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Hands off Pilato, says Nevers Mumba


Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference
Dr Nevers Mumba at the news conference

By Nevers Mumba, MMD President

Life has many faces. Two people living in the same house don’t view life the same. This is even more so for the sixteen million Zambians whose views of Zambian life are as varied as our finger prints.

It is these varied views when expressed freely which define who we are as a people. No Emperor, King or President should stifle any person who wishes to describe his personal life experience.

Pilato has a way of speech that may offend those who are affected, but infact we should not miss the strong message that is veiled in the satire.

No Sovereign should be tempted to silence such expressions, because if we do, we shall deny ourselves the opportunity to refine our national destiny.

Challenging leaders is a daily exercise of one’s freedom of expression. You cannot use the police to arrest conscience. You cannot use courts to interrogate conscience. Zambia’s growth and prosperity is bound up in our collective perceptions of life and the freedom to publicly express them.

Every Zambian President since independence has been called names. Kaunda was called “Fonko fonko.” Chiluba was called ” Kafupi.” Mwanawasa was called “Cabbage.” Banda was called, “Nyama Soya.” Sata was called “Chuumbu Munshololwa.” and now Lungu is being referred to as “Koswe.” It comes with the position. Even I was called Mumbo Jumbo by Kalaki.

Artists must be encouraged to participate in highlighting the challenges facing the nation in their unique way which may include satire, poetry, song, sculpturing etc.

We therefore condemn any acts of intimidation against Pilato or any other artist.

Zambia Shall be Saved


    • Ba mumba can you tell us hh has dragged tayali to the courts over his freedom of expression. He also categorically described who hh is using his freedom. Any advise please?

    • I think Pilato is same thinkers of P.K Chishala and Paul Ngozi.
      Pilato also was not specific, he was generalising that Ba Koswe out break. I wish he can re-do:
      “Umwaumne wa kulutu” by P.K

    • Mumba is a serious curse to those who call themselves christians. someone is insulting your president and you say hands off him? what a shame of a pastor! I cant measure the amount of hate mumba has for lungu.

  1. Pastor Mumba

    U have missed the point. Koswe is not only Lungu but anyone stealing from people, companies, public ministries, Churches and homes is “Koswe”.

    Let’s not lose focus or limit the scope of the song to the president. Even kambwili and HH, all these guys, including you Mumba, fall under the same category “Koswe”

    • This Koswe fleeced his congregation and abandoned it to make more money from politics. Ask him how he lost his house in Riverside, Kitwe.

  2. “Have you ever seen a dead donkey?” Those that have read ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell should understand the meaning here. I wish to advise defenders of excesses to wait until same is unleashed on them!!!

    • kkkkkkk no one has seen a donkey dead. old benjamin when asked how he felt after the animals were liberated from the colonial shackles of Mr. Jones at manor farm

  3. Pastor you need to inculcate a spirit / culture of praying for our leaders not condoning such spiritual you might think it’s cool for pilato to sing this way coz ur in the opposition what if tomorrow you are in power would you condone such? It’s time u gave advice as a man of God not as a politician ur struggling to be.

  4. Just when I thought Lucifer has changed into Archangel Gabriel, he resurfaces with more nonsense. Hands off who and by who? A person has died after being petrol bombed and you’ve not even spared one second on the issue. Bitterness will not take you back in government corridors. You messed up when you lost the greatest chance one can get after Mwanawasa sacked you as his VP.

  5. Another name added to you was Mumpuwelwa for having failed in so many things. And you are growing old very fast. Turn back to God bwana

  6. Nevers Mumba is no longer a pastor because a man of God cannot support Pilato’s nonsense!!!
    Zambia will be too small for Pilato and all these people (HH,GBM,Nevers Mumba) who tell him to sing silly songs wont go with him in the grave.the f0ol (Pilato) could die alone at the hands of people he is insulting!!!am told he is in South Africa,but even there PF lovers can sort Pilato out!!LETS WAIT AND SEE!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

    • Ediot, you wish him dead for being honest with the truth.
      Pilato will live and not die, all you pathetic rats will be dropping dead from your own evil deeds.
      You don’t qualify for B.B. 2017, you only post PF defensive tribal drivel here.

    • Comment:njmbo u a de Satan himself how can u say DAT to your friend its u and your family DAT will die in jesus’s name not piloto

    • We brought down Kk & Unip, We brought down FTJ & outlived him, We brought down Nyama soya & MMD.
      We are bringing down your corrupt, heartless & ruthless PF regime.
      Your days are surely numbered!
      Every RAT has its own day!

    • I have tried listening to radio stations and have not picked this song playing, is it only on social media and in Southern province where they listen to it

  7. Rats don’t tolerate criticism, they unleash wrath when presented with the truth.
    Non of you are discussing the points raised by Pilato.
    You are only good at throwing back insults when you are put to your defense.

    • Can you as well address the points raised by tayali which has seen him be dragged to courts by someone who can’t stand criticism. If pilato has freedom of expression why not tayali. Why should tayali be dragged to courts over his rights of speech. You see there’s nothing like absolute freedom. Where your freedom ends is where your friends freedom begins.

    • @9.1, you have repeated your question, let me also give the same answer I gave @1.6. Tayali mentioned HH’s name while Pilato did not mention anybody’s name. That’s the difference.

  8. It is called Lungu-idiciosis.The tendency by an incompetent and clueless misleader to chance s presidency and become allergic to criticism.

  9. This is what freedom of speech means allow people to express themselves freely that’s how democracy can grow. Allow people to pretest and be able to show their grievances to put those in office to task.

  10. In other countries, Pilato would have been pound into a cake, even in big democracies like America. From the time I heard about the song, I have had an incredible temptation to insult Pilato’s mother and Father but I had to restrain myself because I have right conscience as opposed to Pilato. It’s not bibilical and in our culture to insult elders even if you hate them, whether Lungu, HH, Kambwili, Milupi, Nawakwi although some so called Pastors hypocritically try to justify the act. Surely. You can’t differentiate between ‘Freedom of expression’ and ‘Abuse of freedom of expression’, hypocrite.

  11. Easy mate! Rember Tomato, Tomato Balunda by “2wice”

    “People who cannot handle criticism cannot handle the truth”

  12. no matter what he says?come may come june? come september?come october, 3masion u5 will nevr rule zambia .

    let us wait for u5 vs kama boy bout in dundumwezi court

  13. Former Pastor Nevers Mumba was cursed the day he left the work of God and followed money…He betrayed God and there’s nothing substance about him unless he repents his sins of greedy…

  14. Can I be clear here? Calling someone “Satanist” is criticism? So tou if we call you Indoshi, it is criticism? Kikikiki. Napapa, thinking iyi.

  15. Nevers Mumba has always supported savagery, he’s the man that unleashed Bowman on Richard Kachingwe. I don’t know what kind of a pastor he is, no wonder Michael Sata referred to him as a pastor of faeces

  16. Nevers you are a Lost sheep why encouraging insults when the Bible says let us create a man in our image and likeness if God wanted he would have created us like koswe Do not compare the image God with anything that Cannot speak or worship The Almighty Creator

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