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Monday, February 24, 2020

PF cannot not set conditions for dialogue with UPND-Stephen Katuka

General News PF cannot not set conditions for dialogue with UPND-Stephen Katuka

Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has rejected PF’s demand that the recognition of President Edgar Lungu as the Head of State is non-negotiable by and for those who may wish to participate in the pending dialogue process.

And PF media director, Sunday Chanda has charged that the UPND should find someone else to dialogue with if they do not want to accept the fact that President Lungu is the Republican President.

UPND secretary-general, Stephen Katuka however said that PF cannot set the rules of engagement in the proposed dialogue because they were just a participant in the process like any other stakeholder.

Mr Katuka said that the conditions to the proposed dialogue could not be set by one political party as all were mere participants.

He told the Daily Nation that it was those who were charged with the mandate to arbitrate through the process who could set the rules of engagement for the proposed dialogue.

Mr Katuka challenged other players to think about what would happen if the UPND also decided to set its own conditions for the dialogue to take place.

“This dialogue is not about Hakainde or Edgar Lungu, it is about the future of this country not individuals. The conditions must not be set by one party, it is those chosen to arbitrate who should tell us what to do and what not to do. Who is PF to tell us what to do?

“The rules of engagement must be set by those who are arbitrating, those who are calling for this dialogue. I don’t know what PF thinks, it’s like us saying first there must be this,” Mr Katuka said.

Meanwhile, Mr Chanda emphasised that if the UPND cannot recognise the President as they come to the table, then they must try dialogue elsewhere.

“We shall not accept mechanisms aimed at undermining the Presidency and if that is too much to ask, then let UPND find other people to dialogue with,” said Mr Chanda.

He insisted that the ruling party would not rescind any of its decisions and that UPND was free to walk out if they wanted to.

Mr Chanda said that he was sure there were other political parties, the church and other stakeholders who were ready to participate in the dialogue process with PF.

He explained that PF would not let anyone abuse the dialogue process as the party was only looking forward to making the days to come better and brighter for the Zambian people.

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  1. You’re just one and the same. Encouraging each other to steal and promised not to arrest each other. You are both corrupt elements.

    • @Lombe, learn to differentiate things, its good for you.
      – there is difference between a Lozi and Chinese policeman, both Zambians.
      – there is difference between male & female both are humans.
      – There is big difference between a mouse and a rat.

      HH told Edgar not to be afraid of arrest when he leaves OFFICE, meaning HH and everyone knows that Edgar is president, even though we all know Zambia has no RIGHT president.

  2. Mr. Katuka who are you and your HH not to recognize ECL as the republican president if the whole world does recognize ECL as THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA? Please give us a break we are tired of your arrogance. Zambians have moved from this issue it is now water under the bridge. BE REMINDED that you have been done a big favor to dialogue with the governing party otherwise under normal circumstances you should have not been drawn closer to the dialogue table. HH started all this impasse by not respecting the head of state so he must show humility and remorse in the spirit of reconciliation and unity, instead you have grown big headed as if you are the ones in power, this will not be condoned at all Mr. katuka, can you please behave in a mature and civilized manner.

  3. Ba PF please, can you educate me what will change if UPND acknowledges that ECL is president. As things are at present ECL is already discharging functions of a president. What more do you want, so what if one person/group does not recognise him, please grow up and devote your energies in taking the country forward.

    • Kay – It is not as simple as that. Do not be so simplistic with such serious matters. Somebody spent days in a Maximum Security Prison because of your line of thought – in other countries it would have been worse. Listen to what South African journalist Khomo said. Edgar Lungu is the Zambian President – you cannot set parallel rules to that — except in your house.

  4. PF conditions were clearly communicated to the Commonwealth envoys, who confirmed delivery of same to Akainde. If the envoys lied, then its nobody’s business.

  5. What’s there to discuss? Oh those votes buried at Kalulushi cemetery? I don’t see anything to discuss. The Hyena keeps jumping from reason to reason. ..today “Lungu will not get his benefits because according to the constitution he’s not served a full term” another day “Lungu cannot stand in 2021 because he’s served more than one team ” third day “Lungu will go to prison when upnd forms government ” 4th day “Lungu should not fear because we won’t arrest him when we form government ” What is your position and police HH?

  6. Whoever wants to be recognised “must hear the Petition becoz Recognition is like a Phone and a Sim Card, without the other, you cannot communicate “. Lets hope Koswe Mumpoto and his fellow Rats get the message. This Petition will haunt ECL when he eventually leaves Power. The writing is on the Wall!

    • Under what circumstances will he hear the petition? Order the court? Is this the rule of law we expect under UPND rule. That the president will have power to command the judges to bring back cases that have expired or been disposed off. Twafwa! Kanshi there will be no difference between the two.

  7. Why this dialogue? For what? This is just a waste of time and resources! Tongas are very cunning and power hungry, if you want HH to say he recognizes Lungu, he will not because to him its only a fellow Tonga who matters not any other tribe! Remember in 2001 when Mazoka claimed he had won the general elections, Tongas made it clear “its our chance to rule now, other tribes will dance to our tune!” All non-Tonga speaking people at Mazoka’s base for election monitoring were pushed out! If they wanted to remain there they had to speak Tonga! That’s HH and the Tongas, don’t give them chance to rule, they will bring civil in the country because they are a power-hungry, minor tribal tribe from the south of the country!

  8. The PF should just ignore the so-called dialogue with the UPND and concentrate on more important issues of developing the country. Let the UPND dialogue with the FDD, NDC, and UNIP and whine about the petition until 2021.


  10. E B Hibalwa and people who are currently thinking like you are treading on dangerous waters. Are you sure that Zambia is now united and moving on well like it was before PF? We are now divided as a Nation on regional grounds and we surely need some introspection and dialogue. There can not be a better time than this. Kenya, once upon a time, a peaceful country is now divided and we wouldn’t like to go that way. Do not bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and think that you are hiding when your whole body is exposed!

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