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Minister called on to discipline clergy men who just preach on prosperity and marriages

General News Minister called on to discipline clergy men who just preach on...

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili
THE Young Men Christian Association has called on the ministry of national guidance and religious affairs to discipline members of the clergy that have contributed to moral decay in the country.

Association president Thabo Kawana said his organisation was saddened that most clergy men had concentrated more on teaching about prosperity and marriages instead of salvation.

Mr Thabo said time had come for the ministry of national guidance and religious affairs to discipline and give guidance to certain men of God who had diverted from their call as moral builders.

“We want to throw the challenge to the clergy, the moral decay in the country is being caused by the lack of salvation messages from the clergy.Our churches have concentrated on teaching more about prosperity, marriages and teaching things that are not food to the soul.

“Now is the time to pull all our efforts together and we are also encouraged by the timely efforts of the ministry of national guidance. This ministry is timely and we want to thank President Edgar Lungu for a well thought out ministry that working accordingly to how we envisioned it to be working,”Mr Kawana said.

He urged the church to work with the ministry in trying to arrest the moral decay especially among young people that had taken route in the country.

“It is our responsibility, the Government has already done its part by creating a friendly atmosphere for churches to operate independently and so the clergy should preach salvation and help restore sanity in our communities.

Mr Kawana said the church was going to be held responsible if more lives are lost as a result of moral decay.

“The church must come and play its moral authority, the Government also must come at play its authority and even NGOs like YMCA must all come and arrest this moral decay.

“If we are to continue to have members in our churches, members need to be healthy and educated and if the church is going to ignore the fact that they need to preach salvation to the young people, most of their member will be sick and they won’t have members,” he said.


  1. prosperity and marriages lead to moral decay? That’s new…
    If indeed these are “men of God” as you have categorised them, then let God deal with them and not a mere minister because God is the one who gave them the call to be Pastors and it should be him to correct them if they go wrong. Please do not try to give relevance to a ministry whose purpose to chew tax payers money.

  2. The YMCA is misguided on this. How would prosperity and marriages contribute moral decay? wasn’t it the other way round? If God blessed you with marriage and wealth wont you even praise him more to say thanks and pray protection? The other thing is why would the ministry police the church on what they should not preach what if its the spirit is ‘leading’?

  3. Comment:
    Are you You serious? that kind of thinking is not just wishfull, but silly and political, do you want Goverment to regulate my sermons?Dont you know that Marriage and prosperity are God’s will for his people..such thinking is gross and sickening. grow up

  4. The problem is that Zambians believe them because we are lazy to read and listen from other Pastors, attend Baptist churches they preach the Word not money all the time. I am a Pentecostal but have seen the difference between the two. When they see a new member to them is more money in their pockets. Who can blame them when all the government is doing is stealing and making the already poor masses paupers by charging excess tax.

  5. Just trying to justify the ministry of godfredah. Why thank the president for the ministry, another cadre paid to praise.
    Grow up young man

  6. What’s happened to free choices? Only a demented person can bank on the utterances of some pastor for prosperity. Even as a Catholic I don’t pray to Jesus to give me money, I have to sweat for it. In fact Christianity abhors indolence and dependence. It encourages people to work hard. Through out the bible hard work, cleanness, good health and honesty is emphasized.

  7. YMCA, the Minister for Religious Affairs is not a religion Police. You are now behaving like Islamic fundamentalists, the likes of Talibans. Please if you have nothing to do find work instead of hiding behind NGOs

  8. Never heard mention of interaction with Moslems, Buddhists and other religions by this minister. Can some one close to the power centre share the terms of reference for this ministry?

  9. Pathetic suggestions by WYMCA whatever they call you! Hired guns! @ prosperity and marriage! balya Bambi @ I don’t pray to Jesus for money! Laughable indeed! Don’t you know that silver and gold belongs to God! even the thousand cattle on those hills belong to Him. It is God who prospers people by giving you strength to go and work, give praise to Him! Ba Minister must not be told what to do by sick cadres!

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