Monday, April 15, 2024

ZNBC and HH in near stand off


HH arriving at ZNBC studios
HH arriving at ZNBC studios

There was a near standoff between ZNBC management and the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s Press office this morning over the recording of the Sunday Interview programme.

This was when ZNBC management through its TV controller, Ms Rose Chumpuka stated that only ZNBC press equipment would be allowed to record Mr. Hichilema’s interview.

According to Mr Hichilema’s Press Aide Brian Mwiinga, this raised suspicions as there has been an existing mistrust between the public broadcaster and the general public especially on issues of reporting or stating facts as said.

In the process, it was resolved that the interview goes ahead and Mr. Hichilema be interviewed but immediately the program is done, a copy of the same interview in its raw (unedited version) is made available to Mr. Hichilema’s Press office for file and reference purposes.

Both parties agreed to this and the Interview will go on.

Mr Mwiinga confirmed that the pre recorded interview once done, will run this Sunday.


    • DeadNBC should have just made it live for everyone to view the interview in its row form. Why should editors decide for us what to see and not see?

    • Yangu tata… talk about inviting a white man in your own country only to be enslaved.

      These guys are bringing unnecessary trouble. What strikes me is … Could it be the reason they are not welcome at the public broadcaster.

      When you are in Rome do what the Romans do.

      In your letter why did you not also advise that you were also bringing your own cameras? Umuntu iné oyu alá nampesh’amano.

      That being the case. Why not record yourself and bring the type to be aired at the public broadcaster?

      This is a warning to us … this guy can’t be president.

    • Ba Lusaka Times, how can this be news (headline for that matter) ? Kwena HH is a big man, even if you call him ‘under 5’ how can his going to ZNBC for an interview, and not what is says in the interview be News? Wow! HH can make people to stop sleeping…kikikik

    • This fails to pass the smell test: “…only ZNBC press equipment would be allowed to record Mr. Hichilema’s interview.”

    • In the interest of public interest HH should not be campaigning using state equipment.

      That’s right that’s what this really comes to it.

      If he answers questions in a campaigner tone. There should be a disclaimer that the interview must be stopped for no reason whatsoever.

      I’m right isn’t it ?

      I hold a PhD



    • If I were DoP (Director of Programing at ZNBC, I would cancel the interview and NEVER accept his request or invite him ever again. What a paranoid thug!

      Is he the first and only political to have appeared on Sunday Interview on ZNBC for him to be demanding special treatment? Some many personalities have done interviews on this program and I am yet to hear anything of them accuse ZNBC or Grevazio of manipulating the tape/interview afterwards. If he is so distrusting of ZNBC, why even waste his time requesting to do an interview with then? Why not just stick to MuviTV?

      This guy really likes to create unnecessary drama everywhere he goes ka! Ati due to the mistrust the public have of ZNBC…..which public? UPND kaponyas are not the “public” you should be basing your conclusions on…

    • These people have been brainwashed by their WAMUYAYAYA dictator (HH) to be paranoid like him. They are drunk on ikainde-cool aid!


    • All you commenting that he should not have the right to state his own party views on a NATIONAL BROADCASTER are insane.

      Do you understand what NATIONAL means??? I guess not.

      Also, he has the right to the interview in raw form as he nor the 17 million Zambians do not trust what is coming out of ZNBC.

      Of course he won’t trust that PFTV will editing it neutrally as THEY ARE OBLIDGED TO, as Zambia’s NATIONAL BROADCASTER.

      Mumpoto very soon.

    • @ Shooterz- May God erase you from the face of the earth for you have challenged the creator Jehovah himself who made all mankind which includes the Tongas.

    • Ba Yambayamba,

      Have you seen how many thumbs-down you are getting despite the very sensible observations you are making? That’s how brainwashed these UPND types are. HH can never do anything wrong. Even his ridiculous behavior at ZNBC is, to the majority of them, a manifestation of the divine.

  1. But ba unpd, sure kalikonse ni ndeo? Olo baka muitani ku nsima, muzayamba kufunsa ati wunga uyu ni waku Monze or Dundumwezi?

