Monday, March 4, 2024

I am not a Freemason-HH


Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has disclosed that he is not a Freemason.

And Mr Hichilema has again denied ever privatizing any mine.

Making his first ever appearance on the Sunday Interview on ZNBC, Mr Hichilema denied accusations that he belongs to a secret society known as Freemasonry.

He said he is an Adventist who believes that all denominations are one under the Body of Christ.

Mr Hichilema said as an Adventist, he respects Catholics, Evangelicals and all other faiths.

The UPND leader said he has tolerated people who have accused him of being a Freemason for many years but that now time has come to put a stop to that.

He said his lawyers have already drawn up court papers suing some individuals who have relentlessly spread what he called falsehoods about his faith.

Mr Hichilema said most of these will soon be “dancing in court”.

And Mr Hichilema says he never participated in the privatization of any mine during the privatization period.
He said all the records are there at the Zambia Development Agency, the successor organisation to the Zambia Privatization Agency

Mr Hichilema said all those that accuse him of having created his wealth because of the privatization exercise are only interested in spinning facts to suit their own agenda.

He clarified that he created his wealth from the free education he obtained from the Zambian people right through to university.

On the Paradise Papers, Mr Hichilema said he never took any money out of Zambia but that he went to the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market window and raised risk free capital and used part of it to invest back home in Zambia.

He said in other countries, he would be praised for his entrepreneurial spirit that has created jobs for Zambia and not being victimized.

The UPND leader also labelled interviewer Grevazio Zulu ignorant after he liked the PF policies to that of the UPND.

He said the UPND’s Ten Point Plan is clear on the policies that the party would implement once elected into governance in sectors such as health, education and agriculture.


    • Yabaaaa…the future President of Zambia (by way of own goals by the incumbent PF regime) Human Hyena aka HH..he raised some good points such as the maize floor price which some of us have been repeating on- I think he has been reading my comments! Anyway Grevazio equally impressed me, the chap actually asked some good questions and made HH stammer more than 50 times, job well done Grevazio I’m impressed, HH never answered the last question on how he made his money from privitisation but dodged it. Very interesting and funny interview – much better than the BBC interview where the poor chap embarrassed himself terribly. On this ZNBC interview I give HH a pass!

    • We need round 2 specifically to talk about the economy. The man has spoken, he was not using king James version English, NO. but simple straight forward Zambian lingua. Thanks Mr President.

    • HH came prepared because he knew the questions he was going to be asked. Who wouldn’t come up with answers that seem intelligent when you’re subjected to the same questions you’ve been hearing for more than ten years? He still failed to delink his wealth from privatisation.

    • If it were Koswee Tayali being bombarded and grilled with irritating questions as HH faced on this interview, the ‘rapisti’ would have thrown some punches at the interviewer before abandoning the programme and storming out of the studio. This boy rapisti has a boiling temper….

    • Why do they ask the same questions to HH these journalists.
      Q1: Are you a freemanson
      Q2: How did you acquire your wealth
      Q3: Did you steal from Zambians during privatisation.
      Can we ask him questions which will help Zambians not these childish questions. Besides, the faith of most people in govt is questionable. Just look at how they steal from you poor people. Awe mwanding them are stealing while you remain dwelling in the past of knowing if HH is freemason. wakeup Zambia

    • This “…he liked the PF policies to that of the UPND” summarizes everything. This in itself tells you that the interviewed had preconceived ideas. In short, he was bias because of his vested interest in the interview.

    • @just asking you cretin why do you hate blind people kanshi??? Don’t you know they are also human beings with a right to have opinions.

    • Agony is occupying our minds with irrelevant stuff, like Freemason, zed politics etc. meanwhile our friends in the west were freemasonry is just like any religion, are developed, they have excess food, they’ve less corruption,good hospitals (no one sleeps on the floor), good roads, life expectancy above 75 years, observe human rights, democratic etc. Now pa Zed where Christianity is thriving, there is corruption, hunger, witchcraft, adultery, poverty, laziness, waiting for handouts, political cadres, violence, police brutality, cholera, aids, malaria, dirty drinking water, envy etc. Is this what Yeshua taught? your leaders steal and tell you to close your eyes and fast while they continue stealing in the name of humbleness and christianity.
      Come on Zambia let us rise above pettiness.

