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UPND defends HH’s Prayer Incident in Mongu

Headlines UPND defends HH's Prayer Incident in Mongu

UPND Secretary General Stephen Katunka(c) having an interview with the Journalists immediately after the briefing of Aspiring Presidential Candidates,Running mates and their Agents at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka
UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka(c) having an interview with
the Journalists

United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Steven Katuka has defended his party President Hakainde Hichilema’s ground kissing prayer incident in Mongu.

Reacting to the concerns by a number of people, Mr Katuka said that Mr. Hichilema kissed the road because he viewed it as a memorable place for his treason case and wondered why people perceived the incident as a ritual.

“In life you have memorable times and memorable places. That man went in for four months for no apparent reason and that is something that will remain in his mind for the rest of his life as a human being. Whether today he is president or not, he will remember that place for the rest of his life. The man had never been in a police cell all his life, the first time he was arrested from that point,” said Katuka.

“People are not thinking, they are not reasoning. Right now, we have a national monument in Chileje where Kaunda lived. If Kaunda goes to visit that, is it a ritual, ” he asked.

“Haven’t you seen that the cell in which Mandela was in Robben Island is a national monument? There is nothing wrong and if he becomes president, he should even put a monument there that ‘this is where I was arrested from’ or to say ‘thats the point where the act of a perceived treason took place.’ so it is a memorable place,” said Mr Katuta adding that any normal thinking person can remember such a place.

Mr Katuta also dismissed the labeling of the incident as a ritual and said that Muslims pray by kissing the ground as well.

“What is a ritual? Those who pray kissing the ground like our muslims colleagues, are those rituals? What ritual is there? Did he put any medicine there? It’s a place he remembers. Who among those who are talking has ever been locked up for four months? Do they even know what the conditions are in a prison cell for four months? That is nonsense!”


  1. Even answering to this is a waste of time. There’s no issue here. The Pope kisses the ground every time he visits a new Country.

    • What ritual naimwe? You are just jealousy HH utilized the place to his advantage while those that thought it worked to their advantage got the wrong end of it.

    • PF cadres must be under one hell of a heavy evil spell. lungu is a satanist and practices it openly. Sangomas from all over eastern province, Malawi and beyond are a regular feature at state house, yet they have nothing to say. No wonder they voted him into power despite knowing he is a thief , drunkard and clueless.

    • Is is a qualification to be in UPND leadership you need to be ugly? I think it is that bitterness that changes people’s appearance. Have you seen the likes and Nalumango and Katuka. Ugly looking creatures. Can someone advise their president to have an hair cut in 2018 and try to put on a tie. It is called image building that also contributes to how people perceive you.

    • You are all f.oolish you kiss the ground like the pope? Ngapali amafi? You are all just foo.lish just develop the country for yourselves and future generations. Develop structure so that another person like Lungu does not come to abuse them when Jonathan Lungu is in jail!

    • I like the way Katuka calls his president, as “that man”. And that’s the way I also call HH & Edgar, “those 2 guys”.

    • I am deeply surprised that these UPND are so quick to respond to such rubbish, why even bother to talk about the fact that HH kissed the ground?
      UPND should be quick in responding to issues of importance like Peter Sinkamba is doing, and not reacting to petty issues like this one. This is ridiculous.

      Please do not spoil our Xmas holiday period with such i.di.otic coverage, waste of time.

    • Those are normal politiking amongst players; Mucheleka must help Katuka or let Kakoma respond to such attacks. Maybe HH himself should shed light on the kissing.
      What may surprise many Zambians is that HH has not been kissing his wife in public but now he is eating dust, holding Chickens at grave-yards, he is perceived to be a free-mason, he rarely smiles, he has stashed cash in safe heavens, he is tax evader, he is Mazoka’s illegitimate son; or is a son of a cattle rustler etc.
      UPND mus help its leader overcome these strong perceptions against its leader, they can be detrimental politically.

  2. I kiss the ground every time that I arrive safely in Zambia. It is not a ritual. It is just blessed relief to be in a place that is dear to your heart. Stop being superstitious for nothing you morons.

