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Defiant Chilufya Tayali dares HH to take him to court

Headlines Defiant Chilufya Tayali dares HH to take him to court

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

EPP leader Chilufya Tayali has said that he will not apologise for telling the United Party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema that he is full of evil.

In a defiant response to the 48 hour ultimatum asking him to apologize and withdraw his recent statement that the UPND President is a Freemason, the EPP leader said that he was ready to go to court and tell the Judge the malice and evil of the UPND and its leader.

“I am therefore ready to go to court and tell the Judge the malice and evil of the UPND and HH, so that they can know that their way of doing politics is not acceptable. Our Country cannot be held at ransom by UPND and HH regardless of whatever power they may have. I will fight evil wherever it resides,” he wrote.

According to Mr Tayali’s facebook posts, Mr Hichilema supports all the evil that UPND cadres do in his name and he has never condemned the cadres for the evil they do because he is full of the same evil.

“UPND have actually engaged a batch of people to just scandalize their opponents. All they do is think of bad things to do or say about others. Look at how many people have been a victims of these online media, compromised journalists like Kaseba and cadres. The situation is almost out of control”, wrote the EPP leader.

“Anyone who opposes the UPND becomes a target of the arsenal of insults and scandalisation. Not even the President is spared from their malice. This is not acceptable”.

Mr Tayali also wondered why UPND members supported him when he allegedly defamed the Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja and yet when he attacks Mr Hichilema, it is no longer freedom of expression.

“..I did not defame Kanganja, and championed freedom of expression, why are you crying that I have defamed him [HH]. It is only freedom of expression when I tell off those in Govt, but if it is on HH then it is defamation – hypocrites,” Mr Tayali wrote.

Mr Tayali said that he intends to get an honorary LLB out of his performance in squeezing the UNPD leader about his evil acts adding that enough is enough, Mr Hichilema will have to answer his questions.

“I will get some young lawyers to help me with legal jargons, while I deal with the Masonry issues, yes, we will talk about that. I want him to tell us about Golfview Lodge (Prayer meeting place for the Masons) and when he was ordained as an elder, he better prepare his baptism as well, because I will need it, ” he added

“What was the connection of HH and Mazoka, you can fool many people but not all the time, let us go to court and talk about it in white and black, ” he said.


    • “I will go after HH until he gives me money” said Tayali soon after HH’s off-shore accounts & wealth were revealed in the Paradise papers.

      However its back-fired as Tayali will spend his last pennies on Lawyers.

    • If Chilufya (The one who has lost it) did not fornicate with the woman who accused him of rape, then he qualifies to throw the first stone at his perceived sinners.

    • Dr. KD Kaunda was abusively called ishilu Fonko fonko
      Chiluba was sarcastically called Kafupi or Pikinini
      Mwanawasa was heartlessly mocked as a brain dead Cabbage
      RB Banda-was dressed up with all sorts of derogatory names opponents could come up with.
      MC Sata was maliciously called “Ukwa” and “Chimbwi no plan” all the way into his grave by by UPND led by Deepak Patel
      Kambela Mazoka was called Mansonist, Chief Cattle thief and immorally mocked his failed health all the way into his grave
      Chagwa Lungu is daily smeared as a Rwandese Muslim
      None of these statesmen turned out be as sensitive as Hichilema is proving on this issue. Let people freely call him what they think and believe. Call him Mansonist or dark society Lodge Grand Master of the Zambian chapter as much as they…

    • Let people freely call him what they think and believe. Call him Mansonist or dark society Lodge Grand Master of the Zambian chapter as much as they want. Where people notice true righteousness vs mysticism, the issue will die. Gagging only consolidates the prevalent belief that he is a Mansonist. Allow criticism to flow freely.

    • I would rather have a marsonist in state house than a humble thief drunkard and one without control or vision of our country !

    • PF *****s have no brains at all. They forget that Chakolwa Lungu has got people arrested on petty issues like the HH traffic offence which even the world laughed at. GBM ‘s recent use of a semantic idiom landed him in hot water with PF and yet PF f00ls have no shame to call HH petty for demanding an apology from this Tayali non entity rapist and child sexual molester.

      HH is a very reasonable man for he has offered poverty stricken Tayali a chance to rectify his out bursts. Now that the boy has refused to apologise for his stupidity he will face the full force of the law.

      If tayali does not know, PF will watch him get squeezed so that next time he will not be careless with his utterances.

      If it was me, I would have sued this rapist straight away and have him removed from the…

    • If chakolwa Lungu failed to subdue HH, who is ka Tayali to put HH in his place. HH is bigger than all PF minions combined.

