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Absence of Zambian Representative During Crucial Vote On Jerusalem Questioned

Headlines Absence of Zambian Representative During Crucial Vote On Jerusalem Questioned

The UN General Assembly emergency session at the request of Arab and Muslim states with the results of the vote on Jerusalem are seen on display boards at the General Assembly
The UN General Assembly emergency session at the request of Arab and Muslim states with the results of the vote on Jerusalem are seen on display boards at the General Assembly

By Peter Sinkamba

The absence by Zambia’s Permanent Representative the United Nations Ambassador Lazarus Kapambwe during the crucial vote on the status of Jerusalem at the UN General Assembly is proof that the PF Government supports Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians.

The absence is also testimony that the PF Government is not committed to values and principles espoused in the Constitution of Zambia.

The Constitution of Zambia 2016, in Article 8 adopts national values and principles which include morality and ethics; democracy and constitutionalism; humanity dignity, equity, social justice, equality and non-discrimination; good governance and integrity, and sustainable development.

The atrocities committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians and the degradation and generally the inhuman treatment in the West Bank, clearly offends these values and principles.

As the Green Party, we therefore find the behaviour of PF Government in the UN General Assembly not only to be unconstitutional but also depressing because this is clearly a willful act of the contravention of Constitution.

The praise by Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba that his diplomatic staffs were performing economic diplomacy well is proof of Judas Iscariotism.

What is more depressing is the fact that the Constitution of Zambia 2016 is a creation of the PF Government. It is really flabbergasted that this Government should be in forefront offending national values and principles. The behaviour can better be described as hypocrites and likened to Judas Iscariots. To us, as the Green Party, this is further living testimony that the PF Government is not committed to constitutionalism and it has nothing to do with promoting national values and principles espoused in the Constitution.

The praise by Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba that his diplomatic staffs were performing economic diplomacy well is proof of Judas Iscariotism. We know for a fact that the PF Government is engaged in numerous business deals the Israeli Government. Our position, as the Green Party, on these deals, is that it is wrong for Government of the day in Zambia to trade national values and principles for money. That behaviour is no better than that of Judas Iscariot who sold the life of Jesus for pieces of silver.

Furthermore, as the Green Party, we believe there is nothing Christian in supporting Israeli Government atrocities against the Palestinian people. We believe that as a Christian Nation, Zambia should not condone atrocities and inhumane and degrading treatment against any other nation, the Palestine Nation inclusive.

Therefore, as matter of principle, Zambia needs to assert its opposition to atrocities, without fear or favour, per the Constitution of our Republic, and not shy away, as were the case on Thursday.

In addition, we support the view of Pope Francis who has repeatedly said:

“Jerusalem is a unique city, which is sacred for Jews, Christians and Muslims, who venerate the holy sites of their respective religions, and has a special vocation for peace.”

As a Christian Nation, it is wrong for a Government of the day to adopt a policy decision which sides with Jews on Jerusalem to the detriment of Christians and Muslims. And in the same breadth, we find it wrong for a Christian Nation to conveniently shy away from condemning injustice wherever it shows its ugly head.

Lastly, we disagree with argument advanced by the Israeli Government that Jerusalem was declared capital of Israel 3,000 years ago. Such argument is invalid, according to contemporary international law, as pronounced at the UN since 1948.

Take for instance Africa: this continent was scrambled and unilaterally shared by the Super Power between 1884 and 1886 in what is popularly known as the “Scramble for Africa”. Nations and peoples of this continent were brutally massacred and their territories unilaterally divided and shared by the powers that be.

The peoples of modern-day Zambia, for example, were violently and unilaterally divided. In the process, the peoples of modern-day Zambia lost the Katanga region to a private company owned by the late King Leopold of Belgium.

Any attempts today by the Zambian Government, to annex Katanga from DRC, on the grounds of pre-1884 boundaries status, will be invalidated under the UN contemporary international law. According to international law, any civil claim which is over six years old is invalid. No civil action against the Super Powers for their atrocities of 1884-1886 can be sustained in a court of law. In the same vain, Israel’s 3,000 years claim is far-fetched and invalid. Hence, global consensus on Jerusalem is against the Israeli Government and America.

If the unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel is valid, then Zambia it is as well we reclaim and annex Katanga from DRC. After all, the Katangese people have since the 1960s sought for self-determination association to Zambia.

