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127, 000 farmers successfully registered under FISP in Kabwe


Farmers Queuing up for Electronic Voucher Cards Collection in Mansa District
Farmers Queuing up for Electronic Voucher Cards Collection in Mansa District
Over 127, 000 Farmers have successfully been captured and registered on the E-Voucher Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) in Central Province.

Central Province Agricultural Coordinator (PACO) Adreen Nansungwe, said 127, 605 farmers were successfully registered out of the 172, 149 total allocation for the province.

Speaking in an interview in Kabwe, Dr. Nansungwe said the number is expected to go up by the close of the week because registered farmers are uploaded unto the system every day.

She said out of the successful registered farmers 27, 923 have made their deposits while 7, 405 cards were loaded with redeemable amounts.

The PACO said at the time of the interview only three farmers had fully redeemed their inputs while, 17 had done a partial redeeming.

Dr. Nansungwe observed that the total target for the province may slightly reduce after some salaried workers who are ineligible were initially enlisted on the programme

And More than 5, 000 farmers have deposited their money on the e-Voucher system cards under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) in Katete District in Eastern Province.

Katete District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO) Robbie Musendo in an interview said the district has only remained with about 760 farmers who have not yet deposited the monies.

Government introduced the e-voucher system in order for farmers to access subsidized inputs

And more than 1,000,000 farmers are earmarked to benefit from the programme


    • This is not impressive, farmers should have finished planting by now, why are you still registering farmers this late..we only have few days remaining to enter 2018.

      I wounder why Dolla Siliya is still minister, she has failed to run MoA. Is Koswe eating from the farmer?

  1. Iwé, iwé, iwé…. uuuka iwé!!! Muli ifipuku umo!!!!

    I have not heard of any controls. Controls are important and cannot be left out when telling this news Dr Nansungwe.

    Can you tell us what controls have been put in place so the nation can critique your weak controls?

    Namwingilé’fi puku umo… though an speculating, this is zed anything is possible if you can buy forty two 1980 fire truck for one million dollars each and ensure one two hundred thousand dollars.

    Analysing the figure of 127 pin alone with only 27 pin making the deposit? 100 pin are still silent? Yashani? Fiwa ifyo!!!

    This is comedy!! Ati… at the time of the interview, THREE had redeemed their inputs and SEVENTEEN partial redeeming? Out of 127pin? Come on guys?

    Show us the controls Dr Nansungwe, you are…

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