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Ethiopian Airline to own 45% of the soon to be launched Zambia Airways

Headlines Ethiopian Airline to own 45% of the soon to be launched Zambia...

THE two fire engines at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport spilling water over the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft in a picturesque arc of mist that glowed in bright sunshine during the inaugural flight to Ndola
FILE: THE two fire engines at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport
spilling water over the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft in a picturesque
arc of mist that glowed in bright sunshine during the inaugural flight
to Ndola

Acting Information Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said that Zambia will have 55 percent shares in the national airline whilst Ethiopian Airline will get the remaining 45 per cent shares.

Mr Kampyongo was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today when he updated the nation on decisions made by Cabinet on Monday December 18, 2017.

Kampyongo said Zambia Airways would be given a US$ 16.5 million grant for start-up and operational costs in the first year.

“I wish to reiterate the announcement by my colleague, Minister of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba, that Cabinet, under this item, approved the operationalization of the Zambia Airways (2014) limited by concluding a partnership with Ethiopian Airlines as a preferred strategic partner with a shareholding structure of 55% by the Government of the Republic of Zambia (RGZ) and 45 per cent by Ethiopian Airlines (ET). The 55 per cent equity shareholding by GRZ will be held by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and that a grant equal to US$16.5 million be allocated to Zambia Airways (2014) limited for startup and operational costs year one,” Kampyongo said.

“In any case even when you are building a house, you don’t build a carport for someone else to come and park a car. You build with the hope of parking your own car. So we are not building this infrastructure for other airlines to benefit.”

Kampyongo said government would not interfere in the operations of the airline.

“We have learnt lessons on how Zambia Airways failed to conduct business and going forward, there will be no interference with the running of the new face Zambia Airlines. The public is hereby informed that the Patriotic Front government has since 2012 invested nearly US$1 billion in aviation,” said Kampyongo

Cabinet has also approved the appointment of four additional members of the Board of Trustees for the Livestock Development Trust.

The members will serve as non-executive board of trustees for the Livestock Development Trust following the dissolution of the board in May, 2015.

Mr Kampyongo revealed that Cabinet made a final decision on the appointment of members after having deliberated on the matter during the 10th Cabinet meeting which was held on 6th June, 2017.

Mr. Kampyongo however said that the Minister of Fisheries and Livestock will announce the full Board members in due course so that the Board could start providing policy advice on matters pertaining to livestock development in the country.

And Mr. Kampyongo has indicated that during the same meeting, Cabinet approved the appointment of the eleven (11) member Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Board in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, No. 36 of 2010 which will soon be announced by the Minister of Health.

He observed that the Occupational Health Statutory Instrument (OHSI) has for some time now been operating without a board since the tenure of office for the former members which expired in June, 2016.

And with regards to the Higher Education Amendment Bill of 2017, Mr. Kampyongo explained that Cabinet approved the introduction of a Bill in Parliament to amend the Higher Education Act No. 4 of 2013.

He said this will re-define the roles of principle officers and allow universities to have more than one Deputy Vice Chancellor depending on the number of Campuses and schools for the university.

Mr. Kampyongo added that there is also need to streamline the conflicts that have arisen following the operationalisation of the regulatory authorities and strengthen the regulations to ensure that institutions go through a gradual progression from University College before they can become full Universities.

He further said the current Higher Education Act No.4 of 2013 has a number of omissions, gaps and conflicts that have been identified which have caused the sub-sector to experience a lot of challenges despite the establishment and operationalisation of the Higher Education Authority.

Kampyongo observed that some of the challenges experienced are associated with the lack of provisions within the Act to classify institutions depending on their capacity and the proliferation of universities due to insufficient regulatory provision among others.

He said the bill shall be presented in Parliament for debate during the February sitting of parliament next year.

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  1. Atase no tundeke twamabampu ba . I know they were Africa’s best airline in the 80’s consecutively but they should not be overshadowing Zambia. We had some of the best pilots in the late eighties ans early nighties who were handling the Nkhwazi in the worst of conditions. EAL go away!

    • They have dream liners what are you talking about. They just give you second hand useless lanes to connect to zed.

      These are do not mark about man on the planes

    • Great start and then after one year we will recapitalize it float another 10% at the LuSE while we move forward. We are starting very well.

    • And within 5 years, we expect GRZ through IDC to reduce their holdings to 15% while the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise individually take over the 45% from EAL.

      Then after that take on the French and forge new partnerships with Air France as we take on the French offer which is still on the table.