      Just watch the space Tayali will be reduced to a soaked chicken. Remember the over zealous fake Bishop Chomba s utterances against HH? Did he get away with it ? No the little man was shaken and only saved by chakolwa lungu ‘s dictatorship.

    • @Wanzelu: Mwapya Kaisa!!! After giving him Keith Mweemba for free, this is what he does to your ayatollah, your tonga god??? kwekwekwekwekwe…this is going to be fun!!!


    • Mazoka had admitted that he was a free mason, why is Hh failing to do the same? A lot of people have evidence on this matter and once it is brought forth it will much more difficult for Hh to undo it. The sooner he admits the better so that Zambians can make up their mind over him.

    • The whole media is on fire discussing Chilufya Tayali accusation of HH being a Freemason
      Who are the Freemasons? Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organizations with an estimated six million worldwide.
      What do the Freemasons believe in? it teaches “self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies” and “is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values”.
      Two of America’s earliest presidents, George Washington and James Monroe, were Freemasons, as were Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Paul Revere.
      So HH, why should he be ashamed of being a Mason? Continued denial makes Tayali popular

  1. This Tayali is suffering from mental poverty & only surving on arguing normal people to please his corrupt PF banditry paymasters.
    The boy is attracted to problems & Tayali’s time of reckoning will come like “crushing them like tonnes of bricks” is the way visionless Lungu put it out.

    Soon the PFourts, PFudges & PFawyers will abandon Tayali due to lack of PF money.
    The Skeleton Key

    • Don’t insult Tayali. The guy has volunteered to go to court so what’s your problem? Or you’re afraid something dark and nasty about Mr Hakainde Hichilema will be revealed? If that’s the case let Mr Hakainde Hichilema just ignore Tayali’s rantings.

    • Ndanje Khakis
      Can you please quote where I have insulted Tayali with your cadre insinuations!
      The Skeleton Key


    • Ndanje Khakis & Fellow Cadres above~The problem is that PF cadres are allergic to books~reading. Be happy to be called a PF cadre if you really knew what it means. By the way calling you a cadre is NOT an insult or insulting. Don’t cheat people.
      The Merriam Webster defines a Cadre as a~”group of people having some unifying relationship” in broad terms. e.g~cadre of ministers or cadre of lawyers & cadre of technicians.
      So Ndanje Khakis by the definition of cadre is NOT insults. PF cadres stop dancing dununa backwardness & go do some research before spewing your PF verbal dysphagia.
      Take a look at~Albert Breer, SI.com, “Lesson of the week:NFL Players use time with owners to build trust”, 19 Oct 2017.

      The Skeleton Key

    • If I am a cadre what are you? You support HH, it’s your choice. I love Edgar it’s my choice to support him or withdraw this support. To you anybody who doesn’t support Hakainde ninshi takwata amano. ..what does that make you? Definitely undemocratic.

  2. If you have ever wondered why some of us call UPND and their supreme leader Under 5, this is the reason. This is not the fight they should have picked up. This is a fight, which if they had ignored would have just passed silently. In fact this issue had even died when Tayali clearly went on record that he had faked the post.

    And being Under 5, and being egostistic with pompous GBM buddy beside him, HH decides to go nuclear on a fly!! How wise is that?

    This case is likely to play out in courts till the election season and HH will go into that season defending his religion, whatever it is.

    NOT WISE MOVE Under 5

    • I don’t think so. This small thing was really humbled by Lubinda. Just look at his uncoordinated and incoherent writing.

    • I think you are the one with a mental age of 5. So you think by ignoring wrong doings , they will just disappear? Your leaders are stealing like he’ll. …what do you do ? Oh forget they will eventually stop. Your rights are being deprived. ..oh don’t worry they will stop. Corruption has permeated every corridor of civil service…what do you do?….don’t worry things will sort out themselves. The country is sinking into unimaginable debts…don’t worry be happy. You can’t bury your 5 year old head in sand and hope things will be OK when you eventually unplug your head from the sand. Someone has to stand up and stop this nonsense which has become synonymous with zambia. It’s OK for PF to charge and take innocent zambians to court for unprocecutable offences. Be real and reflect…

  3. That is the same goat Tayali who was showering praises how wonderfull HH was after meeting him in jail, just 2 months ago.

