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Japanese cardiovascular surgeon willing to offer different skills to Zambian doctors

Health Japanese cardiovascular surgeon willing to offer different skills to Zambian doctors

A SPECIALIST Japanese cardiovascular surgeon doctor says he is willing to offer different skills to Zambian doctors to enhance quality healthcare services to all Zambians.

Dr Yoshiyasu Egawa of Shikoku Médical Center for Children and Adults of Japan said he was willing and interested to start offering skills in Zambians doctors.

Dr Egawa said in a statement issued in Japan recently and made available to the Times, that Zambia needed more doctors in cardiovascular surgery treatment.

He noted that most African had a few or no doctors specialised in cardiovascular surgery hence people end up dying.

“I believe it is crucial to develop medical services in Zambia. I am ready and willing to start offering trainings in cardiovascular surgery.

“This will help in having more doctors in the country who will be attending to all cardiovascular patients Zambia records every year,” he said.

Dr Egawa observed that if Zambia had more cardiovascular surgeons doctors it would help in attracting patients from other African countries to come for treatment and hence tourism sector.

He said a country with good medical personnel stands better opportunities of enhencing good business attractions among neighbouring countries.

“I am ready to transfer my skills of many years in service of in this field and impart into Zambian doctors. The move will effectively help Zambian people,” he said.

Dr Egawa has served many years in cardiovascular surgery and he had on several occasions visited Zambia with a good team of doctors working in cardiovascular surgeries.


  1. Sound like a good idea which needs to taken seriously from a broad base. Cardiac surgery is such a complex field which requires a lot of planning and a lot of investment .Our intensive care units are relatively so ill equipped and cannot manage the needs of patients who have undergone cardiac operations to this surgeons level of standards .There is a lot of planning from the pre, intra and post care up until rehabilitation phase. There is also issues of infections which can be devastating .

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