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HH demands that Tayali apologizes for calling him a Freemason or face court


HH speaking to Journalists outside the Cathedral
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has issued a 48 hour ultimatum to EPP leader Chilufya Tayali to apologize and withdraw his recent statement that the UPND President is a Freemason.

According to Mr Hichilema’s lawyers L.M Chambers, Mr Tayali should retract the statement, issue an apology within 72 hours or face a legal suit.

The matters relates to a Facebook post on Mr Tayali’s page in which he alleged that he can prove that Mr Hichilema practices Freemasonry.

It later emerged that Mr Tayali fabricated the WhatsApp conversation which was purported to have taken place between Mr Hichilema and a South African based Freemason colleague.

But Mr Tayali has vowed that he will not withdraw the statement.

He said he cannot wait to face Mr Hichilema in court and that he will use the court hearing as an opportunity to expose the UPND leader.

“There times when jack-pot comes your way and you should never hesitate to take it. This is good, I would love to meet HH in court, and since his lawyers are taking things from social media, let them get this one as well,” Mr Tayali said.

He vowed, lI am not retracting anything, let HH go to court immediately, I shall meet him there so that we can talk about a lot of things. I have a number of questions for HH, this is my chance. I will make him retire from politics and he will thank me later for the favor.”


    • Just drag the quack to court. Last time he apologised to Hon. Lubinda after accusing him of baseless corruption issues. Who really takes this ka tayali chap seriously? This chap needs to be checked mentally.

    • how does one prove another person’s religious inclination? can this be scientifically proven? will it be just through word of mouth{ndiwe mu Muslim) or by giving out names of people someone associates with, what about christians with hindu or buddhist friends with they automatically become hindu,what does our national constitution say about religious freedoms? does it mean constitutionally a Hindu can’t become president in Zambia? I have a lot of Hindu friends but am christian ,how that makes me hindu in zambaian eyes beats even any imbiciles brain.

    • Tayali is a naive attention seeking hungry fooooool who thinks he is untouchable when he is on Facebook and does not want to take responsibility when questioned face to face as witnessed on Prime TV when he was behaving like a schoolboy. Everyone who has brains upstairs knows it was a fabrication and I thought Hakainde would be smart enough to ignore it but as silly as he is he runs to his lawyers like some man who works in the barbershop to ask the barber whether he needs a haircut.

    • Wait until hh proves that tayali is a liar. You may find him telling the truth. HH may then be the fart. Do not bury your heard in the sand.

    • HH may or my not be whatever Tayali suspects him to be but he is one strange Zambian certainly who has a dark side. There is something dark about the man. Forget HH he’s a spent force even before he acquires his life long ambition. HH is not the guy to get Zambia out of the economic quagmire, neither is it Lungu, who acquires questionable wealthy in such a short time (after having stolen from a client and got struck off law practicing). Zambia needs to put together a think-tank of people like Kalyalya, Caleb Fundanga, Musokotwane, Chibamba Kanyama, Mumba Malila (legal), Oliver Saasa, Yaluma (Mines), Valentine Chitalu (for ZPA man). These guys led by Mutati to negotiate with IMF for a bail out. Lusambo can come to carry the negotiators’s luggage at JFK to earn allowances. Zambia is being…

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation

      Zambia is being screwed and ra.ped by the Chinese right now and will be a perpetual colony!

    • Zambian politicians are very good at issuing threats and ultimatums. How many times have we heard these things before?
      Believe me, nothing will come out of it.
      They are all playing for the gallery and we are suckers for it!

    • After HH’s off-shore accounts were revealed, Tayali said: “I’ll attack HH until he gives me money”.

      Politics of the Stomach ya Mr. Tayali has back-fired.

      Maiwe my vote is intact. Not for the Mason. Wonders shall never end.
      Tayali may have more on HH. The audacity of a fella with true in his mind is immense. Maybe Tayali seen Br. HH’s in the book of “DEATH”. Eish, aisha! you are a satanist.

  1. Let the ball start rolling asap. We can’t wait to hear this. Let’s know and have proof if truly this chap is a blood sucker. We can afford to have blood suckers in plot one

  2. Hunger stricken Tayali, do you want to turn courts of law as places to make political scores? Why should you wait to tell HH how evil he is in court, why not from where you are speaking from? I think someone is using you like Chanda Chimba, utekanye sana mwaiche Tayali.

