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The fight against corruption in Zambia is a farce-Sinkamba


Peter Sinkamba
Peter Sinkamba

The fight against corruption in Zambia is a farce says Green Party President Peter Sinkamba.

And Sinkamba says the fight against corruption in Zambia is a charade provided the vice remains embedded in the Electoral Process Act and the Zambia Public Procurement Act.

Commenting on last week’s International Anti-corruption day, Sinkamba said if Zambia is serious about fighting corruption, the starting point should be reviewing the Electoral Process Act and the Zambia Public Procurement Act to remove corruption-enabling clauses.

“Corruption in this country is embedded in laws. Provided corruption is embedded in such laws as the Electoral Process Act and the Zambia Public Procurement Act, the fight against corruption shall remain a farce,” he said.

“Take for instance the Electoral Process Act. You think that fight electoral corruption can be won with a corruption-enabling law like that? That’s a joke. The fight shall remain a charade provided the electoral laws are enablers of corruption.

“When you take a look at the Electoral Process Act No. 35 of 2016, the High Court or an election tribunal has no power to declare an election of the candidate void if the only reason is a corrupt practice or illegal practice. If the corrupt practice or illegal practice was not committed by the candidate personally or by that candidate’s election agent, or with the knowledge and consent or approval of such candidate or the candidate’s election agent, then the High Court has no power to declare the election void.

“So what this means is that provided a candidate, and his or her election agent pretend in public that they resent corruption, and they pretend to have taken all reasonable means to prevent the commission of a corrupt practice or illegal practice at the election, when in actual fact they personally fund corruption in dark corners, then the election of that candidate cannot be nullified. Not even when their members are caught in corruption acts, that is of no consequence on their election.

“So, how do we stop corruption like that? Instead of making empty speeches on December 9, it would be more desirable that more valuable and concrete measures are triggered aimed at ending corruption. Target number one should be decoupling embedded corruption in the Electoral Process Act and the Zambia Public Procurement Act,” he added.


    • I agree. Actually, he is very objective. He is the only opposition leader whose criticisms are backed by facts. He should keep this trajetory

    • Marijuana make people think… Another example is
      muscian Pilato.
      All what Sinkamba analysed is summed by “koswe mu mpoto”. You feel good when Koswe eat your feet, until you see the wound.

    • Ecl and ps are the only politicians who talks sense. No insults to there opponents. Now listen to gbm and hh. Very provocative language full of bitterness and hate.

    • @ABILIMA: I do not think Sinkamba needs to apologize for anything. Why should he apologize for exposing such unprecedented barbaric treatment of the students? He shared the videos and pictures of police brutalizing unarmed students, and he should apologize for that? As at yesterday, one student who was discharged from hospital was still missing. So why should he apologize? Whether or not a student died, that is beside the point. No person in Zambia should be subjected to such inhuman treatment shown in the video where police brutalized the students. That is against Article 15 of the Constitution of Zambia, and criminal. Viva Sinkamba for exposing Police brutality at CBU

  1. The fight against corruption is a national issue. It requires policies. It requires administration. It requires legislation. It also requires workshops. It also requires seminars. It also requires conferences. To see results, patience is necessary. The education system can help. The media can help. The civil society can help. Religious groups can also help.

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