    • So do I, mate. I can’t understand what the fuss is all about. This only shows how much spotlight the man enjoys – every move he makes is well observed and monitored.

    • I always kiss spot they buried my womburical cord (umutoto). My grandma showed all of us, very systematic woman, and she was a Teleshali in Catholic. I wish I could be burried there, but it’s too close now village houses.
      Appreciate memories people.

  3. I am surprised at how people can compare someone who has never even been ward councilors to the Pope, KK and Mandela. HH’s mates are Tayali and fellow Freemasons. Of course we know a certain groups of minorities see him as a god but let us not impose leaders on each. HH belongs to and leads a cult and he will forever be a leader of those.

  4. KCI#1,3 .
    I feel so sorry and pitty to even address you, you are not just ignorant but as well so primitive, you can’t articulate issues just on merit or demerit but you seam to bring your hate from your under gut. If there is a dark side in the universe you and so many that follow and support politicians on tribal lines really is your place. Learn to criticize lungu or hh or any other person on merit not just vomit.

    • @Mushe, there is no merit on these politicians. There are just there to win your sympathy and use gullible people like you to get in to state house. After that you are just some used piece of material. I will not call you any names because I know a group of people that are just good at that. Advising someone to mind their appearance is ignorant and primitive?

    • @ kci

      And who you are to advise anybody on anything, never mind theirs appearance?
      Strangely, you did not “advise” your “vise”; “visionary”; “anointed” and convicted embezzler to borrow shirt, tie and shave before taking official portrait as President in 2015?

  5. All those condemning HH for kissing the group ni mbwa sana. What more, people even kiss dead bodies at body viewing ku malilo. Is that a ritual? Bakolwe imwe na bakoswe mumpoto mwe finangwa fimbulwa maano. Mwe fibushi mabwe.

    • @ DPeaceadvice

      Did you notice that the ones complaining against HH kissing the ground are the same ones kissing the smelling arse of their Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation?

  6. Lungu is just jealous because in his mind, HH was using his advanced smelling system hunting for bakoswe in the Royal Barotse grounds. As you know, Barotseland is a free zone for bakoswe, it is saturated with bakoswe because Rotses only eat hopani and tortoise not bakoswe. The last time Lungu went there the Litunga gave him a royal charter of rights over all the Barotse koswes to hunt and chew them with his fixed-smile dental formula. Awe sure, if he chews them the way he was chewing that poor mango fruit by the roadside last time, even the Barotse Koswes have to be scared of ending up in Jameson’s mphoto. They are the ones you will now hear shoulting “secession, secession from Koswestan!” Ninshiku sha Koswe Mumphoto tuli nomba umu, lekeni lunye nomba, alah!

  7. Njimbu is the man and his utter sense on UPND could be correct!
    The whole UPND Reacting to a house fly?

  8. Mr Katuka is wrong on one example. MUSLIMS DON’T KISS THE GROUND. They bow their foreheads to the ground. They don’t kiss it. On the other hand whether what HH did was a ritual or not, is non of anyone’s business. What is there to explain about this. This is wasting of space and time. Leave HH alone.

    • Adage: brilliant. Muslims bowing their heads is a way of worship. Now Christians do not bow their heads to the ground. Instead they lift their heads up to their creator. HH performed a twice bowing act and kissed the ground. I don’t know!!. The examples of Mandela and them does not hold. Mandela never went to robin island and bow twice when he was realised from prison. I do not know where these guys get the comparisons from whenever there ia heat in their kitchen. Bowing twice whilst kissing the ground is suspicious and strange for an SDA Elder. That is the truth. You can argue until you are blue in your faces but that act remains suspicious and tricky.

    • Miya: You left out the fact that the Pope kisses the ground when he alights from the plane & he is christian, isn’t he!?

  9. Children of isreal remembers Bethel the place of blessing for their forefather Jacob . HH too will remember Limulunga road as a place that made him jailed for 127days. How he does it is up to him. If he wants next time he can even lay down on the road. If he feels that will please God in anyway he feel like. Daniel came out of the den of lions others still more did not believe that God saved him. I believe that God saves his people from accusers . Zambia is a Christian nation let us promote the spirit of love for God. Why should we encourage people to worship devil.

