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UPND should start preparing for another humiliating defeat in the 2021 General Elections-Mwila


Davies Mwila about to address the media this morningPatriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says the opposition UPND should start preparing for another humiliating defeat in the 2021 General Elections.

The PF Chief Executive Officer said this when he received over 320 defectors from the opposition UPND in Chavuma District of North Western Province among them ten Head men.

Mr. Mwila said the ruling party will not abandon its developmental agenda including in areas where the ruling party received low votes.

He also said the PF was still popular because of its developmental agenda of transforming the nation. He further said the Party was the only democratic political organization as evidenced by the space it accords it’s membership to express views and opinions.

He said as witnessed by Chavuma residents being connected to national grid as well as upgrading some schools into secondary schools.

Speaking at the same event, North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo says the party in the province is behind the PF Secretary General because he has done so much in terms of uniting and mobilizing the party.

Mr. Kungo said it was because of the current Party leadership under His Excellency President Edgar Lungu that the party was able to win off members from the UPND.

And UPND Chavuma District Chairman Nelson Kainga, who led the defectors, said he had been in the UPND for over 15 years and he has seen that the UPND lacks vision and that was why they have decided to join the ruling PF

Mr. Kainga said he had seen the massive development the PF government had taken to the district since assuming office in 2011 saying the people in the area made a mistake to give massive votes to the opposition UPND.

And PF Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe said the ruling party has made steady progress in penetrating into Southern Province which was perceived to be a strong hold of the opposition UPND.

Mr. Mbewe, who is based in Choma District of Southern Province, said this was because the PF Government had done so much in Southern Province despite receiving low votes as compared to the votes received by the opposition UPND.

He said this will make it difficult for the opposition UPND to campaign in 2021 because the PF Governments has developed the province.

Mr. Mbewe said contrary to claims by the opposition, the PF government has done a remarkable thing of transforming the province.

Mr. Mbewe said under the 650 health posts, the province has received a reasonable number of the posts.

The PF Central Committee Member was confident that the PF will get more votes in 2021 because of it’s developmental agenda.


  1. “And UPND Chavuma District Chairman Nelson Kainga, who led the defectors, said he had been in the UPND for over 15 years and he has seen that the UPND lacks vision and that was why they have decided to join the ruling PF”

    Talk about who has vision and who doesn’t.

    • Judgement ordering PF ministers to repair salaries during campaigns has disappeared. Truly Zambians are interested in elections than anything else.

    • @ Lombe (MA) I was exactly think about the same thing! Why have a vision to have- for your friend to fail again! Our leaders are not inspiring at all! Here in London (unlike in Glasgow or Mushota’s village) there are new development projected amounting to Zambia’s GDP. However, it’s not the amounts, it’s the vision that we centre our lives on. As Christians our faith leads us to believe of a better day to come! In Zambia as a Christian nation, surely doesn’t inspire anyone in Mushota’s village to excel!

    • UPND – The fact is their color Red which is a bad luck color. Red is not associated with peace and calm, it is a danger color.

    • in the 1st year of a 5 year term and you are talking of elections instead of fixing the broken economy.

      it’s like these cr00ked PF00Ls know something we don’t. Even the rigging & election petition, the treason charges were known even before last years election.

      “If HH refuses to to accept election results, he’ll see what I’ll do to him” Lungu was recorded saying in early 2016.

  2. Kambwili continued: “Thank you very much, madam chair. The guilty are afraid! I was saying that what more evidence do you want, the Anti-Corruption Commission, through you the chair? A person declares [that] my total asset portfolio is K2.5 million and when you make a declaration as a leader, it means that declaration under oath must be nothing but truth. You tell the whole world [that] ‘I’m worth K2.5 million today’ [but] one year later, you go and make a declaration [that] you are worth K23 million! You don’t do any business, you never declared that you have any business. Then the same person who made that declaration is even saying ‘where is the corruption? Bring evidence!’”

  3. “You go on a TV station, you even say ‘I had money’ [but] you are the one who told us you were worth K2.5 million. It’s not us who told the world [that] you are worth K2.5 million. One year later, you were worth K23 million with many buildings all over the country [and] then you tell us ‘I had some businesses running’ when we knew the business you had was a tavern and bar somewhere in a compound and you think the people of Zambia are so useless. God is watching you!”