    • No! We will change the axiom to…FIVE TIMES BEATEN, SIXTH TIME SHY. That’s why there is so much noise from HH. He is looking for an excuse to pull out of the 2021 race in away that will not upset his followers, by averting a sixth time humiliating defeat . Talk about being afraid of one’s own shadow!

  2. Some of us have been asking why this interview is pre-recorded. Why cant it just be live so there is no censorship afterwards?

    • They will be given a raw copy and if there are any insults UPND can air them on Muvi TV and not ZNBC lest innocent Zambians be morally corrupted. Muvi TV has low coverage. That’s why HH has swallowed his pride and went begging at ZNCB, the national broadcaster he insulted so many times. ZNBC has a national character and it is widely watched by Zambians and HH has realized this.

    • So, all this time you have been enjoying deadnbc sunday interviews but now because it is HH things should change for his benefit, yaba!

  3. Well done UPND , ZNBC controlled from state house can not be trusted, what are they afraid of if UPND have their own audio recordings for reference ????

    That recording will definitely be tempered with by PF ……

    • So why the h3ll does your small good want to appear on their Sunday Interview if you are such paranoid losers? No one invited your WAMUYAYAYA thug to do an interview with them (ZNBC), you requested the freaking interview yourselves. Why do you people always want to create controversy all the time? Even when it is not productive or necessary!

    • Upnd chaps never cease to amaze me, imagine trusting ZWD news than that from ZNBC! These fellows have been brainwashed indeed! Maybe they have been promised seven virgins at the end of it all.

  4. Did this Press aide demand a copy at BBC…This is pure inferiority complex by the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND and his surrogates…You don’t give instructions to an organisation you don’t ran instead you follow their rules…This explains why he’s an autocrat in his party and he thinks he can be dictating everyone who does not subscribe to his group think…

    • Have the BBC been accused of electoral fraud and violence against UPND ???

      In any case the BBC abides by the strongest ethics and code of conduct giving equal coverage to ruling party and opposition unlike the PF controlled ZNBC……

  5. There must be a catch in this. Lungu and PF will obviously edit the Interview heavily to dilute the effect. ZNBC cannot be trusted to give a raw tape to the UPND Media Team. Watch for another twist to this interview. U trust PF and ZNBC at your own peril.

    • This has nothing to do with coins, it just reflects how the public views the state institutions. Total collaps in having confidence in ZNBC, it is as plain simple as that.

      Just accept it that ZNBC never invites opposition, an act which should be condemned as its the core issue. UPND demand to record is just the effect coming out of ZNBC not being fair.

    • Mr abilima,
      ZNBC should serve all political parties equally. Can we agree on this simple narrative???
      Only in States where democracy is missing or where there is disguised dictatorial practices, can you find a state media being controlled by a ruling party. Do you agree??? So HH is a taxpayer, contributing even more than you do. UPND pays its legal fees per Zambian Law. ZNBC is a state media budgeted from HH & UPND taxes and fees. Do you now see why ZNBC should be fair to all political parties? Again, this applies to all opposition parties, not just UPND. I am mentioning HH & UPND here, because that is what itches your bottom.

    • I bet he’ll even the questions for the interview. Any recording is the property of that studio which did the recording. Maybe you don’t know anything about intellectual rights.

    • @ Ndanje Khakis ,
      You can do better……again, you are not addressing the core issue here, please do not be myopic.
      It’s LACK OF TRUST.Perid.
      The rest is just noise.

  6. Always blowing matters out of proportion. Its a pity there are no proper politicians in Zambia and we remain vulnerable to such opportunists with questionable traits. Cry our beloved country!

  7. What the he’ll, bayopa chani ba and to give these guys full copy of the interview, I smell a rat, facts are that they can edit but this way if they try to lie evidence can be shown. Atase ba pf controlled public so called media.

  8. Sunday Interview has always been a live show. Why must it be recorded now and why should the UPND be denied to record on their own something is not right here.

  9. At times ba upnd u just want to be noticed even when they nothing u ve to be noticed….aint u the same pipo who begged ZNBC for an interview? If yes then follow there rules period….

