The Provincial Health Office in Luapula Province has called on health centers to consider Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision as an important service like any other service that is provided at health centers.

Luapula Province Health Director Dr Peter Bwalya says there is need for all those that are entrusted to head health centers to treat Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision as an important service which also boarders on people’s health.

Dr Bwalya says though Luapula province is currently leading in meeting the targets for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision, there is still need to do more in order to sustain the performance and capture more people.

The Province Health Director said this through Provincial Planner Alex Mbulo during a Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision stakeholders meeting held at Mansa Lodge yesterday for the December Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision mass campaign.

He said there is need to integrate Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision if the 32,000 target given to the province for the December campaign is to be met.

The Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision December campaign is a mass circumcision campaign which runs from 20 November, to 31 January each year.

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  1. This is the biggest farce and I not surprised our incompetent koswes have bought into it. Hygiene is the most important way to prevent disease and not body mutilation.



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