Two of Zambia’s biggest political parties have called for youth empowerment in the country’s political arena. The opposition united party for national development bemoaned that youths were only used as tools of violence by some politicians.

UPND deputy southern province spokesperson, Neto Halwabala observed that youths in Zambia have not been given the chance to prove their value, a move he says must change.

Mr. Halwabala advised that politicians should therefore desist from viewing youths as political objects during election campaigns.

Mr. Halwabala was speaking on Radio Musi O Tunya’s Good Governance platform supported by the media institute of southern Africa (MISA) Zambia, themed ‘the role of youths in politics’.

And speaking on the same program, Patriotic Front Livingstone district information and publicity secretary, Eddie Chomba says youths should be part of Zambia’s developmental agenda.

Mr. Chomba further alleged that most youths were losing interest in politics because most leadership positions were being given to old aged politicians.

Mr. Chomba has since challenged youths to join politics as a way of contributing towards national development than abusing drugs and alcohol as a way of venting out their anger.

The PF and UPND have further vowed to end political violence in the country by way of holding activities that will bring them together for national unity.

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  1. Good boys and girls. This is your country and you will remain managing it after we are all gone. You are brothers and sisters. Politics should just be about how best to get the job done. Remember my young people, that old people start wars but it is the young ones who go to the battle front to fight and die. Claim your position in the affairs our country, your country. It is you responsibility and right thing to do. No more violence. But remember also to respect adults because some of you have no respect for your elders, you beat them and insult them. Have a conscience.


  2. Well spoken guys, let’s be people of one LOVE, especially YOUTHS, violence, animosity, head speeches and tribal remarks are EVIL, ONLY LOVE in the NAME of GOD ALMIGHTY is the WAY to GO!!


  3. Hope Mr Habalwa won’t have his house petrol bombed. Upnd don’t tolerate those who are “soft ” on PF or any other hostile party.


  4. Divided we fall united we stand.
    Surely we need support as youths
    Nowonder social vices are rampantly increasing among youth its because of
    (1) lacking support
    (2) lacking opportunities express themselves.



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