    • I did not watch the interview but it appears Grevazio listened to his masters instead of being professional.
      Again wasted taxpayers money, instead of focussing on the critical questions that matter, he listened to the likes of Kudos, Njimbu,…. worthless!!!!
      What has questions around mansory to do with bringing food on plates of the Zambian people? A very dull interviewer and Zambia is behind Vietnam and Behind SUDAN, countries that were in wars for most of their history. Zambia has never experienced war, and YET its third hungriest country in the world, and you wonder why? We have low-class intelligent People !!! We focus on the petty things…, No priorities….No vision…I hope the topics of Mansory and accusation of privatization are put to bed.

    • He went with an idea to the London Stock Exchange and got 0% interest loan. THIS IS A BLUE LIE. There is nothing like 0% interest or risk free capital. Only illiterate up and down donkeys will be hoodwinked. The chap is a privitisation thief.

    • He went with an idea to the London Stock Exchange and got 0% interest loan. THIS IS A BLUE LIE. There is nothing like 0% interest or risk free capital. Only illiterate up and down donkeys will be hoodwinked. The chap is a privitisation thief.

    • @ 2020vision

      Opinions are one thing, twisting the truth is something else. As you go by 2020vision, I wonder if you can see suffering of the millions? Most definitely not. Once serf, always serf.

    • Hakainde did very well in this interview especially that he was being interogated by an utterly dull journalist who has no understanding how markets work and had only one goal that is to appease his masters in State House.
      Top marks to Hakainde!!

    • @juliet. If there is nothing with being Freemason just say so. There is nothing wrong to ask anyone especially the one who wishes to head a country about their religion. And HH was at peace to say he was not a freemason yet you seem agitated that the question is ask? Do you think it would be wrong to ask ECL if he was a moslem? …because that is what is in public.

    • but hh failed to answer a lot of question because he wanted to say things which are in his mind and not what interviewer asked him,he failed so badly. he is very dull and pompous for nothing

    • People saw what they wanted to see, and heard what they wanted to hear. It is what they call: selective perception. Indeed how true – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • @”just asking” as you appear to be a babyblogger please tell me when was the last time you made a comment about the maize floor price, prison conditions, unjust taxation, traffic police road blocks, youth unemployment and so on??? Some of us have been on these issues for years regardless of political affiliation even before your uncle HH was incarcerated for 4 months-we are on record of wanting the lowlife to be released so don’t try to be smart you can call me blind but ill call you what you are which is an arse flea that is stuck up your uncle HH’s behind…so far up that you only have selective vision whenever you popout from that hairy smelly arse to see daylight! Hopeless cretin! Next you will complain about my choice of words but you dunderhead are the one who started it…

    • @Just asking. People like you are the very reason why HH is still in opposition. You cannot debate without insulting. For as long as HH supporter’s continue with that kind of mindset, HH will continue accusing innocent people for stealing his vote. It is us the voters who have been rejecting your boss and he will cry the loudest come 2021

    • Grevazio asked many important questions than these carefully selected by LT/UPND. For example the interview covered Maize floor prize, privatisation, how HH team will make cheap money, how UPND will prioritize education. But why give is less issues of Freemanson? To show that the interview was trivial?

    • He never exhibited any of those things because he never answered a single question straight on. What he exhibited was how proud he thinks of himself and also a complete lack of respect for Mr. Zulu. If it was up to me, that interview couldn’t have been aired. Congrats to Mr. Zulu, you are good and you stick to relevant issues. HH thinks he knows it all.

  1. I have always been telling my pals that education is key to success, HH reaffirmed during the interview. Most of us in Zambia don’t like leading and researching.
    The other thing I learnt is being your oun boss, “never have the notion of being employed”. Let’s strive to be creative people of Zambian,

  2. I have always been telling my pals that education is key to success, HH reaffirmed during the interview. Most of us in Zambia don’t like reading and researching.
    The other thing I learnt is being your own boss, “never have the notion of being employed”. Let’s strive to be creative people of Zambian..

  3. This interviewer Grevazio Zulu is a biased PF mole disguised as a serious journalist and employed by his party’s leaders.

