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Defence forces urged to be disciplined

General News Defence forces urged to be disciplined

Zambia Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Eric Chimese addressing Zambia UN Mission diplomatic staff (not in picture) in New York on Wednesday 27 April, 2016. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION
Zambia Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Eric Chimese addressing Zambia UN Mission diplomatic staff (not in picture) in New York on Wednesday 27 April, 2016. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION
Zambia Air Force Commander General, Eric Chimese has urged defense forces to work hard and exhibit high levels of discipline.

Lieutenant General Chimese said military personnel should be professional, efficient and accountable at all times in order to uphold public confidence.

The Airforce Commander said this when he officiated at the Zambia Army officers’ Mess Majors and below annual ball held at Army headquarters last night.

Lt. Gen. Chimese also urged the defense force not to involve themselves in partisan politics as their role was to protect the Zambian constitution and being loyal to the government of the day.

He thanked the Army for their exemplary performance locally and internationally during the year 2017.

Lt. Gen. Chimese said it is encouraging that Zambian defense forces have continued to receive recognition from various stakeholders within the country and the international community for their hard work.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Chimese cautioned officers to be mindful of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and being faithful to their partners to avoid contracting the disease.

He also advised the officers to avoid engaging in gender based violence in their homes and resolve domestic issues through dialogue instead of resorting to violence.


  1. Please extend the same message to Kanganja and the Police Force. They don’t seem to have any one to advise them on this.

  2. The Zambian Defence Forces should emulate their counterparts in Zimbabwe and protect the Zambia Constitution.We cannot have Political Leaders abrogating the Zambian Constitution with impunity. Violating the Zambian Constitution must have consequences. The Role of the Defence Forces is to uphold the Constitution of Zambia and ensure that Zambia doesn’t descend into anarchy and a failed State.

  3. The Defence Force is a National Force which should be loyal to the Zambian Constitution and defend it.The Defence Forces should promote National Interests instead of protecting Partisan interests. Politicians who abrogate the Zambian Constitution must be punished accordingly.

  4. Yes the Defence Forces should defend the Zambian Constitution and be loyal to the Govt of the Day. Where the Govt of the Day abrogates the Constitution what should the Zambian Defence Forces do? The Defence Forces should compel the Govt of the Day to respect and comply with the Constitution. The Defence Forces should ensure that the Govt of the Day uphold the Constitution. We hope and pray that ZAF Commander General Eric Chimese accepts this onerous responsibility. In a Constitutional Democracy Constitutionalism is supreme.

    • It is the people who should protect the interests not the military. The military is part of the people. The USA army and the West cannot be heard in politics and signs of appeasement for fear of a coup only in Africa.

  5. General Chimense has been in the forefront practicing partisan politics, he was ferrying carders and musicians to political rallies, and today he can stand tall and advise the others. The Army General Mohicans has been above board, so ba Chimense do not be hypocritical.

  6. Hats off to Zambia army generals and thy are a good example to our defence. Chimense should be told that is not above army generals. Zambia army is number one in the line of defender.

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