Friday, April 12, 2024

UPND Hopeful that ZNBC will air HH’s interview this evening


The UPND has announced that ZNBC is this evening immediately after their evening main news scheduled for 19:00 hours, likely to run a pre-recorded “Sunday Interview program” which features the its leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Hichilema’s Deputy Press Aide Brian Mwiinga said the public broadcaster did not make available a copy of the raw interview (unedited version) to the Press office of the UPND President despite earlier agreeing to do doing so.

“It is my sincere hope that the public broadcaster will run the interview without unnecessarily being arm twisted by some political interests, considering that Mr. Hichilema as usual, did articulate on how this country can be developed, with a zero tolerance to corruption approach and ensuring independence of key governance institutions,” Mr Mwiinga said.

“As you may be aware, there has been a deep mistrust between the public broadcaster and the public especially on issues relating to being run by known political interests,” he said.

“However, Mr. Hichilema is taking bold steps in trying to help build public confidence with public institutions such as ZNBC for the greater good of the country. And the UPND President remains determined to ensuring that the country has strong independent public institutions but that this can only be possible if reforms are made to such institutions by way of detaching political arms and putting in place very candid pieces of legislation.”

Meanwhile, former UPND aspiring candidate for Kafue, Ms Saboi Imboela has defected from the opposition to join newly formed National Democratic Congress(NDC).

During its meeting at Lilo Lodge held in Kafue, Saboi announced her decision to join the party.

On hand to receive her was NDC Secretary Mwenya Musenga.

Former UPND aspiring candidate for Kafue, Ms Saboi Imboela
Former UPND aspiring candidate for Kafue, Ms Saboi Imboela


    • Quiet Honestly no one wants to hear it

      This just disturbs the peace we are now accustomed to.

      HH is INSANE – I like him as a a man.

      What did Einstein say about Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      Find someone else to take over that Party for *uck sake.



    • ati shani???

      ati “… with a zero tolerance to corruption approach”

      With all due vanished respect sir, you are a product of corruption. You do not fit to utter those words, you made you millions in corruption you EVIL ONE. I have first hand connections with families who died literally because of your stupidity with Ka Chiluba the i.diot.

      Kapiye oko – go enjoy your corrupt earned money wemb(wa) we!!

    • The programme line up is already there. No need to paint a picture of mistrust. Every programme can be audited for language and avoid tempering with evidence. We want him back in Mukobeko!!!

    • UPND are like chipolopolo soccer fans, they complain about each lineup, dispute knowing the coach is a PF cadre like ZNBC.


      He always misses opportunities to make the case for it. All his answers falls short of the truth. No element or trace of truth proceedeth outa that mouth. He sounds the same ignorant self all the damn time. HH the petition is dead. No more. Gone. You are dununad reverse.

  1. “People who believe that they are strong-willed and the masters of their destiny can only continue to believe this by becoming specialists in self-deception.”
    ? James Baldwin

  2. Do you have to beg to be interviewed or your interview to be Broadcasted? That’s a sign of breakdown of rule of law. A country without a Constitution.

  3. The miserable Kaponya (HH) made a total pathetic FooI of himself at the interview. Dismal performance by the small ‘god’ of UPND

  4. What is so special about this interview? HH remember that this is a government station. Ur interview may not even be heard.

  5. This Press aide is a bitter danderhead why go to ZNBC if you don’t trust them…Allow Zambians to judge the performance of the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND during the interview…

    • ZNBC is a public broadcaster run using public resources. These public resources are taxes and levies we all pay including those that hate koswe Lungu. Therefore ZNBC is duty bound to feature ALL on their TV station including the opposition

  6. Saboi has run away from trabalism ! UPND is hoodwinking the masses by its so-called Central ‘Chunda’ Committee bu including some misguided Bembas like GBM but the core remains under the ‘cowboys’

  7. There is nothing new that can come from HH.
    His message is impotent.
    He is talking about legislation when his current MPs have failed to bring any sensible bills to the house.
    Besides,where is he going to get MPs so as to have a majority in the National Assembly?

  8. There’re so many news outlets, does it mean one can only win an election if appears on TVZ. Since I bought my mother Gotv, I have never seen her watching ZNBC programs. She’s always glued to African Magic and 1Z channels.

  9. The press is there for the common good of the public. UPND are trying to connect with us, the public, to educate us of their political ambitions and aspirations. What is wrong with that? Why should they not be excited with such a noble endeavor?

  10. All the tonga watapps groups and Facebook are busy encouraging themselves to tune in to tv1. They can only watch znbc if their tribal freedom fighter is on air. Pathetic creatures

  11. When a cat appears koswe kaponyas ‘Bapompwe’ begin to fear, even before plans can take effect to catch destructive rats to the economy.

  12. HH=UPND

    Make sure you put your Sunday interview on utube so that we who are intelligent could have an opportunity to watch it and then give u a just feedback.

    I know your fellow Tonga tribes men and women are scared of u because u are their supreme leader and that is quite understandable.

