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Zambia is in total confusion-Kambwili

General News Zambia is in total confusion-Kambwili

Roan Member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, addresses Masaiti residents during a public hearing by the committee in the district
FILE: Roan Member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Community Development and Social Services, Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, addresses Masaiti residents during a public hearing by the committee in the district

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili says Zambia is now in a serious state of confusion.

Mr Kambwili was commenting on the decision by the Zambia Police Service to reverse its decision to recruit eight police offices into its reserve wing.

Mr Kambwili said the PF government must stop subjecting the country to mockery and ridicule.

“Oh weh it looks like there will be major refunds to those Chinese who just 24 hours ago became police reserves. Hand over if you don’t know how to run a country, stop subjecting our country to mockery and ridicule, we were once a beacon of peace and hope in Africa but today we are merely a nation being torn apart by greedy people,” Mr Kambwili said.

“Lesa ngalefwaya ukumweneshamo umuntu ninshi kumulowa ichilafi. Most Zambians are going into the new year hoping for 2018 to speed up so that they can come and make a proper decision,” Mr Kambwili said.

“What we are seeing now is total confusion, it’s clear to see that people have moved away from service delivery and gone into self delivery. Oh what a shame!”

He added, “Chipante pante government is in full swing kicking policies all over the place.”



    Who signed the Constitution with eyes closed?

    a. Super Ken
    b. Kafupi
    c. Cabbage
    d. Nyamasoya
    e. King Cobra
    f. Khoswe
    g. Imbwili
    h. Kachema

    • Chipantepante like Nkwazi is better. What’s going on with PF government is a state of drunkenness. Even me when drunk I change clothes 4 times a night, no decision. I even text my bosses in night, insulting them, then reverse it on Monday.

    • Iwe Kambwili,
      Please, do not take advantage of this case to gain political points.
      The reverse of this decision by IG was mainly thanks to REASONABLE MEN and WOMEN on this forum who stood firm to condemn the decision. It is the first time I have seen both PF and UPND cadres standing on one side to condemn something that was wrong. I wish this forum always acted like this, instead of quarreling amongst ourselves, this was the most significant stance.
      For you kambwili, firstly, fulfill your promise to spill the beans, before we can take you seriously, otherwise its all noise from you.

  2. Total confusion seems to be the right description.Is Zambia still Zambia or is it already part of China???????Can somebody tell me?

    • Kambwili has always been part and parcel of this mess. Anyways it takes a man to admit his mistake and take corrective action. Kambwili remained with the mistake eating corruptly until fired. He has no moral right to condemn anyone

    • I am still waiting for the time that’s Zambia have a Chinese President, the Chinese will take all the Resources from Africa and later they have a control over this continent, its time to weak up !!! Africa is the richest continent in the world and you don’t no how to fear this beloved country

  3. So leave the chipante pante govt…let go of your seat by withdrawing your court injunction and resigning!! Show the people you have morality and integrity….

  4. This fo0l called Kambwili never stops to amaze me.today PF is a “chipante pante Govnt” simply because he was fired by president Edgar Lungu!!why didnt you see that while in cabinet?kekekekeke NYAKUNYOKELA CHABE NJALA!!!
    only a chainama patient could take this fo0l serious!!am now not seeing a difference between Kambwili and Chilufya Tayali.YES YOU MAY CHEAT SOME DULL VOTERS BUT NOT ALWAYS AND NOT ALL OF US!!
    Kambwili please read the “Zambia police reserve act”, a law made by you dull MPs which allows even foreigners to work as Police reserves.IT IS US ZAMBIANS WHO MUST BE BLAMING YOU MPS FOR PASSING LAWS IN PARLIAMENT WHICH YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND!!!so dont blame PF Govnt here but all of you MPs who came up with that useless “police reserve act!!” HAVE YOU HEARD DULL…

  5. Imwe ba *****, mulekeni Kambwili. You are actually the most dull voters who vote for Kachema, tribalist Tonga HH. If you don’t want to vote CK just go and for you fellow Tonga and say that those that do not vote for a Tonga are dull. We are actually better than you *****s.

    • Kanganja made a mistake and Zambians regardless of their tribe stood together and protested. Please let’s not be confused even where there’s no reason to be.