And in the same vain, so should be the quest for self-determination by the people of the Barotseland. As the English saying goes: “what is good for the goose must be good for the gander”.

The Author is the leader of the opposition political Party in Zambia called the Green Party

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  1. The absence of our direct interests in Jerusalem should not be questioned ,GRZ did the right thing by abstaining on the status of Israeli capital vote.
    Why don’t you Mr Sinkamba question the Libyan Arab slave trade that’s has direct impact on Africans going on now?

    • There was about 60 countries that abstained.

      I don’t like peter or any other moron thinking we did anything wrong.

      I’m a PhD holder



    • You have to make a stand for what you believe in. Not making a stand pronounces Zambia a prostitute. Does Zambia believe in Israel or the vicious Arabs? You can’t have it both ways. “Chimbwi afwile ntangalalo” Bemba proverb. Jerusalem has always been Jewish capital, for millennia. Thousands of years! Chachine Pilato is right niba Koswe ba Zambia. Just because other cowards have decided to abstain Zambia has to do the same. It’s about integrity. Is Zambia a true friend of Israel or is just a pretender, interested only in what Israel has to give?

    • I have followed Sinkamba’s thoughts on several policy issue: economic, political, social, environmental, religion, etc. One virtue he has demonstrated on all aspects so far is that he is a principled leader with clarity of thought.

      He speaks him mind on principle without fear of blame or favouring anybody. Having a clearly defined set of principles in life is a great virtue for leadership. Principles are so important because they guide you in everything you do. A leader must always take responsibility for his actions, as well as their involvement in the situation – otherwise you won’t learn anything from the experience.When you make excuses and pass the blame, all you’re doing is refusing to learn from your action, and therefore you are not worth a leader. Bravo Sinkamba. Keep it up…

    • Now coming to the subject matter, needless to say, Christians, Muslims, Judaists, are one and the same people, and same historical background. As regard to Jerusalem, the city is sacred to all the three religions for one reason or the other. According to the Christian doctrine, as in the New Testament, Jerusalem was the city to which Jesus was brought as a child, to be presented at the Temple (Luke 2:22) and to attend festivals (Luke 2:41). According to gospels, Jesus preached and healed in Jerusalem, especially in the Temple Courts. Meanwhile, according to the Quran (Surah 17:1), Mohammed made a miraculous night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem (in AD 621).The only major difference between Muslims and Christians is on Jesus Christ. Islam says,all are prophets of God, Noah, Moses, Jesus,…

    • Continued: Islam says,all are prophets of God, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.While we the Christians believe that Jesus is Son of God. The “Holy Father” in Christian doctrine is ‘Allah’ for Muslims. The bottom line is: let these one people of different religions share Jerusalem, which is uniquely sacred to them.

      And as Zambia, we need to have a stand on this issue. Of the 19 UN resolutions on Jerusalem as far, Zambia has supported the UN General consensus on Palestine 18 times. The Lungu administration has let the people of Zambia on this one.

    • I have learnt one -ism or ideology today: Judas Iscariotism: “The praise by Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba that his diplomatic staffs were performing economic diplomacy well is proof of Judas Iscariotism.”- Peter Sinkamba

    • honestly how does someone regard this clown a sensible person. all he trying is to gain political abeit his limitations.

      u5 , kabwili, piltato think being a president of country like zambia is tainable through opposing everything

    • Another Bemba saying ‘mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika’ why take sides in an issue that can put you in a situation of ‘ tails they win and heads we lose. ‘ Zambia has played it safe by being none-aligned.

  2. The absence is justified. In fact attendance should have meant voting against the motion or abstaining. We side with israel because Jerusalem is the capital of israel just like lusaka is the capital of zambia.
    Palestine state has never existed. Only in sinkamba’s head.

    • I suggest you follow history .This current state of Isreal is the creation of your former colonial masters (the British)and has nothing to do with the biblical one.Only Zionist Jews support the move.By the way did you even know that Uganda could have been the home for the Jews?It was suggested in 1967.That could have made the Bible even more interesting.Is it not so funny how humans manipulate history and some get so gullible and are sucked in it.A lie repeated over and over becomes regarded as truth.Religion has in years of history been the source of conflicts.When your identity has been stolen and you are fed with new information your masters want you to have,you become a person blowing with at the command of your programed convictions without questioning what may be the truth.You are…

  3. The Palestinians and Arabs have a shrewd way they solicit international sympathy. Isreali schools and other institutions are hit by rockets almost daily and children die. Very recently Libyan Arabs were exposed of running a full scale slave trade involving Black Africans, did the Palestinians condemn the actions of their brothers??? Yet they want sympathy from the world??

