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ZAMTEL Launches Lowest Internet Bundles Amid Raging Price War


State Owned Enterprise Zamtel today released a cocktail of lowly priced internet bundles in an apparent fierce price battle among the three mobile players.

Zambian customers woke up Saturday morming to a social media frenzy about the lowest Internet bundles ever in the nation’s history from as low as K1 for 50MB of data.

In the last three days, all the three mobile service providers have revised their data bundle offers, but it’s the indigenous brand that has given the customers their last laugh.

A quick price comparison reveals that the famous 1GB of data that other players are offering for K25, Zamtel offloaded a staggering 1.5 GB at K10, by far, being the most affordable network in Zambia.

“At the end of the day, we are doing this for our customers. We want to prove that communication can and should be affordable in Zambia. We have conveniently packaged the new bundle offers to suit different customer lifestyles,” said Zamtel Corporate Communications Manager, Kennedy Mambwe.

Zamtel remains committed to offering the most affordable and widely accessible communication services in Zambia and is investing $280 million in network modernization and upgrade countrywide.

In the next 30 months, Zamtel is poised to have the widest network coverage after completing an extra 1009 sites being rolled out in all the 10 provinces of Zambia, putting the brand in line to become the number one service provider.


  1. It had to take airtel to make you reduce your prices? You were caught napping. Next time set the trend and do not just react to another service provider’s stunt

    • imagine! I personally like MTN because they are innovative and pro-active. But, since many of us do use all three networks, ukwalola umwela….,

    • I got the shock of my life once when i went into an MTN outlet at Crossroads to register a SIM card on a Saturday at noon only to be turned away because the young lady who inputs data on their system had gone for the weekend…there were still three staff behind the counter and none of them had time to register new customer or new money.
      I ended up registering with Airtel Outlet in Manda Hill the next day as one at Cross Roads no power at the would think that they would have backup laptops for this.

  2. The only problem here is that the internet will now be slow since almost everyone in Zambia can now finally afford it….it’s going to take 2 Days to download a PDF file. Watch this space….

    • Poor strategy by Zamtel..its clear they didnt sweat for that $300 million investment.You will soon hear some dull minister called Brian saying Zamtel has XX new subscribers yet recording pantry profit. Zamtel needs to trimmed down …there is too much waste in that company.

    • Sir, so you would rather other people don’t have access to Internet? Sad reason. Just like my friend who’s opposed to low mealie meal prices. Best of luck.

    • @5.2 My observation is that Zambian state owned companies undoing is the abnormal fringe benefits given to staff. Take the nkana water and sewerage company. ..almost everyone has a company 4 x 4 which is refueled and serviced by the company. The costs are transferred to the poor customer. Imagine you’re on a fixed tariff of K300 which you must pay water or no water, nonfunctional sewer system for which you pay 10% of the total water bill. The Chinese who own a mine in lufwanyama don’t give such luxury even to their general manager.

    • As someone has stated above this not Zamtel money but our Eurobond…they have not recorded any profit and going head to head with the likes of MTN and Airtel who invest profits they earn!!

  3. “Skeem we fee lekker”

    Seems everyone wants to be coloured….the women are bleaching and using wigs the men are busy with exsays jolle………


  4. Zambia has a long to go..instead of wasting millons of dollars of taxpayers funds this govt should have been in the forefront in pulling fiberoptic cables and wholesaling to Internet providers.
    We pay £15 for 12 GB of data unlimited calls + texts…in Zambia internet is slow especially with Zamtel and customer service is rare. I had to drive all over shopping malls in Lusaka just to get a new SIM card.

  5. That’s what we call Zamteligent Live life Today . Twabanaya nafuti bapompwe Ba mwibilansala. I bank with a Zambian bank, subscribe to a Zambian network and I don’t regret because my money circulate within my motherland. That’s being proudly Zambian.

  6. WOW, Zambian sufferers? MUSHOTO!

    Truth must have hurt coming out your mouth.

    Just as I thought, you don’t know the real situation on the ground in Zed.

    Please go to Zed n find the truth about ur uncle Ed and co.

  7. Mushota finally you have slipped and spoken the truth! For the first time I agree with you!Zambians are suffering! Double boom!

  8. If they can find a way to maintain network speeds then it’s great. A network you can’t use due to slow speeds is as good as useless.

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