    Kambwili debate in parliament

  4. Washal washala,waya waya,wapya Munzi.Njanza kumbele (upnd) is in trouble!!!
    Welcome to PF Chavuma upnd chair with your have wasted 15 yrs in upnd,a regional party which will never rule Zambia under unwanted HH(5 defeats).if you spent that 15yrs in MMD & PF Govnt,your life could’ve changed for good.look at Hon.Richard Kapita(N/Western minister),he is a happy man and am sure he regrets the years he wasted in upnd.THEY SAY “IF YOU CANT BEAT THEN,JOIN THEM!!!”stop wasting time in opposition parties.once you make name in opposition,just join the WINNING TEAM (PF) WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS LIKE MR.NELSON KAINGA HAS DONE!!!dont you get fed up hearing same old stories since 2006 from HH instead of putting food on table?KEEP IT UP HON.MWILA,RECRUIT MORE IN BANTUSTAN AREAS TO JOIN PF AS PF…

    • Hehehe…..they just go there to eat , drink and get some ma 50 pin……..indeed people go and enjoy when they come to your areas

    • This kind of thinking is very retrogressive. A president is a president for all Zambians, including those who voted against him.

      It is retrogressive thinking to think that only those who voted for PF or who have defected to PF should benefit. No wonder Africa is hardly making any progress.

      To progress we need diversity in all areas including approaches to improving our economic performance etc. So, let us be more accommodating of those who have a different perspective on matters, as compared to our own perspective.

  5. @Spaka like lilo;”NI K23 MILLION YA NYOKO?” This man is always on offside!!!WHAT NONSENSE FROM YOUR KAMBWILI ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?that evil news only end up on unknown online media which us majority Zambians do not even want to read.
    Edgar Lungu is far much better because he declared what his assets UNLIKE YOUR HH WHO HIDES STOLEN MONEY IN OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS!!!
    In 2021 ECL could even be worth K100 million or more THEN WHAT?He is working for that money.all presidents get rich when voted into office AND THIS IS WHY HH,KAMBWILI,ETC ARE FIGHTING TO RULE ZAMBIA!!!HH is insulted or called all sorts of names day &night BUT HE STILL WANTS TO BE ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT,WHY?He wants money!!!

  6. for the first time i agree with Davis Chama. because of being an Under 5, (HH) has relegated his UPND to junk status

    • Almost all economic indicators are in reverse and you dull id!ots can only yap about 2021??? Fix the mess you have created now you vision less things. Economic growth has been downgraded to 3.8% from your 4% by the word bank and there has been a huge reduction in FDI and all you and dull Mwila and your massively dull president talk about is HH. Tell us how talking about HH will help the economy Njimbu.

  7. continue…….
    Kambwili told all Zambians that he wont pay the money he was paid as per Concourt judgement because “HE CANT WORK FOR FREE!!”CAN SUCH A GREEDY MAN (KAMBWILI) LECTURE US ABOUT MONEY ISSUES IN GOVNT ?NEVER!!!whatever Kambwili says about ECL today is out of frustrations (for having been dropped him as minister)!!!HOW DULL CAN YOU GUYS IN UPND BE?DO YOU THINK KAMBWILI COULD HAVE BEEN MOVING LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKED HAD ECL KEPT HIM IN PF GOVNT?BIG NO!!!that is why you even believe whenever HH cheats you about “A PETITION BEING ACTIVE IN COURTS!!”you are so dull such that you believe any negative data about mother Zambia and its leaders!!

    • He further emphasised that there was no way an individual could start building “10, 15 projects” at the same time even when they were in serious business.
      “…and then you say ‘I have got a good job’, that is blasphemy of the worst kind. Where I come from, they say insoni ebuntu. When you know that you are a plunderer, looter – you steal from the people’s coffers, you should have some shame. This country today is being run by plunderers who have no shame whatsoever. But we’ll leave it to the Anti-Corruption Commission to take an interest. Let the Anti-Corruption Commission not be used to settle scores; let the Anti-Corruption Commission do the job for which they were established by an Act of Parliament. What is happening in this country is sad. Let the Anti-Corruption Commission not be…

  8. Someone will retire losing! It is a foregone conclusions but some ostriches continue to burry their heads in sand! Chief among them are HaJayJay, HaSpaka, HaLombe and some Namwalans.

  9. @spaka like lilo;……said ” people just go there to get k50 pins”……WHY CANT HH ALSO GIVE THEM K50 PINS FOR THEM TO JOIN UPND IN PF STRONGHOLDS?
    Keep on burrying your head in the sand BUT COME 2021 YOUR KAINDE WILL CRY FOR A RECORD 6th TIME!!!
    Already HH is in the Zambian history book as a politician who has lost every presidential elections since 2006!!!THIS IS NOT A JOKE BADAALA!!BELIEVE YOU ME,HH CRIES ABOUT THIS EVERYDAY AND AM SURE HE ASKS HIMSELF WHY HE SUPPORTED TRIBAL POLITICS SINCE 2006-a thing which haunt him on polling days!!!
    Zambians do not change Govnts like underwears(pants).e.g;UNIP spent 27 yrs and MMD 20 yrs in power.CAN A POPULAR PARTY SUCH PF LOSE IN 2021 JUST AFTER 10 YRS IN POWER?I GREATLY DOUBT IT!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!!