  4. This is my kind of politics. Not some of these chaps of nowadays that we don’t even know what they stand for. As Malcom X put it; A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

  5. The Palestinians and Arabs in general said NOTHING about the slave trade going on in their Libyan backyard.In the same fashion,GRZ rightly saw no evil during the UN vote.

  6. Indeed there has never been a nation called Palestine nor a people called Palestinians. These people are Arabs and many of them moved to this land during the recent Turkish empire. These are invaders and they know it. Israel has always been the home for Jews and Jerusalem their capital city. BaSinkamba even Jesus walked and stayed in Jerusalem which was a Jewish Capital in his generation and for generations before Him.

    • It is an error to then say because of the Holy sites for people of faith
      Jews must lose entitlement to their capital city. Interestingly BaSinkamba do you actually realise that the most holy sites and shrines for the Muslim faith are in Saudi Arabia. According to the Koran a Muslim must in his or her life time visit Mecca …not Jerusalem. It is a lie that Jerusalem is that important to Muslims as it is to Jews and Christians.

    • Let it be known to you Sir that Prophet Muhammad never prayed in that mosque built on the most holy place for Jews. Neither did he make any prigrim to Jerusalem. You must see Muslims praying at the mosque.They pray facing Mecca with their backs facing the same supposedly holy site . Please leave Jerusalem and the Jews alone

  7. To support Palestine is to say goodbye to US free ARVs, so it’s about choosing which side of the bread is buttered. Arabs are morons that can’t be trusted, see how they’ve isolated Qatar at the instigation of the same Trump

  8. Ask other political parties including UPND, you will be shocked that they have no position on Israel/ Arab issue, but they will be condemning PF in their propaganda media. Funding is an issue! Only UNIP and now Green Party are clear on this. When a country is caught in between, the best is to abstain. So PF did well on this vote, not withstanding Sinkamba’s arguments.

  9. Sinkamba is mad. Blacks are being sold as sleves as we speak and the moron weed man has been dead quied on this issue. Maybe his funded by arabs who knows. Weldone grz on this one.

    • Falashas or Ethiopian Jews got a shock when they migrated to Israel. Being black has subjected them to all kinds of humiliation at the hands of their brothers the white Jews.

    • Top ten

      You are naive like most black Africans…..that CNN report about slaves was Zionist propaganda meant to concide with the Africa Israel power summit…….have you seen any of the so called slaves being interviwed ??? Where are they being made to slave ??? In this day and age it is almost impossible to have human slaves unless they were all retarded …….which is not the case , those were educated African trying to migrate to Europe which is now paying the Libyan militias to stop the tide of refugees…

      It was a brilliant piece of propaganda by the Zionists at CNN ………as it done it’s job of alienating most blacks and warming them to the Africa Israel power summit…

    • On the propaganda and lobby front the Jews have no equals ……they are way above every other country in swaying public opinion and the du.ll Arabs are left hapless…..

  10. Has Sinkala studied any diplomatic studies? Being absent was the best move for Zambia on this one.
    We have enough of our own problems to care about.

  11. This Sinkamba is full of weed that he does not know the history of Jerusalem and Israel. Where were the Palestinians 3000 or 2000 yrs ago? Zambia did well to abstain. It would have been much better for Zambia to vote against the UN vote.

  12. the Palestinians were not immigrants that came to Jerusalem during the Ottoman Empire.

    They are the Philistines, and were there when Moses came out of the wilderness after 40 years.

    Get your facts right.

    There are 10 UN Resolutions to date since 1967 (which the KK Government voted for all of them) calling for Israel to withdraw from occupied lands.

    It is for this reason KK never allowed an Israeli embassy in Zambia !!!

    • After persecution in Europe Jews returned home to Israel . You may want to know that Arab Muslims supported the slaughter of Jews by Hitler for the very reason why they use to claim the entire Jerusalem .Ask Uncle Google.To counter the number of Jews returning to Israel the Ottoman pumped Arabs into Israel. The statistics are available about the number of the so called Palestines in Israel at the time Jews returned and look at the millions there now.