      In 10 years it will be a totally privately owned enterprise with smart Zambian investors running it while looking to placing it into the best airline alliance in the world.

      In 20 years it will be the best African airline to fly, I will personally see to it that that happens. One reason African airlines don’t do well is because they don’t know how to play with IATA but Nkhwazi will be different.

      Let’s roll …

    • Please let me know when the actual maiden flight will be … I buy the first ticket to support my homeland airline. And from then on, I am only flying Zambia whenever I go home. Let’s roll …

    • Zamthopia Airways. How stupid? Is that what you can call your national airline? Are you not ashamed that a country which was ravaged by poverty is today able to run an airline with such amazing air buses as the 787? Bupuba bwenu bangwele.

  2. This is how it should have been done when they got into trouble in the first place.

    Some trigger happy privatisation n1gars decided to flog it. Without thinking outside the box.


    • @Mfuti … you are perfectly right!!! Those suckers (FTJ) and his minions had no basic understanding of the economy. To them democracy was privatization and privatization was democracy.

      They were to use KK’s term at the time stuiiiipit idioooots!!! Just like Jay Jay here … all the time wanting to sound smart and yet the real smarts have alluded him his entire life … Let’s roll.

    • @Mfuti … you are perfectly right!!! Those suckers (FTJ) and his MMD had no basic understanding of the economy. To them democracy was privatization and privatization was democracy.

      They were to use KK’s term at the time stuiiiipidiet idio00ooots!!! Just like Jay Jay here … all the time wanting to sound smart and yet the real smarts have alluded him his entire life … Let’s roll.

    • Someone called Mpeza killed our national airline. Let us put measures in place so that no single individual can make a f00lish decision over our assets again.

  3. Nothing makes sense with the PF…why don’t they make the our hospitals state of art…like South Africa.
    We have the best doctors with the modern equipment we can get somewhere as a nation.
    National Airline my foot….

    • Dweny Mwanba my foot … who tells hospitals are the only thing to show case for when it comes to development.

      Development includes all functional areas of an economy. The aviation industry in Zambia is worth $1.5 Billion a year and you don’t want a piece of that pie?

      What kind of fooooooolishness is that.

      South African hospitals my foot!!!

    • State of the art medical equipment does exist in South Africa cos the patients pay & the government that run privatr hospitals are fiscally responsible people.

      Zambia has good doctors but who is going to be paying for equipment purchases and maintenance? I mean the population is broke,the country has no great & sustainable medical insurance

    • @Benson Moono … who tells that the population of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise is broke. Tell you what? You are actually more broke than an average Zambian right now.

      Your friends in Zambia are building huge mansions while you run your mouth here online. Lusaka has more malls than your local city in the US right now and these mall are full of shoppers every day.

      How come others from other countries are busy building new high rises and see potential and all you can do is come over here online and rant lies about being broke when the real broke guy is you?

      Lusaka now has better facilities from fee paying hospitals to new mansions and everything in between. There people from all over the world of all races in Lusaka and you meet them at malls all the time.


    • Continued …

      Lusaka now has better facilities from fee paying hospitals to new mansions and everything in between. There people from all over the world of all races in Lusaka and you meet them at malls all the time.

      Which village do you live in in America?

  4. You going into airline transportation…..can you update us on the state of Zambia railways ??? Customer Numbers , profits, punctuality ???

    • Because foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooools like you are just that!!! They can’t see a good thing when they see it. We run this country, so watch this space. In you case you just run your mouth.

      Ba Jay Jay … this is a great thing and you can’t see it. That’s the beauty about democracy, you have every right to be stuiiipid just like you have every right to freedom of speech. I love democracy, because useful clowns like you are allowed to be stuuiiipid as they want with no recourse at all.

    • @ B R Mumba, Sr hahaha… nice one my man, nicely analysed and put. We run the country, they run their mouths. They are better off pursuing positive criticism like Sinkamba.

    • @NSCS and @Zambian Citizen … Endita mukwai. Ala these guys are a sham, not worth any salt of any kind at all. No wonder it is taking us longer than necessary to build our Zambian Enterprise.

      I have given myself a task to expose all their foully going forward. We shall not let me disparage our homeland anymore.

      If they hate Zambia as much as they want us to believe, why do they come here anyway? We have tolerated these useful clowns for a long time, now we have to debunk them and their theories.

  5. Soon to be launched Zambia Airways is being revived to create employment they said.Sound business plan or profit making airline isn’t in the flight plan of these misguided minions.