  4. The interviewer had a lot of irrelevant questions. The freemason question has no economic bearing on the well being of the ordinary Zambian. If anything, this was an opportunity for the interviewer to drill HH about serious economic things that would affect the ordinary zambian and from there, Zambians would have decided the fate of HH in the next elections. But instead he went ahead and scripted PF tailored questions which may just work against PF. Come one guys, lets be serious for once, this is our country and we should not be treating our future with such lack of seriousness.

    • Because we think we are christians and religion is important to us, we don’t want a person to lead this country if they espouse something we don’t know.

      For us Christianity, a concept about a person who never lived and has proven to be incapable of solving our economic challenges, is the only religion we will accept.

      I know we don’t read and everything we know is that which magicians dubbed pastors tell us. We don’t know the genesis of christianity, we don’t anything about other religions either, but it does not matter. Call us ignorant christians, we are ok. Just leave us alone, to wallow in poverty of thought and it consequences of poverty, hunger and cholera.

  5. Just as I was told, this liar made a total arsse of himself. He rumbled and rumbled through out the interview.

    If elected this man would be calling all of us ignorant and uneducated.

    Fortunately more than 50% + 1 Zambians cannot vote for this clown.

    • Word has it that you will be the next that HH is going to drag to the court, so be prepared.

      You must be satisfied that he answered your evergreen theme of masonry and privatization. Put those topics to bed and move on…

      Stop your hate, HH is just a human being and a Zambian just like you.

    • Why would your Kaponya (HH) come for me? A mere blogger sitting at a computer? You want to take me to court because I repeated what is in public domain that he is a Free Masson? He himself called our late President an “Ailing Dictator Urine Bag”. Did we sue him?

      How petty can you be?

      Is this how you and your small ‘god’ will be clamping down even on freedoms of bloggers? You want LT to surrender their contributors to you simply because we have dissenting views? LT, like most Zambians are smarter than that. Your colours are slowly coming out UPND.
      You are a total FooI just like your leader. You morrons will forever be kept away from power by more than 50% + 1 voters

    • Because the ailing dictator used to call him calculator boy, data was a master in name calling politics, he came up with nyama soya, cabbage, am sure he is the one who came up with kafupi and fonkofonko. By the the your frank bwalya called him chumbu munshololwa.

    • Tribalism just as racism are more evil than HH being a mason. Misleading Zambian people and feeding them with wrong information just because of your hate for an individual and a tribe is WORSE than privatization claims that you b.i.tch about. I have never been in any of Zambian Political parties, later on the party that you try to tag me to. I and a few other people on this forum try to be objective, the fact that you see us on HH side is because of your IRRATIONAL arguments that you bring about and because of your tribal hate. But in no way does that make us UPND. I am from Luapula, and I never practise tribalism or racism like you do.
      For now I will not insult you as you have done, I won’t blame your shallow mindedness. Please, wake up and free yourself from negativity. You can do…

  6. HH failed to answer straight forward questions. He called the interviewer to be ignorant while the opposite is the truth. He failed to answer on claimed refugees among others. Well done Grevazio. HH was embarrassed more than what happened during BBC interview. For me HH cisushi full of self righteousness

    • It’s called confidence, a quality exhibited by most people who know somthing.

      Explaining the anatomy of a jet engine and the combustion process to a packer at Woolwrths is a waste of time. The zambian electorate would not appreciate the intricate details of global finacial flows and how to take advantage of them.

      Those who speak the loudest, it so happens, peddle empty rhetoric and are perceived to be better humans. Those humans will use brutal force against students, their political nemesis, steal, and neglect and the electorate will praise god for the.

      What a nation!

      We don’t celebrate success. Instead we glorify failure.

  7. HH did not any questions satisfactorily. He couldn’t say when he became a millionaire – before or after privatization. He failed to substantiate his claim that Zambia is now exporting political refugees. He lied that the presidential petition is still in court. He failed to give evidence to prove that he won the presidential election but insisted this case was in court – when there is no petition in court? He couldn’t give any information on the UPND’s PVT’s results to prove that that he won the presidential election. He failed convincingly explain how he could have won the presidency when his party only got thirty four percent of the parliamentary seats. Instead of answering questions in a convincing and articulate way, he resorted to sarcasm and to portray Grevazio Zulu as an ignorant…

  8. Instead of answering questions in a convincing and articulate way, he resorted to sarcasm and attempted to portray Grevazio Zulu as an ignorant journalist who didn’t know his facts. And yet, it’s HH who failed to give us the facts we yearned for. HH came across as an overly emotional, conceited, condescending, and arrogant person not fit to lead this country. My verdict: he failed the test – D+.