    • Islam teaches that Jews must be annihilated and that is why children in the Arab world are taught to enchant death to Israel and death to America. If you must know Arabs supported Hitler. Ask Uncle Google. Arabs know very well they have no legal claim over Israel and Jerusalem but because their faith says they must kill every Jew and that is why they oppose the very creation of the Jewish state and obviously the Jewish Capital.
      I repeat Jerusalem is not as important as Mecca in their religion.

    • After they fire missiles and bombs into Israel killing innocent children and civilians they celebrate and when Israel returns the “favour” they run to the UN. To them Israelis are pigs that must be slaughtered and who must not retaliate. Well God does not support their idealogy and all the Arab and Israeli wars are a clear testimony on whose side God Almighty is. I pray for my Arab brothers eyes to be opened and to see what is the will of God on this matter.

    • In conclusion Jerusalem is the Capital City of Israel no UN resolution will invalidate this historical fact. The Roman history confirms this fact and even the Greek history does confirm this fact.
      Lastly even the Koran confirms the existence of Jerusalem as the Jewish Capital except that Muslims believe that they have a God given assignment to annihilate Israel and conquer Jerusalem for the Muslim faith.

  13. I am also convinced that Mr. Sinkamba might have been high on Weed or maybe paid to support Arabs on this matter. Jerusalem was and is and shall always be the Capital of Israel. N

  14. I am also convinced that Mr. Sinkamba might have been high on Weed or maybe paid to support Arabs on this matter. Jerusalem was and is and shall always be the Capital of Israel. N

  15. Nobody has answered Sinkambas submission.

    Should Katanga be returned back to Zambia ?

    Should Barotse be seperated from Zambia ?

    Instead of following an intellectual arguement, the usual drunkards digress into libyan slave trade.

    The fundamental question is : IF East Jerusalem is part of Israel, why is the USA the only country in the world that has recognised it ? Surely China, UK, France, etc etc would have all done so too ?

    • @Mwape: You have hammered the nail on the head. No one has challenged Sinkamba’s thesis:

      Should Katanga be returned back to Zambia? Should Barotse be separated from Zambia?

      These are key relevant questions in relation to our own obtaining situation in Zambia, not Libya Slave trade. Why should the Libya slave trade be more important than annexing Katanga and resolving the Barotse question, both of which has similar occupation background to Jerusalem?

    • Unfortunately most Zambians are intellectually incapacitated.
      They believe whatever trash the Rothchild Zionists throw at them through their media outlets CNN,FOX news & the BBC.

  16. The PF govt has acted very well. it is a Good thing that Zambia has taken sides with Isreal. WhateWhatever govt would come in power must ensure that they support Isreal. Zambia loves Isreal and supports the establishment of Jerusalem as Israel’s Captital.

  17. You stupid sinkamba shut up do you want Zambian people to suffer and die because of Palestinians? Where will we get the arvs from? All the projects being done by the usaid will be gone just because of prophet mohamad.

  18. There is absolutely nothing wrong for the action taken by our government of the day, regarding the voting at the UN General Assembly.
    Zambia has always supported the Arabs and particularly, the Palestinian cause, at the expense of Economic, Technological and Social Development.
    As recent as 1965, Jews and Blacks were segregated and dehumanized by the International community.
    Zambia has always given refuge to Palestinians, Lebanese, Turks, Asians , Congolese, Jews and others who have run away from persecution in their countries.
    You may wish to know that Jews who were refused entry and to stay in then Southern Rhodesia and South Africa, finally settled in Zambia, and made it their Home.
    Did you know that the Governor of the Bank of Israel is a Zambian – a Jew who was born in…

    • If Zambia is on the side of Americans, and the Jews, it must, nevertheless, have represented itself at the UN and voted on the side of the US and Israel.

      Not showing up at the UN is a sign of cowardice.

    • Yes the current Bank of Israel Governor was born in Zambia that’s why late President Sata wanted to make him Bank of Zambia Governor in 2011 but Israel offered him a better deal…This man called Mr Fisher is the pioneer of the Fisher formular in Financial Management…

  19. We support Israel. If you support Israel. The Bible says of the Jews I will bless those who bless you. I will curse those who curse you. Every evangelical Christian subscribes to this view. If the government supports Israel then it is the right thing to do.

    • Ba Chimfwembe: Government did not support Israel. The Government representative was absent. Israel wanted a vote in its favour, and so was the case with America. Being absent was valueless to both Israel and America. Being Absent in no decision at all but Abstaining, Yes or No!