    • What I’m trying to say is when people that have been given the responsibility to run the affairs of this country become corrupt and start telling off the people when they are questioned as to how they have acquired resources within a short period of time, that is very dangerous. It’s the job of the Anti-Corruption Commission to have an interest in matters like these for and on behalf of the people of Zambia. Why should it be that, through you chair, everybody who works at State House must be rich within one year and they are able to go on a TV station and say ‘what this person is doing is nonsensical, is rubbish,’” he explained.

      Kambwili parliamentary debate

  10. Njimbu I thought you are reasonable enough to engage in meaningful debate without getting emotional, alas, I was wrong. Money dont grow on trees we need to work for it. Stealing is sin more so stealing from poor widows and street children. Depriving them of basic things in life then you use stolen money to educate your children abroad, LESA TATEMWA, he will fight for them. The fact is, You wont get out of this life alive, you will account for every actions here on earth to GOD.

  11. @Chichi:there is nothing you can preach to me.all politicians (HH inclusive) are just after money.
    Didnt you hear GBM in Kitwe a week ago telling us how UPND will grab contracts once in office(if at all HH’s upnd will ever win)?WHY DO YOU LIKE PRETENDING IN UPND?BE REAL GUYS!!!once the speaker suspended upnd’s bantustan mps and ordered not to PAY THEM FOR 1 MONTH,all upnd mps now have stopped misbehaving (boy cotting seatings).they are ever in parliament.WHY?BECAUSE OF MONEY!!!by saying all these,i dont support officials who steal Govnt money,NO!!!THOSE INVOLVED IN CORRUPTION MUST BE JAILED!!!but you should not pretend as if upnd leaders would be working for FREE once in power!!!YOUR HH CANT CONTINUE SUFFERING LIKE THIS,SLEEPING IN MUKOBEKO,USING A BUCKET AS A TOILET IN JAIL,TRIBAL…

  12. continue……
    YOUR HH CANT CONTINUE SUFFERING LIKE THIS;SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR IN MUKOBEKO,USING A BUCKET AS A TOILET IN JAIL,BEING CALLED TRIBAL,SATANIST,PRIVATIZATION RAZO ,ETC DAILY HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY ONCE IN STATE HOUSE!!!this fact must sink onto your sick,political jobs are the ones with good salaries.have you seen any poor politician in Govnt today?NO!!mostly, it is not even because of corruption BUT JUST A BULK OF OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE MONEY VIA VARIOUS BUSINESS CONNECTIONS!!!senior politicians in Govnt mingle with RICH PEOPLE DAILY SUCH AS DANGOTE!!!now would you expect a person dining with rich men on earth continue being poor?BIG NO!!THIS IS A REALITY!!!
    just be close to GBM,be found with him daily in good terms then see if your life wont…

    • Belive me ladies and getlemen if you wonder why our economy is a mess read the comments by njimbu……if seemingly educated people can openly support looting and stealing what chance has Zambias majority ????

      The only chance Zambia has is people who care first about morals, integrity and are against corruption showing a wrong is a wrong nomatter which party does it.

      Can we stand up for mother zambia and what is right.. .politics aside..

    • @ Spaka like lilo

      HH is like a rapist who defiles women and after a passage of time comes back wanting to be president of an all women organisation. If you really think we are going to accept such nonsense think again my dear.

      We accept all that you have said, but what people are against and you seem to be shocked of the anger and question others sanity by mentioning a few unreasonable things is bacause;

      The UPND leader does not fit and I quote you here spaka

      “The only chance Zambia has is people who care first about morals, integrity and are against corruption showing a wrong is a wrong nomatter which party does it.”

      He is far from that, so do not come in here preaching us morality and integrity, which your ruthless ayatollah wamuyayaya hasn’t got.

      Please, do not…

    • (Cont—-) shove that pathetic being down our throats. He is part of a problem created by Chiluba. That is a reason a lot of us are out here, PRIVATISATION.

  13. Continue….
    Just be close to GBM,be in good terms with him daily then see if your life wont change!!!!these are facts of cant be sorrounding by huge opportunites and then remain poor if you are hard worker and sharp thinker-NEVER!!by saying this,i’m not supporting corrupt should be earned in a proper way because corruption is a cancer which may kill our economy if not controlled!!BUT THE FACT IS IF YOU WORK HARD IN A CONDUSIVE ENVIROMENT,CHANCES OF YOU BECOMING RICH IN A CLEAN WAY ARE VERY HIGH!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  14. Clear evidence of primitive politics we are subjected to every day is the above mouthing from Mwila when he says;

    “…the ruling party will not abandon its developmental agenda including in areas where the ruling party received low votes”
    Where is this ‘developmental agenda’, by the way?