    However, we outsiders are clear and my position particularly myself, is actually very clear. I Will never vote for Tonga UPND unless GMB becomes the party president.

    I Will never vote for “Koswe Mumpoto” never!

  13. Why beg ZNBC which you dont trust to interview your tonga leader HH?if you are wise,you could have not begged ZNBC to interview your Kainde!!for your own data,ZNBC can show Kainde’s interview tonight or not!!!plus HH can appear on any TV Channel as many times as he wants but still MYSELF,WIFE,CHILDREN,PARENTS,BROTHERS AND SISTERS,MANY CLOSE FRIENDS SHALL NEVER VOTE FOR HH!!!our next option is Kambwili’s NDC.but if NDC by any mistake associates itself with HH’s upnd then that would mark its end because majority Zambians in 6.5 provinces have vowed never to vote for tribal HH!!!IF REJECTING HH FOR A RECORD 5TH TIMES IS NOT ENOUGH,THEN UPND MUST WAIT FOR A 6TH DEFEAT IN 2021!!the way you bantustans vote for kainde IS THE WAY WE (MANY ZAMBIANS) SHALL VOTE FOR PF TOO IN 2021!!!

  14. Tribalism is not Zambia to some of us we can even be dragged to court and I can defend easily my statement that tribalism is alian. Its one Zambia one Nation .


  16. Kekekekekeke HH destroyed on ZNBC today by Mr Grevazio Zulu!!!
    another missed opportunity to market himself as the interviewer was there to pound Kainde left,right and centre!!HH WAS EMOTIONAL THROUGHTOUT THE SUNDAY INTERVIEW!!we told you Kainde never to beg to appear on ZNBC-see now you failed to explain the source of money(privatization),freemason issue,hiding stolen money in offshore account,why he wants to stand in 2021 after being rejected by Zambians 5 times,no convention in upnd since 2006,etc!!!!kekekekekekeke YOU HAVE EMBARRASSED YOURSELF KAINDE!!

  17. Issues that HH failed to answer but instead took advantage of Zulu’s softness. His failure to respect democracy and party construction. Why southern province was more violent than other provinces. How he will raise money to fix the economy. How he became rich.

  18. Bembas say “MUMBWE AITILE MPASHI,NOKUBUBUBA SHA MUBUBA”.upnd made a big mistake by begging ZNBC to host HH on sunday interview!!!Mr.Grevazio Zulu has done a great damage to HH’s already poor image!!am sure he regrets having agreed to feature on ZNBC!!ON FACEBOOK,MANY ZAMBIANS ARE ALREADY LAUGHING AT KAINDE’S TODAY’S INTERVIEW!!!THAT WAS VERY POOR!!is that the man tongas want to rule Zambia?my foot!!
    Well done Mr Zulu for finishing off Kainde!!

  19. kikikikikik trick star hh i can never trust hakainde ,in the first place how can i trust a person who failed to answer how he become rich ,guy zambia is not kandemba hh is a big lazo we have and we need to retire him quickly otherwise being a businessman and president her two different ball game papa

  20. Mr Grevazio Zulu asked HH “how did you become rich? Is it through privativation?HH bla bla bla bla…HH Govnt gave us free education,bla bla..Mr.Zulu…”please answer Sir” HH bla bla bla…let me educate you….kekekekeke Kainde is a very dull chap.he thinks its only him who can educate all Zambians!!kekekekekeke!!look HH,how many degree holders are in Zambia and still do not have money like yours?a lot.MINUS CORRUPTION WITH FTJ CHILUBA,THAT DEGREE YOU HAVE COULD HAVE NOT GIVEN YOU THAT STOLEN MILLIONS KAINDE!!Zambians are not fo0ls!!we also went to UNZA and Europe but do not have the money like what you stole via PRIVATIZATION BADALA!!! NEVER VOTE FOR THIS LAZO CALLED HH!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

    • Ma koswe ma kawalala wetting them selves with ejuculations because of one hh…….hehehehe let indipendent opservers comment not you koswe PF rats …..

  21. Mr G.Zulu “your kept money in offshore accounts,why?HH…”if i had done anything wrong,today i could have been in jail”.Mr Zulu “keeping money in offshore account is not a crime but MORALLY WRONG”,HH…bla bla blas…will pay farmers on time…kekekeke always out of question…Mr.Zulu “will you bring money in offshore account home if you become president?”HH….”we will buy medicines,pay farmers well,bla bla”.Mr Zulu “why are you saying we because that is your personal money in offshore account?” HH..bla bla bla “we will build clinics,schools…..!!!kekekekekeke…really laughable!!INDEED HH IS AN UNDER 5 POLITICIAN.THE NIGGA HAS NO PLAN FOR ZAMBIA!!PF IS FAR MUCH BETTER THAN HH’S UPND!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  22. @Spaka like lilo:
    Ask any upnd follower who watched sunday interview today how your Kainde was finished by Mr G.Zulu!!
    He almost called Mr Zulu a PF cadre for squizzing him too much.all negative issues which have been on HH’s head (losing several elections,no conventio,tribalism,why more violence in tongaland,privatization,offshore account,freemason,etc)since 2006 were asked BUT HE FAILED TO ANSWER THEM PROPERLY!!!
    The interview became an argument as your HH was too emotional!!!”ALI YAPWILA UMULILO PAMAKASA FOR GOING TO ZNBC!!!HH thought ZNBC is like Prime TV or Muvi TV!!!the damage is done and more than 7 million Zambians watched how poor HH is!!

