Friday, April 12, 2024

Two men rescue 14 year old girl from crocodile


A 14 year old girl of Mulumbo Village in Senior Chief Kambombo chiefdom in Chama District of Muchinga Province has survived a crocodile attack.

Judith Lungu told the Zambia News and Information Services in an interview in Chama at the weekend that she was caught by a crocodile Friday around 17:00 hours when she went to fetch water.

Judith said she was in a group of four other girls when the crocodile pounced on her just as they were leaving the waters of Lubumbu River after drawing water.

She said the crocodile caught her by the leg and started dragging her into the deep waters and was quickly rescued by two men, Jackson Ngulube and Julius Ng’uni of the same Village who were watering their gardens at the time of the attack.

Judith explained that the two men jumped into the River pursued the crocodile with spears until it abandoned her.

Judith was immediately rushed to Katangalika rural health centre before being referred to Chama District Hospital where she is currently admitted and her condition has been described as stable.

The girl sustained deep wounds on her thigh and on her back.


  1. If it was in the Western Country, these men would be on front page shaking hands with the Mayor of the City and being called Heros.

  2. Men of valor ! Let the village slaughter a cow and celebrate with everyone once the girl is ok and discharged. Our hats are raised off our heads to you guys. You are heroes !

    • Iwe na iwe what a poor way of celebrating heroes! Celebrations should be national. Ask Chagwa who likes travelling to go to this village and fete these two men. He should from his salary or savings donate K2million for piped water for this village

  3. Trust me i feel like my daughter, but these guys they need medals, Please bA MP wake up. Ba LT we need to raise funds for these guys and the girl

  4. The guys deserves medals
    It’s not easy to rescue someone especially a teenager from a crocodile. I wish the girl a quick and complete recovery.

  5. Dear GRZ, there u have it! While this is still “news”, quickly “honor” these brave men PUBLICLY in order to encourage bravery (in a positive way)….solidarity….selflessness.

  6. Zambians! Tulo! I don’t know why a billionaire would be pleading for a puppet broadcasting station to interview him when he can just start his own TV station. It would cost him something like K30 million to start his own TV station.

  7. Bamuna, big up to the 2 village heroes, they must assume honorary rank of Sergeant in the Zambia Army and be publicly honoured by the State. Anyone with the details of the local government authority where I can deliver a signed petition and nomination please?

  8. It’s not Lubumbu river but Luumbu river. It’s found in Sitwe area of Chama district. This is how good men should make news. Unlike hearing stories of men defiling young girls. Big up to these men!!!

  9. Maybe all the ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacks’ in here can actually get together, raise some money for sinking boreholes in these Villages. A borehole now cost only $700. We can’t wait for do nothing government to fix this problem.

  10. To you two guys, hats Off! I give you a Holy Salute. That is what men are supposed to use their strengths for, protection of the weak and vulnerable. God bless you fellas!

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