  6. Why are they giving away everything to foreigners, Why not offer some to Zambians by way of cloud funding and Luse!
    Believe me we have more than enough money among us, Present your case/prospectus very well and money will come out.
    Create and an atmosphere of trust and teach your people to start investing in the money markets.

    • Just look at the comments from people @Jay Jay and @Spaka…, and you will understand the reason why! Even when an opportunity is presented to then, the only thing they know how to do best is respond with negativity. Tell me if you see any positive business sense in any of the comments and their attitude towards this news/article?

      But one thing you can be sure of, almost 100% of the time, is that these same people will turn around and complain when the Zambian Govt decides to float the 55% Share holdings it will have in this company to the public. Unfortunately, almost guaranteed, those shares will be snapped up by the so called “foreigners” while these same people sit on the sidelines still complaining about PF/Govt. The only difference will be that now they be saying PF/Govt is…

    • Continue:

      ….just trying to steal their money through ZA shares…that’s how idle minded and shallow thinking some Zambians have become. And foreigners have taken advantage of our culture of unproductive complaining and taken over almost all of our business opportunities in Zambia while we continue wasting time complaining about everything.

      Zambia and Zambians will only prosper when our attitudes towards business change and start looking at opportunities as a chance to make money and contribute to the development of our Country. Too much politiking has confined our minds for far too long. The moment we drop the ‘poor person mindset’ of always waiting for others to do things for us is wealth fortunes as Country and people going to change.

      Let us take for instance yourself,…

    • Continue:

      … if you have the money to invest right now as you say, what the h3ll are you waiting for? You surely can’t tell me there aren’t other investment opportunities in Zambia where you can put your money to good use! Get on with it!

  7. Ethiopian Airlines have made more progress in the last ten years than it did in the last fifety years ,Good move zambia you can only make progress if you work with progressive nations

  8. Which of the following animals can you take to the water but you cannot force it to drink?
    1. A dog
    2. A donki
    3. A hyna
    4. A cow

  9. Ethiopian should abandon its partnership agenda with Zambia. Zambians and their leaders want France and Air bus, let them have it their way and be French, and money pipe to their will be master France now by will next by force to safe guard french interest. After their eventual collapse, Ethiopian will buy their air bus planes only with penny for a dollar worth. No need for Ethiopian Air lines to create job for French Zambia. By way of France Zambia will be a Europe’s France enclave. Based on most of the comments above Ethiopian air lines must quit Zambian Airways deal and let France dictate its will.

  10. Tell us when and if Zambia will start manufacturing computers, cars, TVs and stuff. That is what can bring about change. Not just trading.

    • How are you going to manufacture if you can’t trade. Think wide. Governance is being wholistic in terms of running the affairs not single minded like you. When they announce about aviation doesn’t mean that they are doing nothing about railway industry and your computer story. Is that under5 thinking or you’re just ignorant like your tribal friends jj and spakalinyo.

    • If you have the knowledge, skills and resources to research, design, build and manufacture Computers, why in God’s name don’t you skid your @ss home at start doing exactly that? Who and what are you waiting for? Most Computer companies in America where humbly started in house garages and Student dorm rooms after all. You can do the same buddy. Don’t wait for someone else!!

    • A manufacturing sector builds high quality jobs in the long run. Not the current scenario where a typical Zambian is a simple labourer. I can design microprocessors for use in a variety of household appliances. If I’ll manage to set up a reasonable lab, it’ll be a good start but if our policy makers could buy-in on such projects, it would make all the difference. This is why the Chinese will do it while I might fail.

  11. Yambayamba why are u getting excited about an airline when you have been provided less information. PF invested 1 billion of our money in aviation and they can’t specifically tell us what it is. In the U.S here they will give u a break down and a report. Now in Zambia everything is a secret

    • @China: Aviation doesn’t mean owning “Planes” or an “Airline” only. I you have been away on Planet Pluto and have not been following what Zambia is doing in the Aviation industry that’s your problem.

      However, let me educate you. As we speak, major works are going on as speak at Lusaka International Airport (KKI). A new and modern Passenger Terminal and other facilities, including a Transit hotel right at the airport, are being build. Livingstone International Airport (Nkumbula International) is already built and fully (or almost fully) operational.

