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Mumbi Phiri tells opposition political parties not to frustrate the PF Government


PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri
PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri

Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has called on the opposition political parties not to frustrate the PF Government as it delivers on its campaign promises.

The Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General said this in Lusaka during the launch of the campaign tracker project done by Action Aid Zambia in partnership with Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA).

Mrs. Phiri says the ruling party stands ready to be held accountable over its campaign promises as enshrined in the 2016 – 2021 PF Manifesto.

She says as the PF Government tries to fulfill campaign promises, it is important that political parties do not frustrate the efforts by the government in delivering the much needed development.

Mrs. Phiri says in as much as there are challenges in fulfilling these promises, the PF administration is committed to ensuring that it delivers most of the promises it promised the people of Zambia during the 2016 campaign period.

And in her welcoming remarks, ActionAid Zambia Country Director Nalucha Ziba says her organization believes that citizens enter into social contract of delegating duties and authority to elected officials by way of casting a vote and as such there is need for the duty bearer particularly politicians to regularly and constantly be appraised by the citizens on the promises that they make during the campaign period.


  1. Whoever Nalucha Ziba is, he or she speaks a lot of sense. Some politicians easily forget that they are running the country for us. Power gets to the head and they lose control and forget the social contract they swore to uphold with the real owners of the land and resources.

    • But what are the Opposition there for, if not to “OPPOSE”? Why do you think they are called “The Opposition”? Is it not just that – to oppose, and to frustrate?

    • On a serious note, why is Action AID entertaining politicians? Where there no GRZ officials to come and officiate at the event?

    • Does this lady even believe what she is saying?
      Well, we have a very weak opposition, no wonder this Mumbi has the guts to further silence them.

    • Of course, that is what happens when you suspiciously gain something without full authentication. You are always focused on the person who really deserves it and can do much better. What can a kaponya like Mumbi add value to our country? Can this woman point at what she has done that has change even 5 lives. Why are women of these days outside the true values of life. Expired mugabe thought he was an immortal king now all his accomplices will face prosecution. Do the right thing Madam and stay away from such comments or even instructing police to fix percieved enemies.

  2. Mumbi Phiri is not in government. She is a party member and has no control on government implementation programmes. When a government worker report for work late , mumbi cannot discipline that worker.
    let her concentrate on her party while government workers implement the PF program.
    She is not on government payroll. No opposition party members are on government payroll.
    the problem with this woman is that she talks too much and never weighs what she says……
    she needs prayers. Bishop Banda must pray for her….
    Remember she once called for resignation of Kanganja ( Inspector General of Police).

    • You have raised an important point that government needs to address.
      The duty of apolitical party ends when it’s candidate gets elected. It should not interfere with the running of government.

      I recall at some event Mumbi Phiri was to accompany Inonge Wina for security reasons. That must not be allowed.

  3. Do you want to take the opposition to bed with you for, at least, a single night? That can never happen – not in a true democracy. Good lucky!

  4. ask for a business model of her business, it will take her years to provide it. Was she not an ambassador before? are ambassadors not very knowledgeable in investment promotions? Mumbi help us develop this country rather than giving excuses of frustrations.
    Ask sunday chanda or father bwalya for business expansion plans? you will receive insult as payback .
    well ask Lungu for a Dubai investment appraisal plan…… oh you will receive treason for blasphemy…
    Better ask ALLAH from Zimba of Islamic Organisation , he will call for a fatwa or intifada…. Dont call Jerusalem israel ‘s capital you be hated by all sheiks in Zambia . mullahs will be on your head…..
    above all Muhammad is moslem. Moslems are free in Zambia….. Can christian be free to worship in Saudi Arabia? ask EL?

  5. Oh yes!!!
    The opposition should give PF a chance to rule now. 2021 is just around the corner for the opposition to prove themselves if they are worth the votes of the Zambian citizen.
    And PF is doing just fine,here are some milestones
    1.Roads construction has continued just like Sata wated.
    2.Toll plazas are being constructed which will in-turn raise domestic revenue collection
    3.Jobs are being created daily through public private partnerships
    4.The list is endless only a person who is blind can not see what ECL is doing.
    The country is destined for success!!!!

    • Zambia can only succeed if the leaders are committed to fighting corruption, Tribalism, and nepotism.I don’t see that with the current govt.under Lungu.Don’t bury your head in the sand because the country is headed for the economic crisis.Everything you have mentioned above is not done in a transparent manner.
      If you are serious go to the World Bank website and see the effects of corruption and


  6. How about starting with PF accounting for US1 Million fire tenders, the US$1 Billion Lusaka/Ndola road, revelations in the Auditor General’s Report total disaster that this farming season is. Who is fooling who?

  7. Ina ka inanyoo ka nikona ngambaanga yakona, mwendi Phiri ki pulu haka nyomwetisi lwa numwa imakena kona ze yuwisa lioci lakona bobusile ni busihu! Konji kuka lunga kayuwe ni mbikimbili mwa munungu nimwa litoci la kona ka inanyo ka!

  8. Mumbi Phiri and her PF should not frastrate the opposition political parties as they are delivering messages of hope to the Zambian people. Mumbi should by now know that PF is the worst when it comes to frastrating other Zambians.

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