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Kambwili condemns PF Copperbelt WhatsApp Admin Workshop


Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has condemned the ruling PF for holding a workshop for its Copperbelt based WhatsApp group administrators.

Mr Kambwili said what is of great concern at this meeting held is that, resources which would have been effectively channeled towards student allowances at the Copperbelt University were being used to brand water with Edgar Lungu’s image.

He said all these resources were done for a meeting which lasted only a few hours.

“Why are we silent as the government wastes resources on “branding water” and yet Copperbelt University Students are not paid their meal allowances and when they demand for it, they are beaten and kept in cells,” he said.

Edgar Lungu branded water bottle during the workshop
Edgar Lungu branded water bottle during the workshop

Mr Kambwili said it is unfortunate that some Government officials were holding a WhatsApp workshop a few days after the unfortunate student brutality at CBU.

“Dear Zambians, I urge you, don’t be silent on this issue, it is not right that students can be assaulted in such a manner and yet the Government is silent about it. Ask yourself, if they turn a blind eye to issues affecting our Education system, our children; the ambassadors who are pursuing greatness and preparing to develop our beloved country, then where is their attention focused?”

He said “in such situations, I am reminded of Desmond Tutu’s words” If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

“Fellow parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and Sisters, stand up against such Injustice treatment especially in a government where there is clear evidence of misappropriation of funds. I speak out because I refuse to be neutral in situations of injustice, and I invite you all to join me, for the development of our nation, Zambia.”


    • Because he lets them do whatever they want without restraint. They know its not easy to come across such a leader, it’s every member is a leader in his own right.
      That’s why there is a lot of inconsistencies

    • On a side note, isn’t this the same Kambwili who was against gvt sponsoring university students when he was minister? Didn’t he lobby that it wasn’t gvt’s responsibility to educate its citizens at UNZA? How the tides have changed today. 🙁

    • *****s or numbskulls advertize their idiocy or numbskullness or better, advertize other *****s/or numbskulls.

  1. Just say you miss PF. If you were still part of the family am sure you were even going to chair the same meeting.

  2. That’s what happens when you when thieves turn on each other. And people forget easily the constitution abuses Kambwili subjected Zambians to when he was in government. The golf course land the man acquired ilegally to build multiple villas on.

  3. Enough of recycled politicians like this Kambwili a former crook and scrap metal dealer that stole half of the railway lines in the Copperbelt.

    2021 Vote Green Party, Vote Peter Sinkamba a leader that cares for all Zambians!

  4. Kabu @11, if you have nothing constructive to say, it is best to shut up than expose your tribalism. That is the very reason you guys will not succeed having hh as Republican President, all you have in your heads is cow dung instead of brains. You only think about tribe!! Be Zambian if you want that hh thing to win.

    • Come on Kabu @11 has not said he/she is UPND. Why are you bringing in HH in your tribalism? For your information I am Ngoni but cant condon the two characters Lungu and Banda.

  5. PF cadres here will still sing choruses to Lungu and his thugs; wasting money for a workshop on whatsapp? my foot! this was another way to loot tax payers money; why this obsession with the Lungu cult worship? Chintenges with Lungu’s visionless head and soon we will have under wares with Lungu’s head; where will these thieves end?

  6. Kambwili just shut up. You have been dishing out money to your cadres in Northern, Luapula and Copperbelt to buy support. Why didn’t you pay the same money to students at CBU?

    • by the way was that workshop sponsored by Government or it’s a purely PF party function. How can Kambwili be talking of a Party sponsoring students? Then why can’t he stop NDC from holding it’s meeting so they can pay student allowances.

  7. Go kambwil go.We are behind u.Ifya Ku east amano tesana.We trust them but they always dissapoint us.Too much ifyakukumbwa.Ubututu tabupwa aba bantu them continue ukwimba imbeba.But Lungu stop this police.They are damaging yo image.Kanshi bamudala tamumfwa.we compaigned for you when Guy scolt almost removed you but now u’re against we da pipo.Bushe do u think Kanshi?.Please humble yoself as u claim ba president.Too much power in u.2021 we’ll campaign for kambwili.Tulefwaya Sata type pantu mulelya mweka.

  8. It’s just common sense that the party PF held a workshop.
    I don’t understand where government comes in.
    Kambwili doesn’t even know how government pays students.
    Otherwise,how does he suggest government pays students from party funds?
    That would be illegal even if the party wanted to.

  9. Its very unfortunate that Kambwili does not know the role of social media in the modern world. All reputable institutions in the world are using social media for easy communication. PF as a party is an institution with governance structures including finances just like Kambwilis’ and other parties. Kambwili’s party is at liberty to put his big head on the bottle so does the PF party who have put the portrait of their President on a water bottle for the internal party meeting, whats wrong with that?
    Tell the nationhow you would turn around the economy outside what the PF is doing, also tell the nation what you did as minister, sonta like what MCS MHSRIP, did from Governor to President. enough of your useless rantings.
    When are the courts going to declare the sit in Roan vacant. we…

    • He’s paying seek and hide for two reasons. ..1) He’s not sure he can win. 2) He doesn’t want to lose his gratuity should he lose.

    • You want Roan to be vacant? Are you alright? Kambwili will still return that seat; people like CK; we also like him! Shut up and watch as he defends the cause of the poor.

    • Let him allow the process. Who tells you Roan will be vacant? It’ll be filled by either Kambwili or another person after the by election. Simply tell Kambwili to come out in the open that he’s the president of Musenge’s party.

  10. If indeed Zambia is one nation, it is time we tried a President from either Western or Southern Province. KK, RB and ECL hail from Eastern while FTJ and MCS are from Northern. LPM is from Copperbelt/Central. For me LPM was the most democratic, inclusive, fighter against corruption and controlled cadres. What can Western or Southern offer us? I am Kaonde from NWP.

  11. BaKambwili please just resign from PF if you a sincere leader consent rate on you newly formed can people trust you surely even your members would still be wondering you are condemning PF but you are still challenging the still getting the allowances.people will never take you serious.You are a political joker if the court rules on your side then what next you ditch your silly blind followers.

  12. Mr Kambwili I know you stsrted politics with UNIP when we had this Party and Its Government. Where resources for state were used for the party and vise versa. This time is a separation of activities and resources. You can not attached the issues of CBU to that of PF. If PF was to pay meal allowance for students even, UPND, MMD, ADD Green Party, Heritage Party, FDD or NDC (Your party} could have done the paid the students meal allowance.


  14. CK is amazing, IS HE NOT a PF member, who plainly SAID that HE will be the LAST person to resign from PF? commenting on CBU would just expose HIM how dull HE is .CBU is not like COPPERSTONE college where HE was.

  15. When he was in PF he would not condemn such branding. In fact he would be at the forefront of defending the act.

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