      And now we are talking about a New Copperbelt International (Mwansa Kapwepwe International) commissioned and works already under way. Also the Mbala “ZAF” Airport bing upgraded to also handle Civilian Aircraft Traffic to…

    • Continue:

      …. cover the Northern circuit. On top of that Zambia has invested and continue to invest in modern Radar equipment for both civilian and military components of Aviation. Other great works as well are going on in this area as speak. And if you didn’t know, all these things are part of what is called the AVIATION Industry….and this is where the $1 Billion the Minister is talking about went. It doesn’t mean just Planes!

      And the Minister is right, you can’t simply spent all that money on infrastructure and watch others profit off of the facilities with such a steep price tag. Of course the Paternership with EAL might work out, or it might not. But how do we know if we don’t at least try?

  12. I don’t see any reason why some people here are against the partnership with another country to reintroduce Zambia Airways. Criticism seems the hallmark of Zambian culture.

    • It is not zambia airways, there is already an existing airline that your government is buying an operational share into. It is called Ethiopian airlines.

      Zambia,just across the border there is air Zimbabwe, in an economy that is tattered but they still have their national pride.

      By the time that government is out of power,over half the country and industry will be foreigner owned..

    • And it’s not your government? Anyway going by your name this doesn’t surprise me. Wishing you lucky when you form government in 21000.

    • Ndanje; I had given you a benefit of doubt as a possible upright person but now that you’ve shown that you are a tribalist, I’ll be skiping your postings. I don’t have any respect for any person who feels another person is inferior because of language or culture or place of birth. It is simply the height of being inhuman. You obviously belong in hell where I don’t have intentions of going to willingly.

    • Tribalist me? No I just implement the philosophy of “an eye for an eye ” You only want my vote but you despise my tribe, so what’s there to do?

  13. Ethiopian airlines is the only airline that is profitable…. I would have prefered if grz owned 60‰ but at least we know Ethiopians know the African market……. So Lusaka to be there southern African hub….. Rwanda airlines west Africa… And the airline they bought in west Africa…. These Ethiopian chaps are sharp

  14. Again,it sounds like no broad consultations took place! if Ethiopian airlines pull out from this partnership just like Anglo did at the mines then will grz start allover again by going back to a so-called drawing board?

    • Oh so you’re not consulted ? Too bad. By the the mines used to operate efficiently when RST and Anglo owned 40% in their respective companies RCM and NCCM until KK got all the shares . The case you refer to was entirely political as Anglo wanted Upnd to form government.

    • There’s no need to start all over if Ethiopians had to withdraw (which is not likely to happen anytime soon). Depending on the terms of agreement, a shareholder will try and get the corporation to repurchase the shares or to find someone else to buy them.

      What the mines went through is different because Anglo owned more than 50% mining shares. Their departure also left an impact because copper was (and unfortunately, still is!) the country’s biggest export earner and the company financed big projects in the industry, making it the biggest employer.

  15. UPND danderheads and sycophants like JayJay and Spaka like lilo will never appreciate what ever the current Government is doing because in their warped minds only their Supreme HH of the UPND can fix it…How stup1d kind of reasoning is that…

  16. ET has the same arrangement with Malawian and that is working just fine , we need to trust the same can work for Zambia airline

  17. This is positive development, well done. Perhaps we shall soon see direct flights between Lusaka and London to cut the tune we spend travelling on other Airlines indirect routes. Flight time and transit from London to Lusaka on indirect routes can take up to 15hrs when its just 10hrs on direct flight. It also means Zambia can start retaining some of hard currency it needs from ticket sales and cargo sales which the Country has been losing massively since the closure of Zambia Airways 23yrs ago this month.

  18. I will.never buy zambian airways last time i did these guys sold us tickets knowing they closing down shop. I bought it to support my’ local team’ but was left stranded. Never again….

  19. Please bring it on! As a proud Zambian i can’t wait to purchase that air ticket. Proudly supporting local business.

  20. @1.11 Please guys, let not hate and jealous kill you. I see that most of you bloggers are bitter UPND chaps who where hoping to lobby for jobs from Akainde in case UPND won 2016 elections and it’s evidently clear that you nothing at all but just to keep burning with anger.
    By the 787, the Dreamliner is NOT manufactured by Airbus but Boeing! It’s a superior plane to famous 747 jumbo jet.
    Instead of being bitter first challenge your HH and be men enough to work hard instead of praising other countries which will never be yours but where you shall remain beggars instead.

  21. @B R Mumba, Sr
    You are so excited at this Foo-lis-h proposal . Your Lungu had promised to open Mulungush textile, has he followed thru?

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