Minister of Higher Education Prof Nkandu Luo talks to Journalists after presentation of their quarterly report at State House on Wednesday, February 15,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo has reiterated government’s commitment to addressing the challenges which the Copperbelt University students and lecturers are facing so that the institution regains its past glory.

Professor Luo said her ministry has put up modalities to dismantle the over K3 million owed to the institution for staff retirees.

She said this when she addressed students and members of staff in separate meetings yesterday.

Prof. Luo said government will work on the poor sanitation facilities and improve the learning equipment and also look at issues of delays in the payment of students’ meal allowances and bursary sponsorship for appealers.

She also assured lecturers and other staff that the issue of delays in salary payments was being addressed.

She said salaries will be availed on a specific date to avoid unnecessary work stoppages by members of staff.

The minister further urged the students and lecturers to always engage in dialogue as opposed to rioting or downing tools when they have grievances.

Prof. Luo said her office remains open to dialogue hence both students and staff members should be free to call her and air out their grievances.

And Prof. Luo has seriously cautioned students against engaging in riots which she said were costly in terms of damages that are caused in addition to the injuries resulting from clashes between police and students.

Earlier when she paid a courtesy call on Copperbelt University Vice Chancellor Naison Ngoma, Prof. Luo said there was need to review the procurement system in the country so as to include the part of assembling and maintenance of specialized products.

She noted that some products were very specific in terms of assembling and maintenance as such they need experts to handle them.

She was responding to Prof. Ngoma’s concerns that the institution had some challenges with assembling some medical equipment that were procured for the School of Medicine in Ndola.

Prof. Luo was in the Copperbelt province to acquaint herself with the challenges faced by the Copperbelt University.

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  1. Have we not heard this song before? When you are in Lusaka you say, “It is staff/students sponsored by the opposition causing problems at CBU.” When you are addressing students/staff you say, “Don’t riot/down tools, we are looking into your problems.” Blah, blah….


  2. @Bufi Tuutu the High Court nullified her being a Member of Parliament yesterday 22/12/17 what s she still doing purporting to be a Minister. In Zambia no regard for the law. I understand she is Mushota’s cousin and they both got their first degrees from Russia.


    • Fituke mwandi @MB. Ka Lungu, who stole from a vulnerable client is talking crap about separation of power when he and his minions control Parliament, the Judiciary and all associated organs in government as well as private sector in Zambia. Lungu’s legal credentials remain questionable by all descent Zambian citizens. The Mukuba Secondary School (mwana shi Mine) cloud is what still haunts the chap. Is the chap even Zambian by the way? Mulongoti has something to say about Lungu’s Nationality.


    • So what if they got their first degree in Russia?Are you insinuating that UNZA degree is superior to the Russian one?
      Stick to the point of discussion.The issue here is, must the students and lecturers always engage in dialogue for the proper learning environment and the staff to be paid their salaries on time?


  3. Just give them meal allowances on time. If there’s a bottle neck in the chain just remove it. Don’t worry about so called human rights just fire anyone impeding the process otherwise the buck stops at your doorstep.



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