  10. Kusapunzila nako ni nchito, kissing the ground is a ritual, are you serious, how silly can we be. Thanks HH, I am not sure there was need to explain to these dandaheads, leave them to enjoy their ignorance, kulibe kwakuya.

  11. Yaba please spare us from that southern ritual koswe, hh this hh that please give us a break we want to enjoy the festive season to the max!! Atase, monga ni ba President nabeve!!

  12. @Mushota, HaJayJay was using my name to attack you! He cannot find a pretty woman like me! They are a mess and are messed up hallucinating individuals in their party. That is why they kiss the ground!

  13. three Mansions, this, Three Mansions that! Yes because he is immature in the way he conducts politics just as his entourage are too!

  14. This man hh is not a politician, always doing the wrong things at the wrong time and earning himself nothing but scorn, he makes a few good points here and there and then loses everything and more. Like the frog trying to jump out of a deep well. Yaba nabo aba ba southern koswe!!


  16. When HH becomes Republican President that Road should be renamed HH127 in memory of the Fake Treason Charge. It was emotional to see HH kiss that Road and pray to God for saving his life. Glory be to God that HH survived the attempted Assassination. It worthy celebrating.

  17. The problem in Zambia is that we like to debate irrelevants to development. We debate people…not issues. Even our politicians tend to be concentrating more on how to bring down so and so. As things are now, we must forget about social and economic growth with the crop of leaders we have in both camps.

  18. If as Katuka says hh remembers landmarks and will kiss their ground, why didnt he start by kissing his birth place? Surely it is more important than trying to attract our collective attention to his personal problems?
    Or he can wait for 2036 to create a monument at that kissing place. But Obviously he knows 18 years is too long to wait, he may not even be there then. So attract attention now as the President that will never be.

  19. By the way his fellow opposition politician in Liberia has won presidential election by a convincing 62%. George Weah learnt his political lessons well. After losing to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2005 he layer got himself elected as a member of parliament, he learnt the ropes patiently, and then stood again 12 years later with good timing. But apart from strategy, patience and most importantly civility, what single thing makes George weah a winner instead of our koswe hh? Answer; George weah is a team player, does not say I but We. He says that he will succeed with a team, our hh southern koswe will instead say HE will transform Zambia, HE will rule us, HE will everything etc etc

    • Imwe ma PF koswe rats…..you are now trying to copy the name I penned for you pf caders ” pf rats” that has now been taken on even by artists……when anyone says koswe rat we know it is pf…….hehehehe

      We lead the narrative…..

  20. What is amusing is that Katuka does not even believe that his southern koswe is a winner, its a just game for which he is paid by koswe.

  21. So when is our rat southern koswe ever going to win? Limbi mu 2036? Yea that is his only realistic chance as a slow learning oposition politician..

    • Who did pilato call a koswe ???? Hehehehe

      The PF koswe rats now scrambling to try to frame others as koswe rats when the whole country knows what a koswe is according to the great pilato……..hehehehe

  22. Well said Adolfs spokesman and mouth piece even if you are also banned from attending state functions. You are so right I remember Nelson Mandela kissed the floor of his cell in which he lived for 27 years oh yes I even saw KK kiss the entrance to his home in Chilenje all these were emotional and historical moments for those of us present. I am sure Adolf also kissed the entrance to his house from where he was arrested such a touching scene that. As for performing a ritual only he and his lot know what that was all about apart from him loudly saying ‘i think we are done here lets go’ and all and sundry followed. So indeed Mr. K you have spoken well. None of the people you mentioned kissed the grounds of their memories sha!

  23. If it was not for interference by the commonwealth, southern koswe hh would have been pardoned by President Lungu at Christmas together with other convicts.