  6. I don’t see a reason of name calling and insult one another. On earth we are all pass by. No one is here permanent.
    All of us must call a spade a spade and not a spade a shovel. Wrong is wrong than politicking for the sake of mind corrupting innocent souls. It’s our duty all to protect our Nation and for Security reasons to condemn a wrong. Cowardice is sin in my heavenly father’s kingdom. In John 8, Jesus is the way, truth and light. Him who follows him shall not walk in darkness but light of life. So only truth sets us free. Let them who speak truth do so. How do you except right without wrong? It’s from wrong then one does the right next time.
    Repent and God will forgive you. Romans 14:11 “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to…

  7. Kanganja should simply resign. ..too many mistakes. Kambwili should also resign. .too much hypocrisy, inconsistencies and lies. Kanganja’s mistakes in Mongu could have set the country on fire.

  8. It has been corrected and now water under the bridge just like the presidential petition is. Kambwili is clinging to two parties. Its equally a scandal and unheard of. Why not clean yourself up and then talk of others.

  9. Kambwili was also part of the dununalist at gabon air disaster stadium when someone signed the constitution with his eyes closed.

    The zambian constitution is stained thats why there is total confusion in the country.

  10. Leave Kambwili alone. He is absolutely spit on this one. In a normal system (which we don’t have) the IG would asked to resign. A national police uniform is ‘ sacrid’ and would not be exchanged for a piece of silver. Either Kanganja is corrupt with his hands tighed in Chinese money or he is just incompetent in his job by not understanding the seriousness of his action. Notwithstanding Kanganja may have been directed to perform that task by his superiors whose hands have sunk deep into Chinese money. In that case we shall not expect to see Kanganja resign because he has got backing.
    PF cadres on this platform that they condemned this stupidity. They have continued to praise Koswe for all the wrong reasons.

  11. We should be very careful with Chinese meddling in our internal affairs. These Chinese are ready to use any means to claim their loaned money back. All indications so far confirm the Chinese own Zambia.
    They have first managed to capture Chagwa and his PF. A few pieces of Silver in return for certain access to strategic pieces of land. NRDC is gone, Chimbwakaela is gone, for the first time, the number of Chinese nationals you find at ministry of lands surpases the number of Zambians working there. ZNBC is 60% Chinese owned through Topstar and Zambians are unwittingly enriching the Chinese through Topstar and TV levies; we have cause for worry when we see Chinese infestations of our security wings. Chagwa and his PF version have sold Zambians into Chinese slavery! What has been exposed…

  12. Ise timvelako chabe…let us know when Zambia will be up for sale..might buy some ka share before foreigners grab everything..

  13. ichi nachena chipubafye ichi, i hate this buffoon co he has no principals, chibosabosafye awe sure kambwili is an imbecile chi Bingiza(dung beetle).
    tachakwana amano chi kambwili and is would heelp alot if he cud just shut his loud assss coz i doubt he uses his mouth.

  14. I agree with comrade njimbu. C. K in my view has no integrity and morality to condemn a law that was passed by parliament of which he is a member. Infact, he was supposed to withdraw his expulsion case from court and freely participate in politics as a political leader of the so called NDC which is not going anywhere.

  15. Chishimba instead of just attacking government you can also focus on some other issues that affect citizens such as the non availability of safe drinking water in some area. For instance, is it legal for Lusaka Water and Sewage Company to charge residents of Chelstone for water which they are not providing? Water bills are delivered to people’s homes but the company does not pump water. I think this is theft. So Chishimba Kambwili talk about these issues as well so that the company can be held responsible.

  16. Kanganja followed law to engage the Chinese nationals and stated in black and white! May be most you were not there in the ’70s and ’80s, we had Indian and Arab Police reserves especially here in Lusaka, simply because its provided for under the law! So its not against the law to engage the Chinese, but why engage them when there are 2 million Zambians who are eligible to be police reserves? So Kabwili noti ukubosa sana over things you know were done according to law! You Kambwili driving on good roads, buying cheaper Irish potatoes is a state of confusion in your big head, and 7month old pregnant stomach?

  17. How on earth can you have Chinese nationals enter your own security forces? That really endangers the country. There are many Zambians out there that can take that job.You think a Zambian can be employed as a police officer in China? What is wrong with Africans? Are we selling our own country, colonization all over again. People need to wake up! This level of stupidity is shocking.

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