  20. You are all so ‘brave’ when it comes to making comments in favour of your beloved masters America & Israel.
    I wonder what you will all have said or done if the criminal Zionists had chosen Uganda or Zambia for that matter as their eternal homeland for the Jewish people.
    It is historical fact that the criminal Zionist who now own Zambia had set their sights on Uganda as their eternal homeland.
    Many of you probably do not even know that.
    Zambia is now owned by them.
    PF sold the soul of Zambia for dollars.
    You should all be ashamed !!!!!.
    Viva Botswana & South Africa.
    Viva struggle of the Palestinian people.
    Go get some spine. Spineless gutless Zambians.
    Congratulatuons !!!.
    You have just been colonised..

  21. I am always behind what sikamba talks about. Here he is right and wrong. We have been singing about Zambia being a Christian nation and staff…but if we didntake stand wi5h Israel then we are hypocrites. I also don’t understand why we should proclaim we are a Christian nation and bishop banda sings those songs and yet we can’t state our position. We are a nation that knows not its on creed.

    • Being a Christian nation does not mean siding with Israel against the Palistinan legitmet demand for a state of their own….

  22. All of you who fell for the CNN Zionist propaganda about black slaves are naive …….have you seen any so called black slaves interviewed ?? Where are they been made to slave ???

    In this day and age it is impossible to have a slave……the truth be told that those blacks are economic migrants caught transiting through Libya……the Libyan militias are now being paid by Europe to stop the tide of immigrants transiting through Libya…..

  23. I am no getting curious. Weed comments on Sinkamba could be some revelation or prophecy.

    Twelve former US Presidents are believed to have smoked weed. This includes the first five President of the U.S. (George Washington (1); George Adams (2); Thomas Jefferson (3); James Madson (4); and James Manroe (5)) are believed to have smoked weed.

    And the last three Presidents (Barack Obama (44); George W. Bush (43); and Blll Clinton (42), all confessed smoking weed.

    Back home, it is believed that of the last 6 Presidents of Zambia 5 smoked weed. So, it looks like Sinkamba is destined for presidency….this weed talk could be some revelation or prophecy!

  24. UN should not entangle itself in this issue by even setting a stage for voting. Where a country chooses to put their capital city should not have UN involved in. The question UN should address is what is the political boundary of Israel. If Jerusalem is within the boundaries of Israel UN should not create confusion in the world by siding with the intolerance of Moslems. Israel has 4 neighbours Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Which of these countries is claiming that their political boundary involves Jerusalem? UN has no direction and vision. Jerusalem is wholly in Israel and if they choose to make it their capital what is UN’s own in this matter? Can Israel build a temple in Iran and it becomes a subject of voting at UN? Please UN stop this nonsense!

  25. If Zambia is on the side of Americans, and the Jews, it must, nevertheless, have represented itself at the UN and voted on the side of the US and Israel.

    Not showing up at the UN is a sign of cowardice. I’m not proud of a country that lacks a backbone. Which can’t stand up for what it believes in.

  26. Sikamba you risk being cursed. Biblically lsrael is a blessed people. And the Bible states that whoever talks against lsrael talks against God. All those who are against lsrael close your months get your Bibles and read what God said about Jerusalem. Don’t just condemn the government anyhow. Ifyamba fyeka fyeka. Don’t you know that lsrael are sacred people and God chose those people to his only people. We the rest were called dogs, gentiles it is after lsrael rejected the Messiah that when we have now access to salvation. All those who are supporting sikamba be careful you will be in conflict with God. ECL you did very well not to send a Representative.

    • And the PF koswe rats even created a ministry of religion to steal more money from sleeping Zambians……with the corrupt theif lungu with a bible in his back pocket ready to call for national prayers….

  27. The Government of Zambia made a decision on behalf of all Zambians including dagger smokers like Peter Sinkamba as well as the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND… If anyone wants to make a contrarily decision they should wait for their mandate by winning elections in Zambia that is when the UN will recognise them as such… For now it is the PF Government in total control and hence Sinkamba can cry of spilled milk and nothing will change because a decision was made.Zambia is one of the countries next week invited for thanks giving for not siding with the motion… Haters like Sinkamba can continue smoking weed as usual by making hollow statements…

    • You can be invited to all thanks giving and you can wish until kingdomcome that Zambia will host the Africa Israel summit but days remain…….the Israelis know fully well Zambia is in deep debt, Zambians are highly taxed and the Chinese and Indians have taken most of the minerals …….there is no much scope for the Jews in Zambia….the only thing left to concession off is the national game parks.

