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PF holds workshop for What’s App admins

Headlines PF holds workshop for What’s App admins

PF Whats App workshop underway
PF Whats App workshop underway

The ruling PF has embraced the use of social media in its mobilization activities and over the weekend organized a workshop for all administrators of all PF What’s App blogs on the Copperbelt.

This is the second workshop that the ruling party is holding for PF What’s App group administrators.

The workshop was held at the Sherbourne Gust House on Sunday in Kitwe under the theme ‘using What’s App and Electronic Media as a tool for Mobilization.”

The workshop attracted several admins of PF What’s App groups on the Copperbelt drawn from all districts.

It was opened by Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe and with remarks from PF Media Director Sunday Chanda and State House Press Aide Amos Chanda.

One of the participants who asked to remain anonymous said the workshop was an eye opener.

“As a responsible party is holding a second workshop for the administrators on all PF blogs on the Copperbelt to promote the responsible use of social media and electronic media as the tools for mobilization,” he said.

PF Whats App workshop
PF Whats App workshop

PF Whats App workshop underway in Kitwe
PF Whats App workshop underway in Kitwe

Edgar Lungu branded water bottle during the workshop
Edgar Lungu branded water bottle during the workshop


  1. But what is Amos doing at this workshop? Amos is a civil servant who shouldn’t be involved in party mobilisation.

    • There is no civil service anymore. It has gone to the dogs. That’s why a minister can walk into a hospital at 02:00 hrs and fire the entire administration instantly. That never happens in a normal and orderly civil service. Amos Chandra has not a clue that he is a civil service because he dosent know what that means.

  2. Who id for the personalized labels on the water. They are really paranoid bout recognition.
    Maybe the theme woud be better under the heading
    Political propoganda for pf on line bloggers.

    • Don Trump you sound a bitter person hence your confusion in distinguishing AMOS Chanda from SUNDAY Chanda.
      How about using costractive crtisism as a norm.

    • At WhatsUp, you set your standards so high against Don Trump, but you equally fail the composure test to even know “contractive crtisim” is so different from “constructive criticism” ..How about just going to drink and contract HIV at that PF workshop?

    • Are you surprised? Even EL knows that he is a president for PF and not the nation. Do you now see who has divided the nation.

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