    • Grevazio has lost all credibility as a journalist, He was probably given a list of questions prepared by his paymasters. I miss the days of Frank mutubila and other brave journalists we had before.

    • Floyd Shivambu of the EFF is the master of put-down comebacks. The guy does not mince words. Interviewers are always careful with the questions they ask. He would take gravazio to the laundry.

    • Should one even answer irrelevant questions ? It’s like someone bringing up some childhood issues in an interview on how u will make a successful CEO??

  9. I was busy with my holiday and didn’t watch this but from the look of things, the interview was rather basic, Gravazio needs to raise the bar why would you ask the obvious stuff? “Are you a freemason?” Like really?. Luchi on radio phoenix is better.

  10. HH you say you are a Christian, but you are bent at taking your accusers to court. Christ on preacher forgiveness by turning the other cheek. If you go to court what are you trying to achieve? Tell us what you intend to do for the Zambian people should you became president.

    • This is like saying Zambia shouldn’t have courts because its a christian nation. Then why do we have courts in the first place? I guess what his trying to do is show us the Zambians what the PF did so that we make our own conclusions.

    • My friend, that is the question your Grevazio was supposed to ask, but instead focussed on st.t.upity to please his masters. The result is a wasted opportunity for real people who wanted to know the UPND strategy to solve Zambian issues.

    • The bible clearly urges us to give chance to those who have offended us before taking them to court, but when HH gave Tayali chance so he could apologize, he pompously rejected an out of court settlement. So what do you expect HH to do? Watch as his reputation is being turnished?

    • You go to court in pursuit of justice not for revenge. A court case can go either way and that verdict must be accepted

  11. Did Grevazio honestly expect a person aspiring for the highest office in the land to say “Yes am a Satanist?”. To be honest,HH was not impressive in last night’s interview. He was even better at BBC with Steven Sackur.Edgar Lungu has his own weaknesses as a human being but I think he’s better than HH.

    • It is easy to think like that. However, if you objectively look at the interview and ask yourself a few basic questions such as:
      1. Taking into consideration that HH leads the biggest opposition and most likely if not obviously the next president, was Grevazio of service to the Zambian voters who are troubled with the poor state of the country and looking for solutions?
      2. What pertinent questions did Mr. Zulu ask that would help Zambians decide whether HH would be a solution to the current leadership crisis?
      3. Corruption, Rule of Law, Agriculture, Youth unemployment, poor education standards to name but a few are Zambia’s major problems. Did Grevazio explore these to help voters?
      HH did exceptionally well to try and lead the interviewer to pertinent issues. Though he took too long…

    • I think Grevazio needed to ask questions that have been in the media for a long time to give HH chance to clear himself. On the question of freemansonary HH answered point blank that he was not. That has been cleared and whether people will believe him or not is another issue. On the question of him gaining from the privatisation process am afraid he dodged the question and I am sure that the question will continue to haunt him.


    • Have you read the paradise papers and can prove that what he said was not true. Unfortunately not even the interviewer seem to have read them but seem to have just heard about them. If he lied, Mr Zulu should have followed it up with a question but it seem he was satisfied with HH explanation about the source of money invested in Tax havens. It was sad now that He started asking a street question as to whether he will bring the money to Zambia or not…meaning?

  13. Whether people like it or not HH is brilliant. He answered the questions calmly and in simple English. No wonder ZNBC did not want to give him media space. Zulu the Interviewer, is a political Journalist with no Financial and Economic knowledge. HH outshined the Interviewer and showed that he knows what he is talking about. Zulu asked too many irrelevant questions which have nothing to do with bread and butter issues in Zambia. Koswe Mumpoto asked the same questions would have melted away in his usual chipante pantry ways. Well done HH. U deserve a chance to govern this country and make a difference.