      If Zambia had any promise to the Israelis , the IMF would have given us the bail out…..IMF goes not refuse friends of Israel…

    • @ Spaka like lilo, your bitter rants are not connected to my submission above concerning the decision made by the Government of Zambia on behalf of all Zambians on the subject matter… Grow up Mudala and absolve yourself from group think…

    • Those are not bitter rants my friend but high level current state of world geo politics that you koswe rats have little understanding of……..

  28. Well articulated article by Peter Sinkamba, Zambia has always stood with the oppressed peoples of Palestine who in turn supported us and the rest of the continent against western imperialism. For Christ sake even staunch U.S. allies UK, South Korea and Japan voted against that punk Trump.

  29. About Jerusalem. It’s not what you , I UN or any single or collective countries decide about its future but what is in God’s plan…Isaiah 62:1-7 , Zechariah 1:14 , 16-17 ; 8:3-4. Jeremiah 3:17. Zechariah 12:8-10; 14:11-12 Isaiah 52:9. The U.N. knows little or nothing about Jerusalem. Mentioned over 800 times in the Bible. Get back to the Bible to get things right.

  30. Personally I think Jerusalem belongs to Israel. There is what is called ‘the right of the first occupier ‘ However because there have been a dispute over who is the rightful claimant to the city and that negotiations have been on going for a long time I think it was wrong for Trump to recognise Jerusalem to be the capital city of Israel. This has put the negotiations to an amicable solution in jeopardy. It is not a question of just picking sides it is a question of in whose interest is the picking of sides is.Either side could have had consequences for Zambia. It is not just a question of principles but a question of the country’s interests first. More over I did not like the blackmail tone that came from Trump. By the way the Pope has also condemned Trump on this one.

    • “the right of the first occupier”

      Where is that right enshrined in ?? And does that mean the current day Romans (italians) have the right to claim London as that was the Roman capital in ancient England…??

  31. “The UN General Assembly emergency session at the request of Arab and Muslim states with the results of the vote on Jerusalem are seen on display boards at the General Assembly”

    That was enough for all African and Black Island nations to keep away from this nonsensical vote. Both sides of the coin are corrupt. Libya is what they should have been voting on.

    • @NZELU: For your information, South Africa was one of the sponsors of the Resolution, and they voted in its favour

  32. Quotes of judahisim old testament.

    Numbers 31:7-18
    He [the Jew] should not press his fellow [Jew] for payment …the foreigner [Gentile] you may press for payment.”

    Deuteronomy 15: 2-3
    You must not make your brother pay interest, interest on money, interest on food, interest on anything on which one may claim interest. You may make a foreigner [Gentile] pay interest but your brother [fellow Jew] you must not make pay interest.

    Deuteronomy 23: 19-20
    Foreigners (Gentiles) shall rebuild your walls, and their kings shall minister to you …Your gates shall be open continuously; day and night they shall not be shut; that men may bring to you the wealth of the nations, with their kings led in procession. For the nation or kingdom that will not not serve you; shall perish; those…

  33. Numbers 31:7-18

    He [the Jew] should not press his fellow [Jew] for payment

    Isaiah 60:10-12

    You shall suck the milk of nations, you shall suck the breast of kings; and you shall know that I, the LORD, am your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.

    Isaiah 60:16

    And strangers [Gentiles] shall stand and feed your flocks, strangers shall be your plowmen and vinedressers; but you shall be called the priests of the LORD, men shall speak of you as the ministers of our God; you shall eat the wealth of the nations, and in their riches you shall glory.

  34. iwe sichamba stop plagiarizing unsubstantiated web articles written by Arab jihad terrorists. Palestinians have no country. What’s your problem? You leave nearby problems in DRC all the way to middle East bromancing with Arabs. These Arabs whenever they see black person, they see a slave to sell.

    • @Abena Ng’umbo-Luapula boy: Iwe ka short Tubulu, you ran away from Msiri in Congo. You are refugee, just like Jews. You are both imbutushi. So your support for Jews is fully understood

  35. Some fights are not worth participating in. Some sides can never be chosen. Like it or not, we are at the bottom of the food chain. Zambia can afford to offend neither the Americans and Israelis nor the Arabs.

