Police in Kapiri Mposhi have arrested a 19-year-old woman for allegedly concealing the birth of a baby which she later dumped.

Kapiri Mposhi Police Officer Commanding, Munembo Mubita confirmed the incident to ZANIS and identified the suspect as Idah Makina of Soweto compound in Kapiri Mposhi district.

Mr. Mubita said Idah, who is also a grade 10 pupil at Mulonga Secondary School, is believed to have given birth to the baby on 16th December 2017 which she later dumped in a disused ditch.

The Police Commander said the just-born baby was discovered by members of the public on 19th December 2017 who later alerted police.

He said the baby was discovered face down and with a severed hand as it was partially eaten by dogs.

“It is believed the suspect gave birth to a live baby around 23:00 hours and wrapped it in a plastic paper before throwing it in a ditch within Soweto compound,” Mr. Mubita said.

Mr. Mubita said that according to the postmortem report the baby was born alive and died due to suffocation.

“The baby sustained blunt head trauma which means that after she was born she was thrown to the ground then she died before being dumped,” Mr. Mubita said.

Mr. Mubita said police have since dispatched specimen obtained from the baby and the suspect for Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) testing in Lusaka to establish the mother of the baby.

He said the suspect is in police custody and will appear in court soon.

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  1. Mutati should introduce a Tax for Teenage Pregnancy. Any girl that gets pregnancy and is not married they pay tax for 9 or her parents or gaurdian get 90 days simple imprisonment.

    You’ll killing 2 birds with one stone. The Government gets revenue and teen pregnancy is reduced.


  2. ..this where a last piece of the puzzle is required..some organisations are condemned for suggesting free distribution of condoms in schools and family planning services…on the other had evidence is overwhelmingly clear that sex among pupils is real…how many of such incidences have gone without notice..not to mention unsafe backyard abortions..??..
    …no distribution of condoms in schools…sex among pupils evident…whats the way forward…?????..or we just sit and wait for divine intervention…???


  3. 19 years old in Grade 10? I was 15 in Grade 10 and entered college at 19. Always buffles me how these women manage to hide their pregnancy for so long…



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