Lusaka today, Mr. Chellah expressed disappointment to the sites inspected as he found that most of the contractors are not abiding to the 20 percent policy.

He said there is need for the contractors to follow the laws of the country as ignorance is no excuse.

Mr. Chellah who during his tour monitored works on the new Kenneth Kaunda International Airport among others, however expressed satisfaction with the quality of works by the various contractors visited as most of them are on schedule.

And speaking at the same event, Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Charles Spanje urged contractors to abide by the labour laws of the country.

Mr. Spanje who expressed concern on some workers without protective clothing explained that it is important for contractors to ensure that their workers receive the correct conditions of service.

He said cont4ractors should strive to create and maintain a good working relationship with employees in order to achieve the objectives.

The sites visited also included Office blocks under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Expansion of the Mungwi road, the Extension of Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital and the Specialized Hospital off Airport road.

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  1. Sorry sir. They can’t risk their money on the thieving lazy Zambians whose preoccupation is drinking and womanizing


  2. Really laughable….this country has gone to the dogs, even directives are useless as the Chines know better than listen to lazy bum who is on their payroll!!


  3. Do we have a functioning ministry of labour to appeal to.
    Do we have an immigration department
    Do we have a minister of home affairs that stressed the policy of zambianisation
    Will we be able to replace the chinese by 2021, or 2026 with the current regime.


  4. Dont juct give directives but your Government must raise a bar of compliance with these foreign investors


  5. All this barking these Ministers are doing must stop.Political propaganda. They are all corrupt. Minister of Labour,immigration department, Home affairs.The list is endless. 70% of foreigners working in Zambia do not have proper work permits and those who have got through dubious means.Zambia belongs to foreigners. The few Zambian’s who work get peanuts as salaries and the fat bellied Minister’s are busy blu blu blu..



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