  10. HH thought that he will be refused to be granted a right to be interviewed by ZNBC. Now he wants to cause confusion at mass media. I know he has failed to answer many questions just like he did at BBC’s Hard Talk.

    HH, keep on opposing yourself as you continue to look foolish before men.

    • I think you have a point there. He was hoping ZNBC would decline so he could make a mountain out of a mole hill. Things have backfired…sorry.

  11. No wonder ZNBC have a very low opinion of UPND minds.
    How can u come with your own equipment?
    That’s real dundumwezi mentality.
    Unfortunately,even them having a copy will serve no purpose considering that they will still not be able to broadcast it anywhere in the universe with consequences.

    • ZNBC is a PF mouthpiece , no one in opposition can trust ZNBC ……the copy of the recording can be played in a court of law if disputes arise….

    • @Beyond Reproach,
      That is the reason you people are getting it wrong. ZNBC is a National Media, that means it has to represent You and Me, including the opposition. Therefore ZNBC should NEVER HAVE ANY OPINION WHATSOEVER on anyone including UPND.It’s you who seems to have “dundumwezi mentality” because you think ZNBC belongs to PF. ZNBC should serve all. Take an example from BBC. Its HIGH TIME ZAMBIANS woke up, its simply ridiculous to have an opposition leader begging for an Interview, it’s really humiliating. Instead of you condemning the oppressor you condemn the victim. People like you must be having a lot of S.H.I.T in your heads instead of brains.

    • abilima
      Understand the root cause, then you will understand the reaction. As simple as that. Take your time and think objectively, don’t let S.H.I.T distort your thinking and then you will come to the same reasonable and fair conclusion like @14.1 and 14.2

    • general Kanene – Your s.tupid reaction underscores your level of frustration and dullness at being perpetual losers. Always crying. Just wait for the next one.

    • But you are also a loser, you wanted ZNBC not to interview HH, in the end, ZNBC made the right decision to interview him.

      So you lost !!!

      What is the difference between you and the person you condemn? None. Because you are both losers.

    • @ Sharon, HH is the only opposition politician who matter most in Zambia at the moment. See how the entire PF government got worried that he should appear on znbc. HH appears on all other world television stations including BBC ans SABC except on znbc where he pays tax.
      The die is cast, Zambians, region, Africa and the world are watching these events.
      Remember IMF and Commonwealth institutions look for transparency and freedom of expression among other things.

  12. @Mushota

    You are spot on.

    Also Akainde could have easily walked into the studio with a recording device on him. What was the issue?

  13. Zambia’s strongest man Mr 127 days in prison and 10 times stronger has arrived at Patriotic Front ( PF) controlled media ZNBC to articulate real issues which is affecting the country.

  14. Honestly,we don’t mind the UPND backwardness.Just keep it to yourselves .
    What haven’t we heard from the UPND in 16yrs?
    What is it HH will say at ZNBC that he hasn’t said to foreign media?
    The UPND should stop blaming others for their unattractiveness.

  15. Imwee! HH is not a tax payer. His money is kept in offshore accounts. Freemasons don’t pay tax,they want more money to sponsor anarchy and spill blood for their consumption. HH’s name is found in a register of freemasons at Lusaka’s grand lodge, go there and see for yourselves, records are there. kkkkk. Ask Bishop Chomba. Kkkkk

    • Imbecile, HH alone has paid more tax than Endemically Corrupt Leader and his Plunderers Federation put together.
      And how did you enter in to the Lusaka grand lodge to check register? Employed part time to l1ck free masons arse or to suck theirs rods?

    • Bishop Chomba retracted his statement and quickly apologized. State your real names and you will join Tayali in proving your allegations in court.

  16. The only person who we can all GENUINELY call a LOSER is HH.
    He lost to Mwanawasa( who UPND claim was a rigger) ,he lost to Banda,he lost to Sata and he lost to Lungu twice.
    He is NOT strong but thick headed.
    How loud should the electorate speak for him to understand we don’t vote for tribal and greedy western puppets in Zambia?