  24. Kainde is a known satan1st in Zambia!!So Mr Katuka keep your nonsense in UPND.HH was worshiping the devil in Mongu!!nobody in upnd or Zambia can correct HH’s blunders!!this man is cursed hence he will die while dreaming about plot one!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  25. Poor katuka trying to defend a road kisser, if Mandela visited his cell would he kiss it, if Kk visited his statue would he kiss it, do Muslims kiss the floor or they simply bow their heads, does the Pop kiss the floor or simply bow their heads, the only ground kisser is HH and no one kisses the ground in prayer. I’m transcendent and as approve this message


  26. Let us not over look some of this in the name of supporting hh,if that had no meaning why doing it and what is the meaning lets not support evil dids

    • What evil deeds naimwe ma fontinee ?? Many many Zambians kiss the ground when they arrive in Lusaka ……

      Lungu used to dance aimlessly , spontaneously at airports and other public places , was that a sign of witchcraft or satanity ???

  27. So HH knows the exact point he commited the crime from!! Then why does he pretend that it was a trap up charge when he he sure of its genesis. Why didnt he kiss the ground at mukobeko entrace just asking? The “5W” WHERE, WHEN,WHAT,WHY,WHO IS CONFIRMED THAT THEY WAS INDEED A CASE TO ANSWER

    • The worst koswe is one in power who is a violent corrupt theif and believes in witchcraft and satanistic forces , worse still when there is a whole group of them running the country…then the country is indeed in trouble…

  28. All Muslims believe it is their right to kiss the ground. They also believe it is their right to cause confusion. They believe it is their right to be unlawful.
    It is their right to violate traffic rules including those of the president’s if they think he is not supported by them. They are a mess!

    • Lungu is a Moslem and infact there are pictures of lungu wearing a Moslem skull cap with many chawama residents who know lungu confessing to that…

  29. May be nobody is normal in UPND! Surely, they can even be touched by the so-called incarceration of their president when he asked for it! If Hichilema were president, would he allow Lungu or any other person in opposition to dis-respect him by not giving way to his official motorcade! That’s just childish behavior, under5.

  30. Freemasons, iluminaties, Augustinian friers, Abborts etc are organisations of intellectuals. You will never find these people behaving like ignorant PF or UPND cadres. These are intellectuals leading various organizations. Research throigh the net you people of small brains like a rhino.

    • That is why PF are called ba koswe mumpoto. The chaps steal, eat and shi.t in the same pot. That is the case country wide….

  31. Ba “spaka like lilo”,you really look fo0lish by defended HH whom majority Zambians in 6.5 provinces cannot vote for!!your friends in upnd are now regreting why Kainde is tonga because had it not been that,he could have won long time ago.so keep on troubling yourself!!one thing you must know is that as long as PF is supported by people from the North&East who are the majority in Zambia,victory will surely be for whoever stands on PF!!
    Calling PF officials “koswe,corrupt,etc” wont add any votes to upnd!!your upnd is a regional party and it will remain so until HH is replaced!!
    NOBODY IN ZAMBIA WILL EVER REMOVE “TRIBAL,SATANISM TAG FROM HH’S HEAD,SAME AS PRIVATIZATION THIEF!!all the best upnd blind followers as you wait for HH’s record 6th defeat in 2021!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

    • @ Njimbu

      Imbec!le, do you really think before posting? Somehow you sound like old damaged LP. Same crappy noise time, time and time again. Can you afford new LP?

  32. It’s the first time I have seen an Adventist prostate in prayer, this must be a breakaway Church. The New Maisonnette Adventist Church

  33. Where is it written that you must kiss the ground? Wrong political tactic, appealing for sympathy from crowds instead of focusing on more relevant matters. In politics, those who focus too much on the past remain in the past politically. Sata who focused on the now pain of the masses carried the day. CK is doing better now because he is talking about the ratty corruption going on without alarming the public but making the public begin to think! That’s how it is done badala not kissing a road full of cow poop! Huzadwala Hweka!

  34. The road is so dirty not only with cow poop but human too.The best he could have done was just to touch the road with hands and pray, not touching it with his tongue

  35. Ni ritual mwebantu any fool can get arrested, whats so special about getting arrested anyway and was it the first time he got arrested? Hazadya doti nafuti come 2021 when Lungu wins embarrasses him again by a large and clear margin this time around.