  3. Ba hh kkkkk lawyer bantustan you are suing kah? Go ahead you are now following CK who is suing everyone at press conferences kkkk. Iwe when you call your current bootlicker “muzungu opusa” who sued you? Or when you call defenseless judges “corrupt” you think they are happy? Smh. Go one spend more cash wannabe presido

  4. This is the problem of taking politics too personal. HH and Tayali, focus on issues in your politics and not individualism. Just recently, you were comrades, HH even praised Tayali in his thanks giving speech after being released from prison and UPND were darlings of Tayali even on their social media propaganda. When Tayali’s one man demonstration against IG Kanganja, he was UPND’s hero and was displaying UPND colours. You guys, give us better politics, focus on issues and stop your personal pettiness, Zambia deserves better politics. Kambwili’s NDC is even a better alternative.

  5. Indeed why waste time and resources on a parasite who is hunger stricken? We have more important issues to deal with like ballooning debt, agriculture issues, poverty, unemployment etc. The opposition should not be swayed by this rat who has become a PF vuvuzela in order to put crumbs on his table. Offer checks and balances as the alternative government in waiting instead of wasting time on trivia.

    • Because believe it or not quite a large number of Zambians do believe such stories even the educated ones ….. it is the similar story of HH “sold” the mines …people have come to believe it as being true when in fact the government sold the mines.

    • The government had they received a sound advice from your educated HH they wouldn’t have sold the mines. HH technically speaking sold out the mines because he saw his personal opportunity to satisfy himself at the expense of all Zambians. U call him rich today but u forget to call him a traitor of his own people. HH is selfish, self centred Tonga Bull. This is a Fact.

  6. Tayalli walicita minor child abuse resulting in an unwanted pregnancy and eventually a baby. In as much as children are a gift from God, ka tayaali you committed crime since walemucita saana ifyabipisha. HH is a good very good man. Iwe tayalli you are a disciple of Satan since walecita minor ifyabipisha again and again.

  7. I suspect this Tayali is suffering from syphilis which has now reached advanced stage. In my profession i have seen this with many people and in most cases people come to realize when it is too late. People close to this guy check him out. His behavior is not normal.

  8. It’s not wasting money and time. The man is a public figure and business man. His integrity carries a lot of weight.

    • He is in politics where he has called people names. There is no problem to be called a name. HH should learn to ignore noice makers like Tayali. Show leadership and concentrate on building the party.

  9. Tayali and HH are just the same. Who takes someone to court for calling him freemanson? HH is on record having called Zambians with opposite views from him all sorts of names.

    • He fabricated a whatsapp coversation purpoted to have taken place between HH and some master Botha. Thats serious offence. Imagine what this must have done to his business and reputation.

  10. Shame ba Tayali, i thought your being handsome was synonmous with wisdom, shame. Just tell the nation the person using you and if HH is not a threat to you ,challenge him via the ballot and not your verbal diarrhea.


    • Another pf fool in the name of chimbanje…A fool will always be a fool no matter what…your family can never be like HH`s…You are just full of Jealousy and hatred…shame on you…you will die poor…work hard!

  12. Let us take Tayali very serious if HH was to become president the Zambian Treasury will be empty because HH has pressure from his friends Mansons to clear the nkongole. Be careful Zambians

  13. This freemason talk is now out of tune. Many have tried many have failed. Tayali right now your one man party is bound to be known of throwing shade at other political parties and NOT offering policy alternatives. Calling HH a freemanson will not advance your party. Call out the mentioned in the AG report, fuel scandal, govt corruption and be seen to be fighting for the greater Zambians.Is this the smart politics you always blab about? whats smart about baseless accusations? if you played smart politics by now we should have known your policies on windfall tax or other economic issues not ukusabaila about someone hair on TV.

  14. All Zambians including those in Dundumwedzi know that HH is a satanist (freemanson)!!!taking Chilufya Tayali to court wont help HH but damage his image even further!!!issues to do with privatization,tribalism,satanism,etc are all on HH’s head!!HH with die with this tag!!!
    NEVER SHOULD YOU APOLOGISE TAYALI.TAKE HH HEAD ON IN COURT AND EXPOSE HIM EVEN FURTHER!!!those lawyers from LM Chambers HH has hired are very dull and cheap.they are found on Katimamulilo road in a finished house with no clients at all!!!
    GENERAL KANENE SUNG “SATANA (HH) TAWAKATEKEPO ICHALO EEE ……!!!”this will surely come to pass!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017

    • it’s songs like that has turned you into Nolle prosecui specialists. how do you prove the song about you? remember alungu anabwela by pilato, how do you prove its you lungu been mentioned when there so many lungus in chawama.

