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LuSE launches a new trading system

EconomyLuSE launches a new trading system

The Lusaka Securities Exchange has launched a new state of the art, trading, clearing and settlement system, which went live on 18th December 2017 provided by Securities and Trading Technology, a leading technology solutions provider.

The new trading system greatly enhances the LuSE’s profile as a dynamic and fast developing market, equipped to meet the challenges and technological needs of an increasingly complex local and international capital market environment.

LuSE Chief Executive Officer Priscilla Sampa said although in its infancy, the updated system has been running in parallel the legacy trading platform.

Mrs. Sampa said the new system will support trading and settlement for new instruments such as ETFs, fixed income (corporate and government bonds), commodities on the spot market and depository receipts.

She said the new system will also provide for multi-asset trading and clearing facilities including Derivatives

“Provision to both institutional and retail investors of full order management and order placing capacity, coupled with real-time access to market data, as well as third party prices on a FIX feed will also be provided,” Mrs. Sampa said.

Mrs. Sampa said other features include Direct Market Access which allows investors to trade on the Exchange via web/browser interface with approval of their brokers and Investor access to CSD Accounts online, as well as receipt of Accounts Statements by email.

The LuSE’s new CSD system is SWIFT compatible with the capability of communicating with other CSD’s, Settlement Banks, Participants, Central Bank Payment System or RTGS.


  1. It looks like a good system able to file and trade and support settlements Good improvement from the basic Luse platform “stock oriented inclined to brokerage as opposed to Investments management ,analysis,research,reporting and Portfolios trades and allocation needed for Zambia

    I like though the Aladdin Black Rock in trades,execution,research, institutional and settlement If its able to allow investors to invest in the entire stocks like SPDRs and has solutions and initiatives to support all other assets classes to allow well diversified investors on luse then liquidity will improve and efficiency and trades aware from traditional brokerage trading floor


  2. looked critically at the T + …….Settlement Can we relate the indexes volumes in trade and see to respond to announcements and company unfolding’s Is it an exchange type and all players on their desks and computers in real time communicating with the exchange floor and you clearing and passing on the book

    I hope the new system would be able to allow you see the volumes of trade and capitalisation in real time and is able to support research and filling like the EDGARS

    If its able to perform also similar like the EDGARs, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system electronic and filling system then its a plus and good development for the…

  3. the Luse and Sec Financial environment development

    its good that it would support fixed incomes in auctioning and trades in a paperless manner fixed incomes like Bonds and treasury bills with full participation and delivery by investments banks

  4. I bought shares on the Johanesburg stock market some seventeen years ago. And I came back to Zambia ten years ago and I am able to access my portfolio and trade online. I hope that is going to be possible with LUSE now.

  5. and firms in the Investments industry not the dealing room it should be able to also support the alternative markets within the window and coverage of all asset classes to increase information efficiency not necessary isolated exchange platforms

    Example of Allandin black rock today trading and settlement system for stocks “ir.blackrock.comstock-quote”

    You know like Harry Markowitz portfolio allocation and trades for clients If your Investment platform and model does not support trades and settlements its important to change it and ensure it reflects support of capital and financial markets needs

    Its time we moved and reflected platforms like black…

  6. rocks rand corporation for investments firms and traders and other seamless trading floors and market Fintech structures around the Nasdaq or Shenzhen or US Amex Hong Kong JES Singapore Euronext etc or simply a review of the major exchanges

    I like Peter Cotton National milling such , thinking on development of the markets like commodities as seen on ZNBC programme incorporate Good thinking

  7. Good thinking such as cottons its only commodities that will activate significantly other assets classes to trickle given Zambia’s inclination

  8. All the flamboyance given, the best way to indicate the performance of a given stock exchange is to give the total rate of return to shareholders (TRR) over time.

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