    • I like the business acumen of this guy and intelligence. Lungu on the other end is very DULL. Whether you like it or not, thats the way it is and it will remain so.

    • Visionary insight?
      You, supporter of Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation and self confessed VISION-LESS convicted embezzler have courage to make comment regarding “vision”?

  14. HH

    Has officially denied his mason religion in favor of his political life.

    May u put the Sunday interview on uTube so that we scrutinize it thoroughly please

    • I don’t enjoy seeing bellow average people responding to something they don’t understand.

      HH in this context is like Judas who rejected Jesus in order to save his life.

      I hope you understand how deep and gòod sound knowledge is to a person who possess it

  15. I think it’s time we stopped judging him on the issue of freemason. He has told us that he is not one,therefore let’s take it as such since there is no proof to that effect. God is the one who knows.

    • The courts will decide that since the matter is now in court. It will either be Tayali or HH emerging out of this vindicated.

  16. Greyfasho came with pf questions, it had to take the interviewee to direct him towards asking questions related to the economy. It was a strange interview asking a question before finishing another question.
    In 2011 he got 29 votes in kaputa, he never went on top of an anthill, scream and sing about kaputa, 2016 went back to kaputa he got 7000 at presidential level and 4 ward councilors.

  17. This is the same money from the sale of the mines paid from outside. If you look at the profile of Dangote you shall find all details of how he became rich. HH and his interest free business plans are fake. This man knows what sort of questions he would be asked because he does the same things day in day out. We expected him to say how differently he was going to apply the ten point plan which is a carbon copy of the PF.

    • Give him a break.

      You people are all over the place to find other reason to castigate HH, now that your long expected interview backfired on you.
      I expected you people to continue your discussion on Privitazation of mine, the fact that no-one has talked about it or raised any further questions and instead you continue to try to find other reasons, indicate to me that HH did a good job to defend himself from those allegations.
      It must be a big disappointment for you people

  18. That is the resident PF koswe rats on LT…….focusing on irrelevant questions and scenarios …..all they know is to sonta and dance dunnuna while lungu and his gang plunder Zambia and sink us deeper into debt…… koswe be concerned about how corruption will be tackled or how Zambia will generate wealth…….like Zambia grows cotton yet has to import all army, police ZAF, ZNS and all School uniforms…that is a crime…..

    • Indeed, I can’t believe it that these people are over the place now trying to find other reasons. DA.M.N !!!
      Bunch of losers….Jesus Save Zambia !!

  19. Education is surely a key to success but my question to HH is- Is he the only educated man in Zambia? there are so many people who are even more educated than him but there are not as wealthy as himself HH, why? The man benefited hugely from the privatization of the mines, he is a white color thief who knows for sure that he cant be traced by any legal mechanism. To me HH should not be entrusted with the management of national resourced because of his appetite for riches. Before privatization there was no HH we know today, the man was just a simple and ordinary partner at Grant thorton. During and after privitisation, the man corruptly became rich suddenly ,that is why HH will never give a satisfactory answer to where he got his riches

    • You people that keep singing about the mines and how the chap made money from them…. can you deal with him and have him arrested since you have the evidence. This privatization story is increasingly becoming an irrelevant topic. As Zambians it is high time we saw the importance of reading and not just reproducing what we hear someone say without diligently going to investigate by considering written records. Yes there are a lot of educated Zambians out there who expect someone to employ them. However, the thing they do not realize is that education is the key that opens the door to become a better business owner who is prudent in his/her investments.

    • Not all so called educated are truly educated. We have engineers who cannot tell the difference between a spade and a spear.

    • @Be Honest,
      That is an honest and fair assessment. If one can`t make sense out of it, they must have broken brains.

    • It takes more education to succeed in business. Richard Branson is not the most educated the guy around. But he is definitely one of the most successful in business. Among other things, to be successful in business;

      (a) You need to be a risk-taker. Some of us prefer the certainty of a monthly salary as to compared to the uncertainty of business profits, especially during the initial stages of a business;
      (b) You need to be good at networking. That is, establishing contacts that will benefit your business, not corrupt ones;
      (c) You need to overcome negative self talk i.e., that inner voice that is always telling you that you cannot succeed;
      (d) You need to be persistent and not give up after a few months of not being successful. People who end up being successful in most endeavors…

  20. HH is the man. The interview was really hard and its great Gravazio asked those questions. I pity him though because it was clear he was doing someone a favour to embarrass HH. It didn’t work and actually it worked against them. Take for instance…. Did HH take money from Zambia to Bahamas?…. No. The man went with an idea in the head and in fact brought in money into the country.
    HH bravo indeed… Man of the Year.