  4. HH is making people believe he is a sata ..fimo fimo. HH keep quiet and concentrate on convincing the seven provinces where u lost what u are going to do differently. Time to talk abt your beliefs is long gone. Since Tayali has shared the same forum with u in the past, people will believe his claims and Ba under 5 ishina likala fwilako lyonse

  5. Tayeli
    Please ask HH to explain through the court to the General public the following questions:

    1. Did he (HH) opposed to the selling of the mines? If so, provide any written documents.

    2. At what point did he (HH) got rich? Was it before privatization of the mines or after?

    3. When is UPND going to have a general elective conference?

    4. Why, in his view (HH) has a leader of UPND, think, when people associates the UPND to a Tonga tribe only?

    5. Is UPND, a family party or a national party? If so, why does he say in his address my “wife Mutinta and I”

    6. What is role of Mutinta in UPND?

    • is this the nonsense you will put forward in the court of law,if I was Judge i would make you pay a billion fold for starting fights you can’t even quench.

    • Dull PF cadres and Tayali himself think that they can bring up any issues in court.No can’t never.The court is not Prime TV or Facebook
      The magistrate or Judge will throw out all questions that are irrelevant .
      The matter only relates to the fabricated whatsapp chat and the malicious statement that HH is a freemason.In fact the lawyers can instruct HH not to say anything just like in the fake police case.He won that case just by saying “not guilty”.The rest will be handled by his lawyers.
      Kwasila….Lelo Lelo

    • Intelligent people attack questions not a person. If you attack a person, that raises alot of questions regarding your qualifications and the place u live or stay in. If you know the answer to the above questions, you are free to answer them. I can’t be a Tonga and I will never be. Fact!

  6. I will offer my legal services to you tayali . don’t give in to stupid demands of upnd chaps.
    let them drag you to court tomorrow and now and expose there foolish and shameless leader.
    we all know about him and facts are there.
    viva chilufya keep it’s up.
    after all it’s his lawyers who will be paid from his paradise accounts.

  7. Tayali you went to extremes by creating a HH whatsapp page. If that’s not insanity I don’t what best describes it. For those support that are supporting Tayali just know that you are contributing to the low values of morals in Zambia. What are you teaching your children? To fake papers if they don’t pass? buy leakages for them? Involve themselves in hate speeches and tribal talk? may God help us

  8. One must choose their fights carefully, including fighting a pig in a muddy pool! The pig might just enjoy the roll in the mud, while you smart at being soiled.

  9. Those in doubt of Chilufya’s allegations GO to “Freemason in Zambia”and who do they mention? Yes Tayali may go broke by the time the litigation is over but does that alter the facts?

    • You also go to ” bob marley or elvis preasley is alive ” and you will read that they are indeed still alive……….

    • Ba spaka…I know 1 zimbabwean guy named Bob Marley and is alive So what abd out ofa billion humans on earth u a the only I.dio.t named spaka like it.ole….

  10. Good HH sue him…..take him to the cleaners. This will prove and put to rest many of the cheap politics the PF kaponya rats use ……tiyali must also make HH reveal the much speculated source of HHs wealth.. ….

    Things should not be like lungu where he is called a corrupt theif everyday and does nothing, people start to think it is true….

  11. Adolf doesn’t know which fights to pick. For him everything revolves around him that’s why during the botched CNN interview he was shown up as a novice that he is. One sees all the tale tell signs that he is not fit to be a head of state. Adolf thought he was being smart by refusing to yield to the presidential motorcade, how childish! When he was arrested he claimed the state wanted to kill him but this was rubbished by CNN who told him if the state wanted him dead he would have been dead. This is a man who has held his MPs at ransom by instructing grown men/women to boycott state functions. What more if he held office? A person who does not take kindly to any sort of criticism is a dictator in the making. He is not Presidential material far from it.

  12. This is tribalism,pure and simple.Taking advantage of the hate that has been created in the nation.God is great ! Haters are simply taking turns to mistreat an innocent.This is shameful and disgusting

  13. Pekanyeni amatwi yenu , louder stuff will be sounded here. Tayali has some crude oil to spill, hope HH has the right chemical to clean it.

  14. Tayali you are a fully grown man, learn to humble yourself. Time will catch up with you, ask Chanda Chimba the third. Your pay masters wont be there to protect you. Its not good to have a lot of enemies around you.
    “A quiet and modest life will bring you more joy and happiness than a life pursuit of success bound with constant unrest.”

    • The boy lives in a rented house has two young daughters, puts on a neck tie in the morning to post rubbish on social media and wants to fight BUFFOON CK and Hakainde on two fronts…he is either stupid or he has people pushing him on from the ruling Party.