    • Njimbu you see we have been calling you as pf rats now even musicians have picked up on that to call you and lungu ba koswe mumpoto….hehehehe

  23. And why shouldn’t ZNBC air the interview naimwe ba hh? You overrate yourself.
    Now you see that even Saboi doesn’t think much of you.

  24. I did not watch the interview, but from the reaction by Spaka like lilo asking for Commonwealth or Prof Gambari to intervene I can tell that hh was bruised. Will wait for ZNBC to air a repeat. So what do updn cadres now say about their so called DeadNBC? That actually hh and his cadres are not in sync?

  25. @upnd bull: indeed HH overrate himself too much!!
    Mr Grevazio Zulu finished him off while looking into his tonga eyes!!he told HH that you are talking about improving agriculture when PF Govnt has been recording bumper harvest year in,year out?HH said “how can PF record bumper harvest when it hasnt paid farmers?kekekekekekeke….IF I MAY ASK “is it a lie that PF Govnt has been recording bumper harvests since 2011?”ALL ZAMBIANS KNOW THIS FACT EXCEPT HH!!today HH never spoke about cheap mealie meal which is at K55 break fast and K42 Roller Meal!!!instead only spoke about buying maize from farmers at k60 instead of k85!!HH PRETENDS BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT IF MAIZE IS BOUGHT AT K85 THEN MEALIE MEAL WOULD BE ABOUT K95 PER 25 KG BREAK FAST!!HH does not care for majority Zambians who are…

  26. HH is a let down chap ,people who really know politics can never support hh unless maybe he is your relative otherwise hh is very far to be a politician ,a politician should be able to explain himself by the way ba upnd who is hh to you?the man who think to be very claver while not ,cant even ans simple qeutions my foot awe kuwayawayafye

  27. Continue…
    HH does not care for majority Zambians who are enjoying cheap mealie meal today BUT FOCUS MORE ON FEW FARMERS WHO EVEN BUY CHEAP GOVNT FERTILIZER!!Govnt has highly qualified economists than HH who advise them properly.thats why we are enjoying cheap mealie meal today bwana Kainde!!
    HH IS A FAILED PROJECT!!IN 2021 KAMBWILI’S NDC COULD DO BETTER THAN HH’S UPND.the man(HH) has nothing new to offer!!HIS TEN POINTS PLAN FOR ZAMBIA ARE ONLY KNOWN BY HIMSELF!!!all things he talks about are being implemented by PF,so why change a working Govnt?indeed upnd is simply on “tribal crusade!!” SO VOE PF IN 2021.
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  28. Just watched the Sunday interview posted on ZNBC facebook someone had streamed it…HH was too emotional that he could not answer the questions put to him objectively and was suspicious of what he was asked and hence most times lost focus and called the interviewer ignorant…In the end HH yet again missed an opportunity and failed to clarify most issues he was asked…

  29. Thanks for that. The guy was given a chance of a life time and still could not articulate himself? Pa 2021 ni pata?i, wina azazi luma pa kwendo!

  30. To be honest I was disappointed with HH’s performance during the interview. I was irritated by his mocking laughter; his sarcasm and his arrogance. He tried to intimidate Zulu by patraying him as ignorant. At the end of the day HH lost this round. What a pity because some of us who want to join a party that can take Zambia forward were not convinced that UPND will do it with HH as it’s leader.

  31. Clearly Grevazio Zulu was NOT equal to the task because his questions were surprisingly NOT backed with FACTS with which to try and pin HH down. His questions were based on hearsay.

    The idea that a journalist, without doing any prior investigative journalism and arming themselves with facts and figures first, can simply start interviewing an economist and accomplished businessman/international consultant with the hope of expecting to get more result than the intensive investigations carried out by late President Sata, is like a very funny joke.

  32. HH = UPND

    Put your Sunday interview on uTube please!

    I know that, the fact that UPND supporters have failed to put the Sunday interview on uTube is a clear indication that their supreme leader of UPND HH performed badly

    That means if HH performed well, this time, the whole interview could have been on uTube.

    HH is not koswe mumpoto but “Chikoswe Mumpoto”

  33. UPND and Lusaka Times we all viewed the Interview and stop telling lies. The Interviewer did his best and HH answered some questions well and blablablaed on a number of them. Grevazio did his home work. The fact that HH kept on talking about “facts” does not mean he presented facts through out. The article above is poorly written and is economical about what was covered. Infact it is just a third what was discussed.

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