  15. In any democracy, there will always be losers and winners. Botswana’s Opposition has, since independence, never won a presidential election. And yet, that country, Botswana, is still seen as one of Africa’s most admired democracies. Why? Because their elections are always conducted in a manner known to have ever betrayed transparency; hardly the case in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

    • No! It is because the politicians there are mature. The opposition there are not in diapers like our own here in Zambia and in particular the U…… if you know what I mean. Elections in Zambia are transparent. The world, including your model democracies like the USA and the UK, not forgetting the EU and many other observers have taken cognizance of this. Stop being an ostrich.

  16. “Mr. Mwila said the ruling party will not abandon its developmental agenda including in areas where the ruling party received low votes.”

    Statement like These that’s why some of us don’t care for PF.

    2021 if people Want change vote For administrative that’s going to give the local government the power to Govern themselves and equal funding

    Only thing you have to look for to the State House is to get affirmation.

  17. Spaka like lilo;ITS NOT A LIER BUT A “LIAR!!”i thought you are a learned tonga,BUT HEY YOU ARE JUST A GRADE 7 SCHOOL DROP OUT WORKING AS A CLEANER ABROAD!!!just come back home in Monze and upgrade your education badaala!!!
    STOP TROUBLING YOUR HEART BECAUSE HH SHALL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA AS LONG AS HE CANNOT WIN IN 6.5 PROVINCES LIKE MAZOKA(RIP) DID IN 2001!!!after losing on 11/08/2016,your Kainde has never gone to campaign in Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Eastern,central,CB and Lsk apart from having endless press conferences (which end up in unread media online) at his Chalala home!! Can this win HH 2021 elections?Never!!PF officials are all over Zambia explaining to masses what Govnt is doing and will do for them in future.THIS IS WHAT WINS ELECTIONS!!when allowed to address Zambians,all you…

  18. continue….
    When allowed to address the public,all you hear from HH is about “petition” ,then blaming all good works(new roads,districts,school,toll gates,airports,hospitals,clinics,etc) done by PF and calling Edgar Lungu all sorts of names!!CAN MAJORITY ZAMBIANS VOTE FOR HH BECAUSE OF THAT NONSENSE?BIG NO!!!many Zambians want to hear how the opposition would do things better than PF if elected!!WE TRY TO ADVISE YOU PEOPLE IN UPND,BUT YOU DONT LISTEN,SO MAY YOUR HH CONTINUE LOSING ELECTIONS FOR PROMOTING EVIL POLITICS!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

    • Iwe kaponya Zambia is not about PF and UPND.. …..for once think of the poor able students who want to go to scholl but can not afford to do so, think of the unempoyed mothers and fathers who want a job but can not get a job …

  19. This nonsense of politics & electioneering 24/7 will finish off Zambia.

    No wonder we’ve been left in the dust by serious nations like Singapore ,Taiwan ,Malaysia and UAE.

  20. Njimbu I don’t care for PF or UPND for ECL or HH, because at the end of the day all I care for is the average Zambian, I do understand as humans we have selfish and people who care for others. My question to you is as an individual what is the kind of Zambia you want to see? what is your vision of our country? what is your take on tribalism? Whether it is Tonga, Bemba, Ngoni, Lunda or Lozi tribalism? what do you thing good governance or democracy entails and the kind you would want to see? I am asking you as a human beings for your own beliefs and values, I might begin to understand you as in your moral values and beliefs? Take your politics out of it I want t understand you as a human being out of the political equation.

    • The worry is these njimbus are the educated people in pf ……someone who boosts that it rains money around lungu while students are unable to afford school fees or meal allowances……..sad state of affairs we have as Africans..

  21. Njimbu, two of our comments stand out,
    In one of r biased rants you said that in a CONDUCIVE environmet pipo can make money….is zambia really a conducive environment whereby pipo are EQUALLY able to create wealth.
    Your second profound pronouncement specifically said if HH is ALLOWED to speak,
    In a democracy freedom of speech is a basic tenet and in particular for opposition political parties.

    • thought I won’t comment on this trashy article, but what luapula boy has said has made me change my mind,he is right njimbu is childish sikazwe no doubt about that,pwapwapwapwa,yaba iwe wandepaula imbafu ukuseka luchelochelo.

  22. I just received impeccable information that HH’s senior political adviser, Dr. Choolwe Beyani, has suffered a severe setback. His contract at the Institute for Social and Economic Research (INESOR) at UNZA was not renewed. When I asked for the reason, I was informed that Dr. Beyani never ever reported for work and did absolutely nothing there, but was still drawing a salary. Is this the kind of leadership UPND has on offer?

  23. PF cadres like njimbu wants us to believe that the culture of corruption is fine and natural for a country and nothing can be done about it…Zambia will ever remain the least developed country in southern Africa.

  24. Mwila is too stupid to understand the term humiliating defeat,100,000 votes is not humiliating defeat(stolen votes for that matter)

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