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PF MP condemns his party’s mediocrity

Headlines PF MP condemns his party's mediocrity

Tutwa Ngulube the PF Member of parliament for Kabwe central has blasted his party and accused it of gross negligence incompetence and a complete disaster for failing his constituents who they promised good policies once voted into power.

Mr Ngulube who was speaking on ‘Prime TV’  today in the  morning accused the PF of failing to live to their promises to resuscitate Mulungushi Textiles and rejuvenate agriculture, two areas that form the core of Kabwe’s business activities.

He condemned the PF on their intentions to demolish homes and also to  unilaterally grab huge tracts of farm land from peasant farmers with a view to create multi facility ‘economic zones’ that will only benefit the ruling elite whilst displacing poor people that have lived there since independence.

The PF law maker challenged the PF to send their Police to arrest him for telling the truth on their failure to deliver agriculture inputs and the disastrous E -Voucher system stating that the PF must start making plans to give relief food in Kabwe.

Mr Ngulube is the man who validated Edgar Lungu’s election as PF Party President at the Party’s tumultuous and violence ridden convention in 2015 at Mulungushi in Kabwe


    • He’s not included in the loot. That’s what CK is doing too. When things are ok they keep quiet, but when pockets run dry, then they speak. No principles.

    • Tutwa was the Returning Officer who used the raising of hands formula at the party convention. The Lungu cadres had blocked Guy Scott and Miles Sampa from entering Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Mulungushi University grounds. After waiting for many hours for “no show” and scared Guy Scott, who was hiding in Chindwin barracks, PF national chairperson Mrs Inonge Wina was made to assume the powers of party leader and announced the opening of the convention which went straight into voting for the sole candidate Edgar. Inonge said that the delegates had waited for the acting President for too long and could not wait any longer. They had no food and sanitation was terrible. Tutwa in a hurry asked those who were in support of the candidature of Lungu to raise their hands.

      Inonge is Veep…

    • And Tutwa is mere MP, whose constituency is a Guinea pig voter cheating ground. I mean we saw the images of the “re-opened” Mulungushi Textiles during campaign in 2016 by PF on Deadnbc, when in actual fact it was not open. Pure lies.

    • After winning the party Presidency, the Lungu PF machinery rushed to Lusaka and woke up Judge Mungeni Mulenga in the night and put an injunction against anyone who would claim otherwise. By the time bena Guy Scott and Miles Sampa were going for an injunction it was too late. And that is how the Lungu camp won the party presidency…

    • @Nash: You big liar!! The problem is you are writing as if you were the only one in Kabwe while the rest of us, who even had friends present, were out of Zambia or something ridiculous like that. When Scott the s.t.u.p!d white man forcibly grabbed the instruments of power fron ECL which his friend Sata never left with him, he did his level best to fire and block ECL. And he is the one who brought confusion in Kabwe after the OP informed him ECL was the preferred candidate by the PF membership by cancelling the convention at the last minute!! Guy Scott is entirely responsible for the mess in Kabwe and had it not been for Mrs. Wina, that wise woman, PF would have been destroyed!!

    • Zambian Citizen: you are a pure cadre who doesn’t want to admit truth. You don’t even know what the constitution says. What I wrote is the truth!

      The issues of Guy Scott forcibly grabbing power is subject to bitter argument I know. For the record, you will claim that Sata left instruments of power with ECL. Those who made Scott take over said that they were following the constitution! When Mwanawasa died who took over? Mr Rupiah Banda because he was the vice President.

      Your problem as a cadres is that you were behaving using your loyalty to Mr Sata and since he left Mr Lungu acting when he left for London, then to you, the constitution had changed! ECL had the right to stand and win since he was popular, based on the emotions running at the time…”EO ba Sata batushila”. But…

    • @Nash: Anyone who speaks truths is a cadre to you. Your lies were based on trying to prove that ECL was voted as PF president using violence, intimidation by his supporters. But the truth is Guy Scott, whether the constitution supprted his being made acting president, had malicious intentions of blocking ECL from being PF president. Scott alienated himself from the party hierarchy and formed a parallel hierarchy with unsavoury characters like M’membe to try and install their preferred candidate but the PF membership and the general population at large had accepted ECL. Had the population not accepted him, hh would have won the 2015 election easy!!

    • PF is a great party if only bad eggs like Kaizer, frank Bwalya, etc can be uprooted from their seats. recall how people celebrated when Winter kabimba was uprooted

  1. True. This is the man who validated the elections in Kabwe when people voted by raising their hands and voted for EL. Well, when the time comes, you have to say it like it is.

  2. Kikikikikiki where to Tutwa? That is how MPs worked in Kaunda’s one party participatory democracy. They apoke out even in parliament for as long as they were back benchers.

  3. He is right. He does not practice politics of self preservation or political masturbation. Lusambo wants to show his relevance to PF hemce booty licking.

  4. Is it a tragedy that the people of Kabwe voted him into Parliament Unlike Kambwili whom lungu tragically brought into cabinet ba Amosi?

