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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

ZICTA fines all three mobile phone companies total of K3.1 million for poor quality of service

General News ZICTA fines all three mobile phone companies total of K3.1 million for...

ZICTA has fined all the three mobile phone operators a total of K3.1 million for failing to adhere to Quality of Service parameters as agreed in the Quality of Service Guidelines for the third quarter of 2017.

In a statement, ZICTA Spokesperson Ngabo Nankonde revealed that the three operators have been fined for failing to meet the some of the set parameters on quality of service which includes Call Set Up Success Rate, Mean Opinion Score, Successful SMS rate, SMS Delivery Time and HTTP success Log-ins.

Ms Nankonde said the regulator has fined both MTN Zambia and Zamtel K600,000 each for failing to meet the set parameters on call set up success rate and K600,000 each for failure to meet the set parameter for HTTP success log-ins.

This brings the total number of fines for MTN Zambia to K1,200,000 and that for Zamtel to K1,200,000 respectively.

Airtel Networks Zambia Plc on the other hand has been fined K450,000 failing to meet the set parameters on call set up success rate and K300,000 for failing to meet the set parameter for HTTP success log-ins bringing the total amount of fines to K750,000.

Ms Nankonde said the Authority arrived at this decision following the Quality of Service inspection after a public inquiry which was held on 18th November 2017 at which mobile operators made submission and presentations.

She said during the period July 1st and September 30th, the Authority conducted an inspection with respect to Quality of Service provided by the three operators.

“As customers may be aware, Section 27 (I) of the ICT Act No. 15 of 2009, places an obligation on the service providers to meet such minimum standards of quality of service as the Authority may specify or publish,” she said.

Ms. Nankonde has since warned mobile network operators and other ICT players that the regulator will not hesitate to enforce the law on any operator failing to meet the set parameters on service on Quality of Service guidelines.

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  1. Especially airtel with poor network signal and Zamtel poor internet…check on these things also.
    It’s good that they are now having checks and balances.Asante zicta

  2. Its not enough! The profit from these companies are many times the fine. They over subscribe the network capabilities so that more customers bring more money. Shocking and unreliable service especially from Airtel.

  3. We customers should also benefit from this charge. We are the ones who were inconvenienced and continue being inconvenienced due to poor service. Whats our share of this cash?

  4. Whats $300k for offering shambolic service when they are ripping off customers in millions of dollars every year!!

  5. Its about time they’re held accountable for there dismal services.. Especially when zamtel forced them to revise their tariffs it’s now worse

    • Yes, Zamtel forced the other reapers to reduce their rates.Hence, should have been charged the least.This is our company and must be supported positively, not punitively.

  6. Yes, this fine is not enough especially for Airtel which when you make a call, it will connect and be silent while your money is being chewed. This is broad day theft by this company. Can zicta do another public inquiry on this one, we have lost a lot of money in this vain without cause. They are always saying they are upgrading their system which am sure should not be the case, we are consumers and we deserve much more than this.

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