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Serenje Central MMD Law Maker Under Fire From Party Members


MMD Members
MMD Members

MMD Serenje Central Member of Parliament Maxwell Kabanda who is being courted by PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has come under fire from his party for allegedly enticing members to go with him to the PF.

Speaking when the National Executive Committee and Central Province Executive Committee of MMD which is on a tour of the Central province visited the district on Monday, Serenje District Chairperson Kennedy Kango accused the law maker of forgetting who took him to parliament.

Kango explained to the NEC that the party was finding it hard to reorganise Selenje District because the person they suffered for to take to parliament had not only neglected the party but he was busy confusing members that the two parties had merged hence they should officially be co-opted in the PF structures.

He explained that Kabanda was more interested in attending PF meetings as opposed to working with the people and the party that helped take him to parliament.

He urged the National Secretary to discipline Kabanda and ensure that he is put in ‘line’ before he completely destroys structures of the party.

In response; party National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda acknowledged the complaint saying he had hard so much about the happenings in the district and that the team was in the area to ensure that they get to the bottom of the matter.

He said now that he had head from the district and the province he would invite Kabanda to the party national office to get his side of the story because it would be improper to judge him when he was not present and had not presented his side.

He said the party will ensure that the misunderstandings are ironed out for the benefit of growing the party.

Meanwhile Chairperson for Elections in the MMD Gaston Sichilima told the district officials to be careful when selecting people to stand on the party ticket.

Sichilima said some people came to stand on the party ticket because they knew that they would work with hard working people who would deliver the seat because they know that the party was well organised at the grass root level which wins elections.

He said going forward party members should scrutinize the people they chose to put on the party ticket.

Sichilima also urged members of the party to stop complaining when they are approached by PF officials to join them but to take that as a sign that the two parties were separate entities with different ideologies and that they should also start recruiting new members.

He said MMD still remains an independent party despite being in a working relationship with the PF.

He said those coming with lies that the party has been swallowed by other political parties should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve because the MMD is a national institution hence is not shot of leaders.

And Provincial Chairperson Gorge Kangwa said there was need for the party to embark on party elections in the lower organs of the party up to the provincial executive and a card renewal exercise to ascertain who is still with the party.

He said having elections will ensure that new blood is brought on board and ensure a robust reorganisation of the party.

The National Executive Committee members visiting the province include Chairperson for Women Maggie Musonda, National Youth Chairperson Dauzen Tembo, Chairperson for Education Henry Mulenga and Mary Phiri who is the Chairperson for Tourism.

The team had a meeting in Serenje District before proceeding to Mkushi District were they had a similar meeting.

Serenje MMD District Chairman Kennedy Kango
Serenje MMD District Chairman Kennedy Kango


  1. These members better come to reality and accept that there’s no difference between PF and MMD. They are now adopted twin sisters.

  2. The problem with voters and members is ignorance…instead of beating about the bush simply go to Parliament and find out how their MP votes and ask him/her why

  3. MMD is history just like UNIP.these two political parties will never rule Zambia again.their time is long gone.even PF once its removed from power,it wont bounce back.this is how it works out in Zambian political arena.SO ITS HIGH TIME MMD MEMBERS REALISED THIS TRUTH AND LEFT THEIR SERENJE MP FREE TO JOIN A PARTY OF HIS CHOICE!!!HON.KABAMBA KNOWS THAT IN 2021 ONLY PF COULD ENABLE HIM RETAIN HIS SEAT.this is how Kapembwa Simbao,Mwansa Mbulakulila won their seats back in 2016.the same happened to several former mmd mps in bantustan areas such Prof.Lungwangwa,Dr.Situmbeko Musokotwane,Elijah Muchima,etc who stood on upnd in 2016!!!THESE MPS ARE NOT DULL.THEY MIX WITH VOTERS SO THEY KNOW A PARTY WHICH CAN ENABLE THEM RETURN BACK TO PARLIAMENT DURING NEXT ELECTIONS!!!

  4. A wise MP would know which political party would enable him or her retain the seat.
    Some people make wrong moves such as Richard Siamunene,Greford Monde,Christabel Ngimbu who thought PF can win them seats in bantustan areas apart from upnd.
    Others are Patrick Mucheleka(in Lubansenshi-Luwingu),GBM’s daughter Sibongile Mwamba (in kasama central) and sister Mrs Mwamba (in munali),Levy Ngoma(in Sinda) who made wrong moves by standing on upnd in PF strongholds!!ELECTIONS ARE NOT WON BY DREAMING,NO.YOU NEED TO PLAN WELL AND CHOOSE A PARTY WHICH CAN TAKE YOU TO PARLIAMENT FROM YOUR PROVINCE.a lot of independent candidates who won in PF strongholds had a chance to stand on upnd LIKE PORTIPHER TEMBO DID IN CHAWAMA,but they were wise enough to stand as independents at MP level then back PF at…

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