    • Some of the PF koswe kaponyas above are perplexed and dunnunafied at how that is possible , to them only borrowing is the only way to bring money……hehehehe

  21. Zambia would have been better now if Lungu had not stolen HH’s votes; why are Zambians obsessed free masons issue; why don’t they condemn those who are shading blood daily and stealing public resources?

    • It is because Zambians are the voters. They do not want to put a devil in State House. If the courts clear him of diabolism, that can put the matter to rest and Zambians can put him in State House if they chose to.

  22. HH talked of investing in Zambia and creating jobs for people, but let me ask HH this question- What kind of investments has he made here in Zambia apart from buying shares in already existing corporate organizations and putting up some farms using money from privitisation? When you look at the people he has employed in his so called investments 99% are a TONGAs. If he is surely a patriotic businessman he could have similarly done what Dangote did. Dangote set up a cement plant in Masaiti district to create jobs for local people which HH has failed to do, instead he decided to hide his wealth in tax havens which is morally wrong. So his investments have just benefited himself and his tribesmen period.

  23. Ubututu too much in Zambia. Ignorance and BASIC education. We are classical gullibles.

    The interview was below par in terms of the critical issues that should have been tackled for the sake of Zambia. We need to raise the bar.

  24. He never answered the question of where he got his wealth this man….so many have had free education but not the without the kind wealth this chap has. Poor Dad and Rich Dad by one Robert Kiyosaki……tell us where and how to get rich so that we can follow suit Mr Dreamer….Zamnbians are a very clever people, thats why they will never put you in plot one, you kept dodging questions and you think you are clever mumbwe …………………………

  25. Clearly Grevazio Zulu was NOT equal to the task because his questions were surprisingly NOT backed with FACTS with which to try and pin HH down. His questions were based on hearsay.

    The idea that a journalist, without doing any prior investigative journalism and arming themselves with facts and figures first, can simply start interviewing an economist and accomplished businessman/international consultant with the hope of expecting to get more result than the intensive investigations carried out by late President Sata, is like a very funny joke.

  26. Both were very unprofessional! they had no time to talk abt real issues! to me if any one knows HH store the money thru privatization and he is still walking free is great concern, journalist shud not ask Q based on rumers , we need to discuss facts! jst as we claim to be Christians without belonging to any local church, but no one bothers to ask or find out when we became one!!!!! the interview was a waste of time

    • You say that both were unprofessional. But is it not true that, in an interview, the interviewer is the one who generates the questions and controls the tempo? It’s the interviewer, and not the interviewee, whose foot is on the gas pedal.

  27. The much anticipated HH’s sunday interview ended up being a flop!!it was the worst sunday interview ever watched.instead of being an interview,it became an argument due to HH’s arrogancy and dullness!!HH only answeres one question about freemason.all other questions about privatization,tribalism,petition,offshore account,losing 5th times plus many more!!IT WAS A LOST OPPORTUNITY FOR HH!!
    HH’s failure to answer several questions about his questionable life destroyed his already poor public image!!

    • Most of greyfasho’s questions he was quoting online media, i thought a big organization like znbc would have done it’s own investigations, especially that the request letter for an interview was given to them a week earlier, they should have gone to Zambia development agency to look at privatization records.

    • What is an interview if not an argument, a debate, a contrasting of two different view points, so that the viewers can judge for themselves as to which of the two views is better, and more plausible? Or did you expect HH to succumb to pressure and agree with the interviewer?

  28. @fungamwango, please read the bible before you display you ignorance on the blog. The God we serve is a God of justice, there is a court in heaven to which all should before. All those acknowledge there wrongs and repent of them they will be forgiven, those who refuse to repent from their wrongs will receive punishment Tayali was asked to retract his accusations but refused to repent so he must appear before court for his actions. If he would want to forgive him let it be after he is found guilty, then he will learn to behave himself.