  5. He is partly to blame for rubber stamping an undemocratic PF convention election using Pangas and hands to elect the PF leader

  6. He is the chap that facilitated the ascendency of these stinking Koswe Mumphoto into power and just because Lungu hasn’t appointed him minister then all of a sudden things are bad. He might be related to Godfoolish Miyandering, always menacing society and ducking and diving from the truth, ba koswe imwe muleke ubunangwa sure, alah!

  7. We can say alot of bad about this guy Tutwa but what he is saying is very sensible. The PF do not care who they displace to get land that does not belong to them. Tutwa Ngulube I respect you for speaking up to the wrongs of your party, you are indeed a strong compassionate person. Bravo young man.

  8. in western democracies, politicians are team players as they put the interest of the party ahead of personal ambitions. Even when G.W. Bush invaded Iraq, the Republicans rallied behind him. Those that opposed the Iraqi war raised their displeasure within the party ranks, never in the media. That is teamwork!! Tutwa, should have petitioned the party leadership with a comprehensive report raising these issues. Raising matters in the media shows a lack of leadership and political naivity.

    • Does SG Mwila Davies literate enough to comprehend the legal chizungu Tutwa can write in the Petition?

      A Petition will certainly unsettle Mwila

  9. “……accused the PF of failing to live to their promises to resuscitate Mulungushi Textiles and ….”

    Why are we importing ZAF, ZP, army and all School uniforms and industrial work cloths when we grow cotton and have hundreds of thousands school leavers without jobs ????

    PF you are giving jobs to China and S.A…..re-establish mulungushi textiles and force all those to be made there….

  10. I still recall when Tutwa presided over a fraudulent election at the Mulungushi rock of authority amid panga wielding PF cadres. Voting was done by him shouting those against EL to lift up their hands, when none did for fear of being decapitated, he called on those in favor to do the same, at that point EL was voted PF presidential candidate. Now for such a person who played a key role in the ascension to power of EL to blast his party, then he must be very disappointed. The deception was just too much to stomach for the people of Kabwe remembering how they the president himself cheated the voters by carrying out a fake Mulungushi Textiles recruitment program which never came to be.

  11. Ba Ngulube is a failure.He is MP for the ruling party in he has more advantage than any opposition or independent MP. I know a few independent mps whose constituencies doing well. He can do much better than insulting his party

  12. Tutwa Ngulube is a very dull lawyer i have ever met.just check where his law firm is-at a run down 2 rooms office on manda hill road or check where his second wife stays on Roan road in Kabulonga in a run down flat worth k3 000 a month which he is failing to pay!!SOME OF THESE GUYS WHO MAKE NOISE AS POLITICIANS REALLY LIVE A VERY USELESS LIFE!!TUTWA IS ONE OF THEM!!
    back to the topic,yes Tutwa has a point.President Edgar Lungu has much work to do in correcting a lot of things which have gone wrong under his leadership.Kabwe residents need Mulungushi textile.the E-vulture thing has been a disaster during this farming season.many farmers are crying!!commercial banks are seating on Govnt money,in the end its farmers who’re suffering.YES TUTWA IS KAMBWILI’S FRIEND-BUT PF MUST TAKE HIS…

  13. Continue…
    plus this is what we call democracy as nobody can say that in HH’s upnd.bravo to PF leadership.ECL must not hate Tutwa,but allow this kind of democracy in PF because that is how he (ECL) be delivering outstanding results unlike just listening to MPs like Lusambo and Kampyongo!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  14. Twutwa Ngulube is an attention seeker who is frustrated in PF. He is not among the Koswes benefiting from the PF Gravy Train. Twutwa Ngulube is daring Koswe Mumpoto President Lungu to fire him so that he can officially join CK’s NDC Party. Twutwa Ngulube realises that PF and its visionless President and its Titanic Ship is sinking and he is prepared to jump ship. Lungu and his PF Koswes’ days are numbered.

  15. That’s how an honest man must behave
    Not when you’re fired is when you start opening your orifice. Goes for all parties.

  16. Tutwa, you belong to a political party which has avenues for such messages which you are vomiting in public. If you have issues within the organization seek audience withe central committee rather than hold others at ransom. YOU ARE THE BUCK PASSING TYPE AND ARE UNFIT TO BELONG TO PARTY. You also seem to be blank for you can not even suggest anything that you think can add to employment creation in your constituency. Is the textile factory the only avenue? What have you used the constituency funds on?

  17. @ Zambian Citizen. You are so mean with truth and continue to shame your self your PF party and Edgar Lungu. All Zambians followed what transpired in Kabwe and how Lungu dubiously became PF leader. You also know how Lungu has failed Zambians with his corrupt government (ask Chishimba Kambwili). You claim Tutwa Ngulube who dubiously glorified Lungu’s ascendancy to PF leadership should have followed channels within PF to petition Lungu’s failed promises to people of Kabwe. Which channels? who would listen to him? Tutwa is just being truthful about the bad state of things not only in Kabwe but the whole Zambia (ask unpaid farmers now stuck with chaotic e-vouchers). And you so called Zambian citizen is defending the wrongs of Lungu. Shame on you.

  18. If I was updn I would not celebrate this. Why??? Because it does not mean that hh is any better, actually he is far worse. Imagine you have the likes of Gbm as your vice and you claim that your party is commited to be fighting corruption!!!

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