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Street vendors to be relocated in Monze


Monze District Council Chairperson has re-affirmed the council’s commitment to remove all street vendors trading along the main Lusaka-Livingstone Road despite delays to commence the exercise.

Mr. Bisha Munsaka said the local authority is determined to remove streets vendors and relocate them to trading places that have been created at Hamusonde market and Njola-Mwanza bus station.

In an interview with ZANIS today, the Council Chairperson said the council wanted to create trading places at the main market and Njola-mwanza before embarking on an exercise to remove all street vendors to help bring sanity, raise revenue as well as keep the town clean.

“ We first had to create trading spaces at Njola-mwanza and Hamusonde salaula market before embarking on an exercise to remove street vendors and now that trading spaces have been created we shall move in very soon to relocate them and help to bring sanity in Monze,” said Mr. Munsaka.

“We also intend to raise revenue for the council by relocating them to designated trading places because as you might be aware most street vendors are not taxed by the local authority and this has negatively affected our revenue collections and service delivery,” he added.

During the ‘Buy A Bin’ campaign launch in October this year, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba directed the local authority to be proactive and remove all street vendors along the Lusaka-Livingstone Road before December, 2017 to keep town clean and bring sanity.

Mr. Munsaka also said the council has finally reached a consensus with all stakeholders to relocate the Harry Mwanga Nkumbula stadium to another site within town to pave way for modern shopping facilities adding that approximately 4 hectares of show grounds has also been surrendered to the council for future infrastructure development.

Mr. Munsaka further said the council has secured 14.9 hectares of land at St. Mary for construction of Government Hospital, 12 hectares for stadium and 3 hectares for construction of medical stores.

He implored government and private sector to consider investing in infrastructure development in the District as land was now available for development in order for Monze to attain Municipality status.

“We have reached a consensus to relocate Harry Mwanag Nkumbula stadium to a piece of land within town and also we have secured part of the show grounds for possible infrastructure development. Other than that we have secured 14.9 hectares for possible construction of government Hospital, 3 hectares for construction of medical stores,” said Mr. Munsaka.

Mr. Munska has further called upon the private sector to invest in infrastructure development in the district so that it attains the municipality status.


  1. We’ve become a dirty nation of street traders ever since MCS allowed them into Lusaka CBD for his own party’s political benefit.

  2. Job well done ba Honorable, finally Monze will a town to admire, I know Bisha very well from time he was at Pemba Secondary School, he is a thinker and a harder worker.

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