  29. Gravazio is a very competent journalist and i like the way he handled the interview despite the arrogance and bitterness in the so called leader of a party believed by many Zambian

    • Grevazio is a good journalist and can even do better if left to his job without overtones of political interest from some “Godfather” lurking somewhere.

      The young man can also have weakness, in the hope that one day he might be appointed to some position.

  30. Zambians are really the dullest people this side of africa, even a fool will not ask such a question of privatization of mines, was hh in government or an advisor of the government? It is sheer waste of time to listen to such rubbish and be proud anti hh was grilled, how would such questions help tomorrow?

  31. “The inputs are not available becausethere are norains yet.” Grevazio! ZNBC! Woh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    U don’t start looking for inputs when the rains are in full swing.

    • And Mr Hichilema says he never participated in the privatization of any mine during the privatization period.
      He said all the records are there at the Zambia Development Agency, the successor organisation to the Zambia Privatization Agency

    • We thank the management, board and staff from znbc for opening up their legs wide monga ma doors yamu police sorry arms wide, apa epashili pakuleka, twalumba, twasanta mwane, twatasha, zikomo, litumezi ahulu. Make this a habit.

  32. You people are all over the place to find other reasons to castigate HH, now that your long expected interview backfired on you.
    I expected you people to continue your discussion on Privitazation of mines, the fact that no-one has talked about it or raised any further questions and instead you continue to try to find other reasons, indicate to me that HH did a good job to defend himself from those allegations.

    It must be a big disappointment for you people, those with irrational arguments. Stop the rot and move on demanding from HH to answer genuine questions and not the stu.pi.dity displayed thus far

  33. This interview reminds of the six blind men who were asked to describe an elephant. The blind man that touched the elephant’s leg described it as a tree trunk. The one that touched the trunk described it as a snake. The one that touched the body as a wall and so on. And so those who support HH will say it was a brilliant interview and those who hate him will say it was the worst interview. The comments lack objectivity or objectiveness. This will only be settled by an election and by his own admission HH has so far lost five elections.

    • EThe video recording is there. I am sure you will see it again if you are interested. Keep checking online media if you are outside. I personally downloaded an actual video recording from Facebook. Someone posted it.

  34. I used to cry everyday thinking I will die of HIV virus. After 6 years of contacting the virus and taking Arvs, I came across an article of an herbal doctor who cured HIV/AIDS. I was terrified and decided to contact the doctor with the number provided.(+2348146005390). I saw other patients the doctor have cured and I got the herb and exactly after a month after I started taking the herb, I went for my monthly test and was completely negative. It was too good to be true that I did series of test in another hospital but the test results came out negative as well. With joy in my heart I share this testimony. If you need help just like me you can contact DR SAVE via whatsapp him on +2348146005390 thank you once again for your healing.

  35. The problem in Zambia we like lazing around and stealing just like ba koswe we don’t know how to work for our selves and instead of supporting those who work hard for themselves we intend to accuse them of dirty things kikiki just wake up and work hard you Will be like him too ba koswe

    • Zambians have a democratic right to scrutinise HH and it is not up to you or anyone for that matter to stop them as long as he vies the highest office in the land see the other comment below…

  36. Watched last night the Sunday interview posted on ZNBC Facebook someone had streamed it…HH was too proud and emotional that he could not answer the questions put to him objectively and hence was too suspicious of what he was asked and therefore most times lost focus and called the interviewer ignorant…In the end HH yet again missed an opportunity and failed to clarify most issues he was asked…Even in an exam you answer what you have been asked and not what you wished you were asked…HH does not want to be challenged hence wanted to intimidate the interviewer that he was ignorant, HH also lied that UPND had held two General conferences after he was anointed by one Ackson Sejani between 2006 and 2016, HH is a crook who does not want to be challenged and hence has held his UPND surrogates…

  37. if HH wants the presidency let him go back start as a branch chairman,dundumwenzi ward councillor,mp,minister then contest by then ifwe fwebamwishiba ninshi twalifwa bonse mu 2316

  38. Amazing some PF Bloggers here still dont understand the answer he gave on privatation.. Even LT has again written it here…Quote Ref: And Mr Hichilema says he never participated in the privatization of any mine during the privatization period.He said all the records are there at the Zambia Development Agency, the successor organisation to the Zambia Privatization Agency.
    Please put on your shoes if you have any and go to ZDA .May be for once you will get the answer in your thick heads!!
    Dont just feel petty Jealous, ask your self why all successive govts havent taken HH to court on privatization?