    Meanwhile…. I agree with Spaka. After all Zambia’s borders are very young, shall we also seek to revisit….manje kaya which borders to use.

    The world is not fair to poor black countries like ours. We don’t have diamonds like Botswana……

  36. The issue of the city of Jerusalem is absolutely Biblical and is beyond human wisdom solution. Whether Zambian abstained or participated in the voting at the UN does not matter but what the Almighty God has in store for the future of Jerusalem is what matters and is paramount. The world (I mean world countries) shall use and exhaust all their energy but what God has put in place shall HAPPEN immediately. The real answer here is that Jerusalem from time immemorial is the city of the Jews and not Arabs or any other nation. If Jerusalem shall be liberated through the intervention of God by using any of the world powers, then it shall come to be so.

  37. Let Israel have Jerusalem as it’s capital city, then Egypt should release part of the Sinai peninsula to the Palestinian people for them to create a country of their own.
    I feel for Israel as they seem so vulnerable to attacks by the Arabic countries who want its extermination.

  38. Zambia is guilty of supporting the Promised Land lie, that Isralies have used to cement this lunatic apartheid in Palestine. The Ashikniez came from Russia and England! They migrated to Australia and Germany and South Africa and today run the world’s finance,military and political power. ISRAELI promised land is a big lie!

    • Absolutely true.
      True religious Jews oppose the idea of a homeland for the Jewish people.
      It is the aetheist zionist jews who are using the bible to futher their agenda for a greater Israel from the Nile to the Eupraetes river.
      The two blue lines on the Zionist flag.
      One blue line represents the Nile & the other represents the Euphates.
      The star of David in the middle is the state of Israel.

  39. God’s Bible prophecies and promises are not negotiable. Jerusalem is for God’s chosen people – the Jews/Israelites period. God promised Abraham this land where Jerusalem stands as an inheritance for his descendants. This is the land of Biblical Canaan or Palestine as we know it today. Jerusalem, the city of David, The throne of God, is the capital of the nation of Israel. No-one but the Jews, has legitimate claim to Jerusalem. The Palestinians were not in God’s plan for this land. They are squatters. They should be thankful that they even have a ka nation on land which Biblically is for the Israelites. They are intruders who should be assimilated in nations of their Arab brothers who surround Israel. @33 above has scriptures for you, but here is more: “Therefore, say to the Israelites:…

  40. @33 above has scriptures for you, but here is more: “Therefore, say to the Israelites: ‘I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. I will free you from being slaves to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment. 7 I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God, who brought you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. 8 And I will bring you to the land I swore with uplifted hand to give to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. I will give it to you as a possession. I am the Lord.’?” (Exodus6:6-8). Here is what Psalm 105:9-10 says: 9 This is the covenant he made with Abraham and the oath he swore to Isaac. 10 He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, and to the…

  41. Here is what Psalm 105:9-10 says: 9 This is the covenant he made with Abraham and the oath he swore to Isaac. 10 He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, and to the people of Israel as a never-ending covenant: 11 “I will give you the land of Canaan as your special possession.” So Sinkamba, if you want to fight God do it on your own at your own peril and leave Zambia out of it.

  42. Sinkamba, do not just repeat what is told to you. Do your own research about the Israel and Palestine issue. Thereafter come back and write an article and see if it will have the same substance.

  43. Zambia was right to be absent….zamboa needs help from both Arabs and US /Israel.

    Those pontificating and quoting the bible as proof of j’salem belonging to Israel are ignorant and the issue is not as clear cut as that….

  44. You have to give respect to the President of Botswana,The South African Government and other nations for their dignified positions.
    There is nothing dignified about Zambias position at the UN.
    They didn’t even show up !!!.
    Is it that we have forgotten our own colonial past ?.
    Is it that goverment was afraid of Trumps threats to cut funding ?.
    Where are the true sons of Africa ???.

  45. South Africa down graded ties with Israel the only apartied state in the middle east & the world by reducing their embassy to a mere liason office.
    South Africa stood firmly with the opressed people of Palestine.
    A Zambian delegation will most probably be attending a tea party at the white house hosted by the white supremacist president Trump. How many of you know that the Trump family have ties with the KKK who are famous for linching black people. Also know as the Klu Klux Clan.
    Still proudly Zambian ???.

Comments are closed.

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