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CBU meal allowances protesters are a clique of paid students hired cause confusion-Luo

General News CBU meal allowances protesters are a clique of paid students...

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo says students at Copperbelt University (CBU) in Kitwe who yesterday protested over meal allowances are a clique paid to cause confusion to make the Patriotic Front (PF) led Government look bad.

The students rioted after Professor Luo declared that meal allowances have been suspended at the University.

And Professor Luo has disclosed that investigations into the purported beatings of protesting Copperbelt University (CBU) students by Police have commenced.

In an interview with Pan African Radio News today, Professor Luo said the students who protested at the Copperbelt University (CBU) are a paid clique who have dubbed themselves as Elshabab.

When quizzed about who is behind the Elshabab’s funding to instigate violence at the Campus, Professor Luo declined to comment but referred that query to CBU Vice Chancellor saying he is the closest person to such daily activities.

Meanwhile, National Action for Quality Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) Executive Director Aaron Chansa has backed the remark by Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo that hooliganism should not be tolerated.

Chansa told Pan African Radio news today that damaging property must not be allowed in Zambia but added that beating protestors is criminal and should not be allowed in a democracy.

It is alleged that last night Zambia Police Officers who were deployed at CBU badly injured more than 100 students after they launched a night raid.

But United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Province Youth Wing Spokesperson Otis Bwalya has urged government not to be reactive but proactive when dealing with concerns affecting students.

Bwalya has since appealed to Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo to rescind her decision and give students meal allowances than making innocent ones suffer.

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  1. Let feeding of these students be the responsibility of their parents. Government should only remain with the payment of tuition fees. This way will sort out the problem at the University of Zambia and Copperbelt University!

    • Unless you have been at a university, you can’t understand the need for paying students a meal allowance. Nkandu behaves as if she is not a professor who has passed through university. Since time immemorial meal allowances have been a contentious issue and someone still wants to temper with it. Grow up ‘professor’.

    • This ugly bitch does not deserve the job she is illegally claiming to do , how can you go and tell the students that you will pay them at your own time when they are starving. The whole bunch of PF is irritating.

  2. …and deep down we know who is behind elshabab. I remember a very active opposition leader who never missed a show on UNZA radio…

    • Students dont need to be incited by an opposition leader to protest against a statement that withdraws their pay. Why do you always want to blame innocent people for your own shortcomings.?

    • How can you be a minister from 1991 and still be normal.Out lived her usefulness now a danger to the country. Nullified seat but still minister.Banana republic of zombies.

  3. Last time she told us those who were rioting were not register students and today she tells us this nonsense???? Why do we have people who cant take responsibility in Government? This isnt what we expect from people who get paid via our tax money. It hurts seeing our taxes given to Government for this mediocrity?

  4. Give our children meal allowances. We do pay tax.Ministers,pay back the illegal allowances you got last year so that, that money is channeled towards paying our children meal allowances

  5. No they are not. They are demonstrating because they haven’t been paid. Who in their right mind would go and demonstrate if they have been paid? Ba minister, you are a professor please act like one.

    • This is a misuse of titles. You don’t find professors in parliament or cabinet. She was professor when she worked as a ‘teacher’ with UNZA and retired from that appointment when she left the university. Her correct address therefore is Dr Luo (on account of her PhD) who is retired professor of biology. It is therefore erraneous to constantly adress her as processor when she is taking political issues. Did you know that Barack Obama was professor of law at Harvard University but you never heard about that professor nonsense in white house. Can we be literate enough Zambians.

  6. Hope the spelling is right or this woman is fanning problems.
    Al Shabam is jihadist group from east africa and elshebab is ???????

  7. I don’t know why people are complaining. You get what you voted for. The same dimwits will still vote for the same PF clowns in 2016. I have no sympathy. Professor Luo is just fine, she is merely acting her true self. You guys just grow up. Nobody forced you to vote for them. At least some of us are getting what we expected from PF, so no surprises there. The fact that you vote for a hyena and expect to get a dove is utter s.t.u.p.i.d.i.t.y….you must get your head examined. Chao!

    • Stop being bitter for nothing. Voting for pf didn’t mean giving them a blank cheque, they can be recalled or voted out in the next election if people feel let down. And I am one of them who feel disappointed. It happens even in the corporate world where contracts are sometimes not renewed due to unsatisfactory performance, but you can’t start blaming everyone who was involved in the initial recruitment. BTW who was that better alternative?? Not Hakainde please!!

    • @ dannielle

      I’m only stating the facts. I’m not bitter at all. It is the truth that people get what they vote for and Zambians seem to be the last ones to know that. There you go again bringing in HH in our discussion, somebody I didn’t even mention. You PF your narrow-mindedness of failing to see beyond HH is just amazing. What you just said has proven me: you will continue voting for PF violence and poor performance. By the way, while still on the subject, already one of the students has been reported dead from injuries sustained from police brutality. Oh, I know, you are going to say that HH would have killed more. Good luck mate. I don’t even support any party but make my voting decisions at each election depending on candidates available. Still you can’t compare a drunkard to…

  8. My heart goes out to the students particularly those from poor families not able to self fund their meals. Those from poor background do have a right to continue their education and the Govt should support them with meal allowances.

  9. If paying meal allowances has been a tradition,why change things now? Do you not understand that most students come from poor families? Zambia is borrowing a lot.why not channel it to students? What about taxes? Stop this injustice or close the universities. We have people stealing a lot in govt but students have become scapegoat. Nonsense. Find money and pay the students. Borrow as usual. U are used borrowing

  10. a lazy and stupid farmer always blames the tools….Ba Luo why do you say things half way? Name the people behind the student causing problems. I do not agree in damaging property BUT the question is HOW DID WE GET TO SUCH A POSITION IN THE FIRST PLACE? ECL its these people that will destroy your already tattered name


  12. It’s disgusting.Stop it.
    Any REAL student knows meal allowance is not a RIGHT.
    Secondly,its illegal for students to engage the University or State using such methods.
    In such situations,we all who have been students that law enforcement can use force to protect state property and life.

  13. So, now that there is this video evidence, will you tell us that those cops seen beating that student are a clique within police ranks hired to add to the confusion?

  14. Is free tertiary education sustainable in the current era? I know some countries in the region do not pay meal allowances any more.

  15. Awe uyu tembeba ni koswe mupoto bane.ba mbuya ba ku chipata give another one.We have regretted to vote this man who just thinks about 2021.

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