  15. Who cares whether HH is a freemason or not; we have been ruled by some people who have practiced witchcraft or had brought Sangoma’s at State House; we use money and help from freemasons in the West and most Western leaders are either freemasons or connected to freemasons just like most African leaders are connected to witchcraft or consult witchdoctors; our chiefs know about witchcraft and they rule us; Some of our current politicians are advocating teaching witchcraft in schools; why have we kept them in government? What is the difference between freemasons and witchcraft? Tayali may also be consulting witchdoctors while claiming to speak the Christian language like some of our so called Christian leaders;

  16. If I were HH I would avoid getting myself embarrassed and waste my money on things I know I do. Free Masonry has serious consequences if you behave in a manner that brings the brotherhood into disrepute. By going to court HH will be issuing crazy statement about the brotherhood and this will not seat well with his brothers. Ignore some things like what ECL EVIL is doing and concentrate on mobilizing your failure again in 2021. That’s my view

  17. Like really who goes to such trouble as creating a fake whatsapp page just to discredit someone. i think Tayali has too much time in his hands. He better find a job instead of living on hand outs. 2018 is going to be a tough year with the dollar already at 10.42

  18. Most Presidents in West Africa are Free Masons and it doesn’t bother anyone anywhere. I wonder what it is in Zambia that we make it such an issue. What is in this masons business that is very bad & to whom? I have never heard of any wrongdoing advanced by anyone against masons. Give us examples of those that have been affected in a serious way by masons. I think we’re too superstitious in this country. Serious lack of critical thinking minds. Gullible!

  19. Thieves will remain thieves whether they look rich or poor. They know it themselves and are personally troubled and people around them are unware of it.

  20. This is not a political issue it is a personal one, it centres on hh’s way of life, if proven true it can cost him political support. It is good that the challenge should be taken to court, tayali must prove his accusations, because there comes a time when provocative behaviour tires the culprit. And indeed hh must be tired of hearing this over and over without a chance to defend himself because the accusers were none entities, now that it comes from the mouth of a know political figure hh is aiming to bring to an end these false accusations using tayali. Let the game begging!

  21. Suppose Tayali is found guilty of defamation and fined 150,000 kwacha and he’s not capable of paying what happens? Or yeah HH clears his name but what stops Tayali from concorting another story against HH? To me a person of the status of HH should just ignore rantings from such rats. What about Bishop Chomba who even quoted the date and location of the initiation of HH into mason.

  22. For once Bonehead Mushota has spoken some sense. Frankly speaking Mushot, you are know different from this clown. He thinks he’s a guru, but you’ll see him grovelling and pleading for forgiveness. You will be next.

  23. I work a part-time job for someone who is a freemason. He is proud and has stickers on all his cars. I don’t understand HH

  24. LOL. Good move. Rule of law first.
    Good move. Our population demographics in Zambia show that about 70% of our population are 25 years old or below, and more likely to interact online i.e. facebook and believe what they read at face value. They will vote accordingly.
    Therefore, this lawsuit will have a bigger reach in teaching the value of seeking objective truth, and the consequences of slander and libel.

    Next good move will be to teach bloggers the importance of an IP address on each computer. You cannot hide behind your pseudo names and make a habit of writing defamatory things about others and naively think you cannot be located, identified and sued.

    • Thats a writing of an IT specialist,,..awesome! I hope someone like will learn something from the writing of @BRABUS

  25. They say ” there is no smoke without fire” So many bad things have been linked to HH ( tribalism, Privitisation, Satanism, paradise papers, agent of foreign forces, anti-zambia etc) the man is morally dented, this is why this man cant make a good president. On so many occasions HH has failed to prove his innocence on all these vices tugged against him. Let Tayali be given a chance to spill the beans about HH, for him to refuse to retract the statement,I’m pretty sure he has a lot to disclose and he feels he can ably defend himself in the court of law. GO TAYALI GO,TELL THE NATION MORE ABOUT THIS EVIL MAN HH.

    • @saimbwende saimbwende,
      “On so many occasions HH has failed to prove his innocence on all these vices tugged against him.”