  17. Zambian democracy is very ‘special’…. it only works for the party of the day… Instead of being objective and issue based, the bloggers here spend time insulting one another in the comfort of your office or home over people that do not give a about them. Let the guy be interviewed without being highly edited and let the people decide for themselves what they want to think. By the way, isnt this the same ZNBC that is owned by the Chinese? while we are busy insulting each other, they are happily smiling with our TV levies all the way to the bank!

  18. Just level the political playing field. Why be scared of HH or CK if PF is really popular? Denying the opposition the right to express themselves will actually make them even more popular. Only those lacking confidence in themselves are scared of the oppposition. Zambia is a democracy.

  19. I have a big problem with people who preach democracy especially those from the opposition.
    Personally,I am not a democrate.
    In fact,I believe our lack of progress is the fact that we have embraced these alien ideas and are acting shamelessly as experts in them.
    As long as Africans continue on this path,we are doomed.It doesn’t matter who is in charge.
    That is why ZNBC,should NEVER entertain those who offend blantantly our sensibilities as Africans.

    • @Beyond Reproach
      We are backward because the new generation like you are incapable of thinking out of the box.
      You are creative (not you personally) when it comes to misusing power, when it comes to making bogus deals, corruption, ….the list goes on.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if you are not Mugabe supporter. What haven’t you embraced from those democratic ideals that you despise?

    • Oh so privatisation is thinking outside the box ka?

      HH is no different to any other plunderer in government now. He has failed to explain to those of us who thought he could be an alternative.

      Chipimo for president!!!!

  20. I smell natural hatred for HH.This guy is really great.Bad people hate him for no just cause.His intelligence gives you sleepless nights bamambala imwe.

  21. We all know sunday interview always has been a recorded ones ,even the one the president was featured on was a recorded one so were is the issue and what do you expect from hh which you have not head out of his mouth,His hh the only oposition in zambia this man is just bitter remember sata won without znbc ,if at all for someone to complain of covered by znbc in our present days then he must be a fool

  22. @ Beyond Reproach its high time you face reality. Do you actually think you can survive without western aid for you to refer to HH as a Western puppet. For your own information Zambia depends entirely on Western aid.

  23. Next please feature on sunday interview the NDC Party Consultant Chishimba Kabwili. The public is interested to know why Chishimba Kabwili is walking the streets of Lusaka as a free person when we hear that is corrupt to the bone.
    We want to know why he is contesting his expulsion in the courts of law when its very clear that the PF has nothing more to do with him.
    We want to know what course of action he wants to take against Bowman Lusambo who gave him a good slap in the face.
    We want to know how one Tayali and the Luanshya mayor are the perceived cause of his downfall in PF.

    We want to know more about his Mwamona deals that enabled him to purchase the golf course land in Luanshya.

  24. The juju that upnd got from DRC is working, ZNBC are allowing small god hh to have his way. I am sure whoever will be interviewing him will be tongue tied.

  25. it seems this will be a big Sunday for Znbc because everyone will be interested to watch and hear what h.h said.
    i would suggest that other TV channels should close from the time this interview will be aired to cover a wide range.this is because a lot of people dont watch Znbc despite paying TV levy due to poor services.

    • You are very wrong. The reason why HH wanted to be aired on ZNBC is precisely because ZNBC is widely watched by Zambians including those in Southern, Northwestern and Western provinces. Why would he want to be covered by media that will not reach the majority of people. Think brother.

    • That’s a loser’s language. Losing can be humiliating to the point of disparaging the winner. When Zambia loses a match, it is usually the referee who take the rap for “rigging” the match.

  26. I hope HH also informed his tribesmen regarding his failed petition.
    I am reliably informed they are waiting for his inauguration next month.
    The UPND convention am told won’t take place because they already have the correct tribe in the top position.

  27. The next request for HH president of UPND is to go head to head with Edgar Chagwa Lungu president of PF government on a wide range of national issues for Zambians to be well updated with the state of the nation.

  28. Simple Minds are being irrational. Let the man appear on ZNBC please. he does not even need to request. It should have been ZNBC rushing to him to request for such interviews. Opposition parties are stakeholders. They are very much part and parcel of the governance system. What a backward country this is. The simple minds insulting are dunderheads

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