    • Any smart cookie like HH will tell you that because he knows you won’t bother to go there. Even if you did, you will find nothing on HH because, shrewd as he is, he channeled his loot through Grant Thorntorn where he had his cut in London. This is the same so called risk free capital which he claims to have raised on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market window. HH’s windfall was after privatization but he failed to tell us that during the interview by dodging the question. Why dodge the question if he had nothing to hide? He simply did not have a convincing explanation to “his” money which he looted from Zambians.

  39. Would you post the interview on the U tube, it is just lack of information on part of the interviewer about the illicit wealth of H H, the interviewer was supposed to ask him about the other friends he was with during the privatization of the companies, Such as the fugitive Shansonga. Chitalu knows every thing about HH and that is why he does not want to involve himself in politics. Vote for GBM during congress, Vote for GBM under UPND ticket 2021. “Bola panshi GBM nishimbi”

  40. H H went with an idea to London Stock Market and made money kkkkkkkkkkk, he must be so selfish not to share that idea with other Zambians, if he was honest enough he could even start referring to other people he introduced the idea to make money, to me he is a hardcore criminal, Is he the only economist in the country may be he is a magician abragadabragada is rich. Vote for GBM during congress.Vote for GBM under UPND ticket 2021. “Bola panshi GBM nishimbi”

    • All businesses is created from a single idea..why should someone share an idea with you when you do not understand the stockmarket or how wealth is created…all you understand is Payday, Rhumba music, Castle Lager and football.
      Wake up from your docility and read widen your scope of understanding for your children’s sake.
      WAKE UP!!!!!!

  41. Its amazing how we Zambians fail to distinguish between able leadership and utter visionless blab. Someone has offered himself to lead this country in a transparent and prudent manner, yet we still want to remain in abject poverty, subjected to mediocre leadership full of corruption and grand mischief. Reminds me in the bible when pilato challenged the people as to who he should release between Jesus an that thief, instead, surprisingly, they chose a thief and denied the messiah. Its a classic example of how Levy was maligned and called cabbage etc, today the rest is history. Open your eyes whilst you can an save this country from embezzlers, thugs, kaponyas who are destroying this country with impunity.

    • The Pilato of the Bible would be grieved if he woke up to know there is another Pilato on the Copperbelt who sings insults. He would ask to return to the grave immediately to avoid embarrassment.

  42. Zambians give too much credit to the devil. We are too superstitious and tend to think wealth is either from satan or stolen.
    The interviewer was mediocre, we have more important issues to discuss.

  43. “The UPND leader also labelled interviewer Grevazio Zulu ignorant after he liked the PF policies to that of the UPND.”
    Stephen Sackur of the BBC made exactly the same comment but hh did not call him ignorant. Is it because Stephen is a white man? Oh I see, hh was at pains to avoid calling Grevazio an easterner rat? The tribalism will never leave hh, nde myeba ninebo.

    • Perception matters. It’s what determines ones attitude. Stephen Sackur enjoys a kind of neutrality that Grevazio Zulu lacks. Besides, often times, Stephen Sackur says what he says pugnaciously, not in the least giving a hint he means it. Hardly the case with Grevazio Zulu.

  44. “I am not a Free Mason. I only took over from a man who was a Free Mason and I only own Three Mansions.” It is him who is ignorant and he couldn’t call a white reporter the same but did the fellow not that the white reporter was but because this guy is dull!

  45. Me I am Tonga and my bemba so a pure Zambian. But why if the ruling party lucks some points of running the country and the opposition advices the ruling party.. Use love politicians please because the lord is love.

  46. I did not hear hh’s answer to the question of how he got rich. His only answer was education, that’s all he said. For him to rid himself of getting rich through privatization, he should have told us which business he started doing. Not just education then you keep quite. At the end of the interview hh had the audacity to tell Gravazio that he tried but failed. hh the one who failed was you. You who claim to say he answered the question what did he say, please enlighten us.

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