      Ba Saimbwede, where were you when King Cobra Sata instituted an intensive investigation on HH and drew a blank?
      And what do you mean ‘prove his innocence’? Don’t you know that under the Law you are INNOCENT until proven guilty? Therefore, can you prove your allegations that HH is guilty? If so, take it to court and prove it. Which part of the law don’t you understand?

  26. It’s shameful what we are hearing from UPND cadres.
    The founder of UPND Anderson Mazoka was a freeman.
    He didn’t deny it and publicly accepted while insisting he had left the cult and was baptized into the Catholic church.
    At which point he formed UPND is still a mystery-was it when he was a mason or after he became a catholic?
    If there was nothing wrong with being a mason,why did Mazoka leave?
    When did HH know Mazoka was a freeman?
    Does freemasonry have known ties with the dark?
    Why should a Christian nation associate itself with such characters who we know have shady pasts?

  27. Brabus, I am not a carbon copy.My argument is that freemason is like a club, so whoever wants to join let him do so. The problem is that in Zambia people will do not like to associate themselves with this organization. I am not a freemason and don’t care what they do. It is their own world.
    I don’t think HH has suffered any damage by being called a freemason. There no defamatory statement because the plaintiff is still a member of society and church elder in SDA church. He has still influence and UPND president (people don’t think he has no value in society). He is not shunned because this freemason issue has been a song for a while.Brotherman, you don’t like everything.Sometimes you have no choice but to let people make their choices.

  28. Sorry for my typing error.
    Freemasonry and its roots in UPND is what we are discussing.
    On a laughing note,the UPND party symbol seems to have drawn its inspiration from freemasonry.The symbol SCARES the daylights out of the voters.
    Couple that with a leader who doesn’t laugh,its all sinister and concocts a dark image of UPND.
    Add in a bit of SDA flavored hate they practice against the catholic church,bingo!
    You have a losing formula.
    Then Tayali will team up with a bunch of clever guys to give all this a new spin that will give the voters a scary jolt similar to that of a horror movie in which some politician is the villain about to suck out the soul of a nation.

  29. It’s time someone put Tayali in his place. Anderson Mazoka lost the chance of becoming the Republican President because of the Freemason tag and Tayali is trying to use the same on HH. Why cant Tayali concentrate on building his own one-man party, instead of concentrating on character defamation of HH and CK? Ba Tayali, President ECL will never give people of your calibre a job if that is what your are looking for. On the other hand, Zambians are wise enough to choose any leader of their choice regardless of your unwarranted rantings.

  30. Bushe mu opposition tamwaba injomba inshinga Ponona ka noise maker aka tayali.the man pulls my balls with his statements to he is on hh’s side tomorrow on ecl the other day he supports ck what’s wrong with him.I regard him as a learned ignorant person stop wasting human capital Ba tayali go out there and make use of your profession so that an ordinary Zambian from shangombo can benefit.please

  31. remember elder brother Fran Tayali with corrupt issues too. The Tayali family has a history of naughtiness. The sad part we have allowed charlatans to speak on everything. He campaign for Lungu, got disappointed that he was not appointed by lungu. Lock up in jail by Lungu, accused of rape, failed to finish a course with Zambia Open University, dragged to court by Inspector of Police, accused Kambwili of fraud, failed as a Roman brother and associate with Kaizer Zulu.
    Bwane, this boy is something and we need to pray for him

  32. Tayali is a stupid man, he does not deserve the media attention he gets.
    We need to grow past stupid politicians and not let them ruin our country

  33. It just shows how petty this HechHechi is. To show great leadership you dont take such chaps to court, you ignore them instead of wasting time on such chaps. By the way there are millions of such chaps in Zambia who do not like the guy (HH). The question is how many times is one going to waste time on such guys.
    UPND leader is really childish and petty. Under-five was really an earned position.

  34. I don’t know why Zambians think freemasonry is a religion. It is NOT a religion. It is a kind of fraternity. We frequented RAOB and MOTH clubs. They are no different. The problem with Zambians is they are have too much religion on their minds!

  35. The issue of Freemasonry should be addressed by the anointed pastors who are called in deliverance to pray for this guy . Even the devil is not happy to call him Satan or shonongo . He is happy when you call him morning star nangu cibwana . Fwalitemwa sana bu Bwana .

  36. Warning goes to you Tayali if you don’t have church look for one , a Bible believing church and you got to be born again otherwise these guys are very dangerous and vicious there are all over the world and are called secret society .

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