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Health Council of Zambia introduces licentiate examinations

Health Health Council of Zambia introduces licentiate examinations

Dr. Aaron Mujajati Health Profession Council of Zambia (HPCZ) Registrar
Health Profession Council of Zambia (HPCZ) has introduced Licentiate examinations for all health students who are under its regulation.

Dr. Aaron Mujajati Health Profession Council of Zambia (HPCZ) Registrar said the examinations are aimed at ensuring that only those who are well qualified should join the health profession.

In an interview with ZANIS, Dr. Mujajati explained that every student will have to undergo these examinations which will be prepared by the council before he or she is granted a practicing license.

The Registrar stated that the examinations will also help to address issues of examination malpractice by some students hence bringing sanity in the health profession.

He added that every student regardless of the college or university where they are trained from will be subjected to these examinations.

Dr. Mujajati further said those who will be failing the examinations will not be able to practice as health practitioners anywhere in the country.

He pointed out that the health profession is delicate as it deals with human life and it is cardinal that those people who are admitted to this profession are well qualified and capable of doing the work.


  1. Good development. But what happens those nurses and doctors who are already working for the ministry of health, will they under-go Licentiate examinations too?

  2. This is good development in the right direction. With the so many medical schools springing up across the country this should help. Hopefully these exams won’t be compromised.

  3. This is a very bad and foolish decision whose motive is to make money. Any profession can start up a 2 tier examination system. The real motive for this HPCZ is to make money and wont improve anything!

    1. Does this rat tell me that all those examinations which medical students go through at UNZA count for nothing?
    2. There is no sense and no real value of having more and more examinations of students that have already been examined and passed all the exams.
    3. It would make sense to abolish other bodies that set exams like the Nursing Council of Zambia, etc to reduce the exam fees and let HPCZ be the only body setting exams for all colleges and Universities. That should make sense. There is no logic of paying examination fees to the Nursing Council of Zamabia and HPCZ for the same…

  4. Doctors feeling threatened by Clinical Officers Licentiates.. Licentiates are more practical, there training is hands on than than our Doctors who are full of theories.. Let him also introduce examinations for Doctors.. We have now so many questionable universities training doctors.. Cavendish.. Apex to mention but a few.. Plus China and Russia trained maweeee

    • There is no way a doctor can be threatened by a clinical officer because the training is different.Just because Clinical Officers are given practical skills to do cesarian sections, appendectomies and other minor procedure do not equate them to medical doctors.You seem biased and bitter against foreign-trained doctors and non-Ridgeway trained doctors, why?For your information, these same foreign-trained doctors are more exposed to the Western type of medical conditions and when they practice in Zambia, they are exposed to the local conditions.So in the end who has more exposure?

    • And by the way The Universities u claim to be questionable are also under the regulations of Hpcz,so I don’t exactly get your point….unless you are one of the people who don’t want us as a country to have enough training institutions…..the lecturers at these institutions are from the well known Ridgeway and UTH…. And believe me HPCZ is more knowledgeable about which institutions should offer health programs and how they run them…

    • Read the article properly before commenting. Its for everyone that needs to register with HPCZ, its not excluding anyone.

    • Kekeke… you are out of topic my friend. Be reasonable and understand the topic before you come in with your ‘inferiority complex’ with people that can NEVER ON ANYWAY COMPETE WITH YOU, please. It’s emberancing this is a public. KIKIKIKIKI

  5. It’s such a shame to have such a comment.How does a doctor feel threatened by a C.O/ML?Do you even understand the medical hierarchy? And by the way our country needs more medical practitioners to ease the mismatched ratio including in the most remote areas therefore those institutions deserve support and much credit hence why they are regulated by HPCZ.

  6. Yaba! Zambians are such a laughable bunch! Each and everyone of the bloggers here seem not to understand what Dr Mujajati is trying to advance,,, which by the way is very progressive and long overdue. Thanks doc!
    So I will try to re-explain it. A student/doctor, or student/ clinical officer graduate by passing an exam administered by their college. This is called an academic exam.

  7. What Dr Mujajati is putting forward is that no longer will it be sufficient to pass just the academic exam and be allowed to practice. One will need to also pass a professional licensing exam called a licenciate which will be set by the health and professions council for each discipline regulated by them. Nothing to do with above petty arguments of doctors being threatened by clinical officers or Russian trained vs ridgeway trained. Such pettiness that you even miss the point!

  8. Once this process has been established I would suggest that the already practicing doctors should be encouraged to complete this exam in say 5 years as a condition of maintaining independent private practice. It’s time we had some standards in Zambia!

  9. Good move. However, even those exams can have “leakages”. Measures should be put in place first to avoid licentiate exam cheating.
    Best exam time could be immediately after the students finish their college exams.

  10. Hibalwa u ve opened a box of bees in a moving bus??
    Understand the exam is not only for CO with Med. licentiate qualification BUT fore all medical personnel graduating from any medical Inst. Like ZIALE for lawyers.

  11. This is a good move Doc as a medical student,I think it’s time we worked with high standards in our country. I honestly feel embarrassed seeing people leaving our country to seek foreign medical assistance when we have doctors of our own… #Licentiate exams all the way. Iam supporting the move.

  12. We need more practical exams than theory, Zambia is to much of theoretical learning that’s why during surgery people die, bring dead bodies for us to even show you the right way to do things, I would appreciate if your exams will b both theoretically and practically set.

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