  15. Because of HH ‘s name people are being retired in national interest and mistreated.What kind of demons are these that have possessed all these haters that can mistreat someone for so long and repeatedly without remorse.Remember he is human and he is child of God

  16. GO TAYALI GO AND PROVE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD that this opposition dictator is very evil, we are with you.Some of us here on the copperbelt have not recovered from that privatization genocide in which the mines were undervalued and sold by this evil man together with chiluba and other cohorts, thereby sending thousands of miners to their early graves, those that have survived are still wallowing in abject poverty. As if this was not enough, the man is a tribalist, and anti-Zambia. We pray that this man MUST NEVER BE THE PRESIDENT of this beautiful country Zambia, OUR GOD JEHOVAH is going to give us somebody else as our leader after ECL, NOT this devil HH. There is nothing hidden under the sun on this earth says the BIBLE.

  17. Uko, let’s sit on the sidelines and watch. Late Bishop Dennis De Jong used to say that the best way to kill a rumor is to ignore it. .

  18. MWAPYA KAISA!!! kwekwekwekwekwe..as seen above, hh’s supporters are going into fits of insults and bitterness!!! After giving him Keith Mweemba for free…kwekwekwekwekwe…

  19. @Spaka like lilo;WHY ARE YOU INSULTING ME?
    You are now feeling the heat that Tayali has taken your tonga god HH to court ka?MUKOSE BECAUSE MORE MUD WILL BE THROWN ON KAINDE BY TAYALI!!
    i repeat, HH will die with satanism,tribalism,privatization tag on his head!!!ONLY HIS DEATH WILL WIPE OUT THESE EVIL THINGS FROM HH’S HEAD!!
    insulting us wont solve anything!!!
    Plus its good that the opposition leaders are tarnishing their names!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  20. @Spaka like lilo;when a person is seen fighting with a fo0l,people call him a fo0l too!!!if HH is wise,he should have ignored Tayali because the biggest loser here is HH.Tayali has nothing to lose!!!
    ECL ignores all those fo0ls who call him names,in the end he remains very smart!!!today your Kambwili is quiet after realising that politics of insults or name calling CANT WIN HIM VOTES IN A CHRISTIAN NATION LIKE OURS!!!
    HH is indeed an under 5 politician!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

    • Wrong.. ..kambwili is calling lungu a corrupt theif even now and people now be live him…..many questions have been asked about lungu….no answers……even ACC is not believed in now as the VP alluded to ……..people in leadership should leave a reputation to be followed not one of being labbeled a corrupt theif or a Satan.. ..

  21. I know HH will never go to court. Because he is freemason. They are witness to his satanic rituals who now born again ready to provide evidence to court. It is now 24 hours and HH is still roaming the kraa.

    • He failed to sue bishop chomba who alleged at public meeting that Mr Hakainde Hichilema was a mason, he even gave the date and place when and when Mr Hichilema was initiated.

  22. Which of the two is more dealing between CHIMBWI WITH NO PLAN and FREEMANSON? Are we staring into the face of a dictator who will stifle free expression if given a chance?

  23. Even if HH goes to Court and it is found that he is a Freemason, will the court charge him for that? No! Freemasonry is a club (just like LOOKS, Roundtable, etc.) to which high-ranking people in society belong, eg. Top Bankers, Judges, Politicians, etc. belong. You don’t apply to join. They recruit you.

    Please read more about Freemasonry on the internet.

    Whether HH is a Freemason, so what. Please surf the web and find a list of freemasons in the world. You will be shocked to find that the world is ruled by them. Are you aware that Madina was a Freemason? How about Saddam? How about Tutu? How about Washington? The list goes on and on?

    Whether HH is a Freemason or not is neither here nor there Mr. Tayali.

    I am a Christian and not a Freemason. I gave taken time to…

    • @ Zambia,
      Those are my words!!!. Actually, my first comment on this article talked about the definition and outlined examples of who in the past was Freemasonry. UNFORTUNATELY LT HAS WITHHELD MY COMMENT ati “Your comment is awaiting moderation”
      NOTHING WRONG with my contribution, but LT decided to sit on it. Anyway, Fnck!! them
      I don’t understand why Zambians have created such a fuss around MANSORY. It’s luck of knowledge. HH, can just accept he is, nothing wrong with that. It’s just that we have a HEAP of IGNORANT PEOPLE HERE

  24. Why can’t God turn off the lights in this little country called Zambia and let the natives wear animal skins to cover their nether regions and introduce spear throwing as a national sport. It would look great!

