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YALI Commends President Lungu for not having a hand in Judges nominations


The Judges at the ceremony
The Judges at the ceremony

The Young African Leaders Intiative (YALI) has commended President Lungu for following laid down procedures in the appointment Judges which marks a departure from what from what would happen with past appointments before the Constitution was amended.

While Article 92(2) (e) of the Constitution has vested powers in the President to appoint persons including Judges as are required by the Constitution or any other law, presidential appointments of Judges are not done by the President selectively handpicking nominees.

President Lungu does not singlehandedly pick persons for appointment as Judges as the nominees for appointments as Judges are recommended by the Judicial Service Commission in accordance with Article 140 of the Constitution.

Under the repealed Article 46(6) of 1996 Constitution, the President was not obliged to follow the advice tendered by any other person or authority in the exercise of any functions conferred upon him as he was allowed to rely on his own deliberate judgment.

The current law in Article 140 is that the President appoints Judges on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission and subject to ratification by the National Assembly.

It is thus unfounded for anyone to accuse the President of selecting persons for appointment as Judges of his choice when the recommendations are made by the Judicial Service Commission chaired by former Chief Justice Mathew Ngulube.

We believe that persons who have been appointed and ratified by the National Assembly have carefully been scrutinised by the Judicial Service Commission as the responsibility for their appointment lies with them. We are so far confident that the appointment of Constitutional Court Judge Martin Masaluke has merits in it and we hope the new Judge will exercise his independent mind on the bench.

Isaac Mwanza
Governance Advisor


  1. Bootlicking of the highest order. This praise song is coming after the DfID pot, where YALI used to feed from has dried up

    • Under5s like you can never understand this process. You need to grow up first and then know how govt functions not the lies and illusions you’ve been feeding your tribal brains.

  2. I always say, Edgar Lungu is the one president who sorted out the constitutional problem which dates back to the 80’s and right through to Michael Sata; Even Levy Mwanawasa, a lawyer, failed to sort it out. This 2016 Ammended Constitution is a progressive. Even when calls of dictatorship came out, it was baffling how the Executive could get around the constitution and control the Judiciary. This is the first year the Judiciary is operating under the new constitution and results are there for all to see. It just needs time. Thank you for highlighting this important milestone, YALI!!!

  3. YALI – I hope you read my comments. You i.d.i.o.t.s, DfID is coming for you and especially you MWANZA, no amount of praise singing will save you from the coming jail. You are going down and H.E. Edgar Lungu can’t do anything about it. Don’t step on other people’s territories: are you now PF spokesperson SUNDAY CHANDA, or are you now Government Spokesperson KAMPAMBA MULENGA? Mwanya – your thievery is now catching up with you. Whether you like it or not you are going to jail for chewing British Tax Payer’s money and in jail you will be somebody’s wife. Start going to Church because you are about to become gay. Chi-colour.

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