  36. I can do the same… those who are saying its ritual are the one’s in the forefront going to who go to visit witchdoctors.useles and shameful thinking

  37. Is this an issue Mr Katuka. If I were you I would simply ignore it. Only HH knows what and why he did it. By coming out to defend what someone else did will only fuel more speculation .

  38. I m looking at the language of one Katuka in dispelling whatever he was talking about. This is were there is really a very thin line between the current party in power and the so called party in waiting. Fo.olish and nonsensical as the ritual claims maybe, i dont think its in order for Katuka to call those claiming rituals foolish and all those names. The fact is HH is in the public eye and everything he does will be talked about and most of the time for no reason at all but just to pull him down politically. I thought Katuka should know this and at least lead his party in a civilised manner in handling views that oppose them. But as always each time theres a chance for UPND to lead by example and show that they are a better alternative, they fail lamentably!

  39. Live the hero alone its significant for him to kiss the ground. Is he not human being come on grow out of it, he a free agent can do whatever he wants to do. Pulizi

  40. Why is ministry of health human resources department flooded with only tongas? Is it part of the qualification to be HR in the ministry of health to be first a tonga? That is the reason why we have tongas and their tradtional cuisins upgrading their qualifications without being objected to, unlike people who hail from other provinces. Where is this country going with this kinds of elements? Their relatives are in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Russia and China studying whilst their friends are bounced off and threatened to be removed from payroll when they produce their acceptance letters.

  41. Is it ECL who insulted HH or the other way round. he is the genesis of all problems. He is openly saying he is a satahist. Zambians are good mwebantu. HH will never rule a christian nation unless God is dead.

    • @ team edgar
      Which christian nation you are blabbing about?
      The one ruled by the fornicators, thieves, false prophets, drunkards, embezzlers, rapists, murderers, liars?
      Your “anointed” Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation has insulted God from the times immemorial.
      Shame on you worshipers of false prophet whose only achievements are the acts against Jesus teachings.
      Christian nation with drunkard atheist at the helm?

  42. In 1989, as we returned from exile to our mother land, just as we embarked from the plane onto the tarmac at the airport we bent down and kissed the ground. But these mentally demented, demon possessed ritualists see this pure moment of ‘memorial symbolism’ by a man who was arrested for his love of zambia and its people as ritualism, it is them that needs deliverance.

  43. Clearly HH is a shonongo because Chilufya Tayali doesn’t know what powers HH is using. And that’s why we are saying HH and his minions are not Christians. HH is a shonongo says Tayali

  44. I totally agree with you 2pac. HH is a bitter man and that’s why be performed rituals on the road. The only problem I have is that HH is seeing me as I’m making this comment. I don’t know what powers HH is using. That is why Tayali confirms that HH is shonongo.

  45. Pinto you are extremely right and this is where ECL is having a problem. As a Lusaka resident and a Bemba myself I could not be taken to Kabwe trust school because I’m not Tonga,luvale or kaonde. People at that school with such names are untouchable. The same is true with other institutions. One wonders if ECL is properly advised. Too much tribal clicks when being employed

  46. Is it true that when you have Three Mansions, other Free Mansions help you out? You can go to South Africa and they give you a platform and go to UK they “Honor” you to promote you but if you are unelectable they fish ilya dry?

  47. Steven Katuka, atI people are not thinking and there’s no wrong HH did? ?? You insulting the integrity of Zambians and if you did see any wrong with HH conduct by not giving way to the elected president . You really need to change your stubbornness. Assuming HH was elected president and the opposition behaved the way HH did what would have been your reaction. You are not Zambia to tell people how you want things done. If it was USA secret service would have shot HH. No wonder UPND will never rule Zambia. Respect Zambians and don’t insult them it’s you who is not thinking.

  48. You think the way you control your children at home is the same way you can control Zambians??? Zambians have a right to their own opinion iwe. Even if you want to be in power first step is to accept defeat then you can heal and work hard where you lost votes. It doesn’t mean if you win votes in Western Province, Southern, North Western, Central then automatically you win Zambia no ways. Zambia as a country is big with over a population of 14 millions.

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