  25. Dull PF cadres and Tayali himself think that they can bring up any issues in court.No can’t never.The court is not Prime TV or Facebook
    The magistrate or Judge will throw out all questions that are irrelevant .
    The matter only relates to the fabricated whatsapp chat and the malicious statement that HH is a freemason.In fact the lawyers can instruct HH not to say anything just like in the fake police case.He won that case just by saying “not guilty”.The rest will be handled by his lawyers.
    Kwasila….Lelo Lelo

    • Right.
      And I don’t think HH should be offended or bothered by the freemason tag, instead its the Whatsapp sh..it that is in question and will land Tayali in trouble.
      Mulekeni asamwe, soon will be crying.

  26. Indeed Tayali is wasted and exhibiting limited knowledge on freemansonry. Little boy read the code of Canon law. HH don’t get bothered by house flies.

    This Maggot Tayali is now a hired gun for the Plunder Fraternity -(P.F), & will dish lies & dirt, in the process being payed taxpayers cash, that could be used to pay retirees, teachers, or farmers.
    This little earwig Tayali, has no scruples,& will swap sides & dish dirt for any party as long as they bid the highest.
    Hopefully after it loses the defamation case, it can auction its mu2ula in jail to the highest bidder for cigarettes, blankets, & sugar.

  28. Anglo bought part of zccm and called KCM, refurbished it and modernized it. But soon after Anderson Mazoka lost to Levy Mwanawasa, they walked out and left thousands of employees in a precarious position. I connected this with Mazoka’s loss but I still want to know what it’s Mazoka had promised Anglo. …is HH fighting to fulfill that deal? Just thinking.

    • @Ndanje Khakis. Are you sure Mazoka lost that election? For all we know my fellow Luapula boy dribbled him. Now we have been dribbled by RB and we have lost pf. politiks.

    • Abena ng’umbo, Mazoka didn’t become president. Spaka, but Vedanta stepped in regardless of the commodity price.

  29. Evil doesnt have to be big or small. Truth about Evil/Free Masonry, Sin or any other form of evil is that regardless of the magnitude of the wrong or evil one may be involved in “Evil is Evil. Human tendency is that when you are strong in one area u want to think u are better than others who are weak in that area. Before God we are all judged sinners and infact Christ made it clear when he said when u look at a woman and and “think” and wish u were on cloud 9 u are as evil as one who sleeps with her.

    Br Tayali HH may be a free mason but that does not make you less guilty when u look at your own simple faults in life. its not complicated. u just got to love one another instead of scandalizing one another and thats where I have issues with politicians

  30. Tayali is an ediot, he doesn’t deserve the media attention he gets.
    Tayali thrives by provocational politics, he has nothing to offer

  31. Tayali has crossed the line that HH drew in the sand. Let the fight begin. We will stand and watch, ready to separate them, if it gets dangerously bloody.

  32. Tiye nayo TAYALI. We are watching. I was looking at Freemason in Zambia and the photo I saw and the name was that of the man. How come he has not taken anyone to book for that but wants to target the younger man. No wonder no one coughs in UPND. Its in black and white that he is what he is alleged to be.



  34. Surely HH should have known that Tayali was daring him. Now if he does not take Tayali to court, it will prove one thing, that he is who Tayali says he is. So he better go through with his threat. But if he takes Tayali to court, we will all learn something new. So we are waiting ba HH. If you dont go through with your threat, you know which people will go to town branding you all sorts. Your handling of this may point to your journey to State House or to Dundumwezi.

  35. Thumbs up Tayali, expose the pretender! Those Tongas who don’t know, being a free mason is as good as being a satanist! We dont want a satanist in state house because all the country has gained will disappear!

  36. One late Adventist preacher did an in depth study of the Freemasons. Just as “Zambian” has truly alluded to, the Freemasons are everywhere and in all organizations. They hold the world’s wealthy and are therefore the richest. They are found amongst presidents, amongst priests and many others. The truth is: they don’t worship God in truth. They pay homage to the devil. This is all the more reason why there is so much evil today and much of which is coming through the face of human rights. This is certainly the end of times. Tonga Adventists, especially, cannot pretend about this fact: that freemasonry is an antichrist religion.

  37. take him to court and I know it will never happen. We are still waiting for Bishop Chomba to appear on similar issue and years are ticking by.
    48hrs is long gone bwana hh.

  38. UPND supporters and sympathisers, the more you insult a muppet like Tayali, the more excited you make him to be. If a f.ool sings a song and you dance to it, it makes you a f.ool too.

  39. Mazoka had three mansions. One in Livingstone, one in Lusaka and one in Kabwe. The person who took over has three mansions too!

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