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The E-Voucher System is Progressing well- Dora Siliya

Headlines The E-Voucher System is Progressing well- Dora Siliya

MINISTER of Agriculture, Hon. Dora Siliya
MINISTER of Agriculture, Hon. Dora Siliya

MINISTER of Agriculture, Hon. Dora Siliya says the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) being implemented under the E-Voucher system is progressing well and has so far covered a total of 100 districts going beyond the 500,000 mark out of the 1,000,000 targeted farmers.

“I am happy to note that just yesterday we were actually giving banks more money meaning that the uptake is there from our farmers and our target was 1million farmers moving from 39 districts to 100 districts we expected a lot of resistance but I am quite happy that we have actually gone over the 500 000 mark in terms of farmers.”

And Ms. Siliya also stated that the challenges experienced so far were as a result of communication and Internet failure in some areas.

She has since called on all stakeholders to support the programme because its failure will be disastrous to the country.

“I can only urge our farmers to bear with us that this programme is a Zambian Programme. Its failure will be disastrous to the country, it is not a programme about President Lungu, it is not a programme about the Minister of Agriculture, this is a national programme,” She said.


    • Any opportunity for koswes mumpoto to divert public resources to their pockets is considered successful. Fire-tenders, progressing well, ambulances, progressing well, e-Voucher, progressing well. Dora’s Manor bar & restaurant, progressing well

    • Who’s fooling who madame dollar siliti????

      We know you are desperate to save your job, but let’s call a spade a spade.

    • Had you Dora a Minister of Agric fought to give the farmers a reasonable price for their maize most farmers would’ve bought inputs without even bothering about this evoucher business. The govt wouldve saved a lot of money without having to run around for this evoucher stuff had they just given the farmers a fair price and put their foot down to see that millers and their middlemen where buying at a fair price. Even the farmers who are getting inputs are a minority, most farmers have opted to reduce production or not to farm because they were killed by Mutati, Dora and other traitors. God will judge you harshly!

    • I am actually surprised that she has not gone to Liberia to take selfies with George Weah in the middle of the chaotic E-voucher she is praising.

  1. The ones to confirm are the farmers. Znfu has said agriculture policies this season have been a disaster. The late release of these funds is a disaster itself.

  2. But the minister is not alone. This is a Government program and its failure is a failure of all the people in charge of Government. Not the ordinary Zambian

  3. Your disposition as minister of agric is uninspiring, so it’s better you remain quiet. It’s not about being eloquent, it’s about getting things done. Those e-Vouchers were supposed to be processed earlier than August, but lists of beneficiaries might have been submitted late. Leave ifyabu Kalulu nchenjele in RB’s government else the door to leave is widely open. This ministry received the largest allocation, so behave!

  4. Bonehead Mushota is just as clueless as she is. Going well and hard working my foot!!! All crops should have been planted and germinated before Christmas so as to get any yields. Farmers getting monies now to plant, etc is just a waste of time and resources and putting farmers into debt and you have Boneheads saying it’s going well and she’s hardworking. Joke of the year!!!

    • Agreed @ Trump… I grew up in the village and i remember very well that by New Year, we would start roasting and testing corn (aka maize) from those farmers who planted early (and this was the traditional organic type that takes long to mature). Places like Barotseland (Western province) if maize is not planted by late August or early September (latest), forget about it. By December, the place would be completely flooded. So this woman if they have reached half their target by now (assuming she’s even telling the truth), they should forget about it. Zambia has a planting season and timing is everything (too early or too late, you’re doomed). And why are they distributing incrementally and progressively anyway? They needed to distribute at once, covering the entire country…

  5. Only she believes it is progressing well. The MP who is closerto his electorates who are the actual farmers don’t think so and slammed the entire project as a total disaster, breaking with party protocol.

    This woman is incompetent… she has never been successful in any ministry that she has headed. Instead only theft scandals follows her and incompetence, e.g. the air traffic control radars tender and the Malawi maizegate. Not sure what her appointing authorities and her supporters see in her, claiming she’s a ‘star’ performer who needs to run strategic ministries. Reminds me of another ‘star’ performer in Masebo. But at least Masebo actually was a little competent not this lady. Just using her big bottom power to manipulate her way to the top. She needs to be fired or demoted…

    • She needs to be fired or demoted to a less critical ministry. Agriculture is such a strategic ministry that requires capable people.

  6. The problem we have in Zambia is everyone now is a spokesperson even on issues they do not understand. How many here even have an acre of land they farm on?
    Beneficiaries of the fertilizer sell it upon receiving it from time immemorial. Let’s not expect everything to come from Government bangwele

  7. E – voucher system is going well? Whatever she is smoking that makes her hallucinate this way she ought to stop it? Or just resign her ministerial position so she can concentrate of what she is smoking. A failed experiment, no amount of window dressing in sweet words will make it a success by these corrupt thieves!!

  8. Dora is a comedian not fit to hold a full cabinet minister post. she is RBs camp member, we don’t know what else.

    last year when Army Worms where ravaging Zambia, she was in USA partying with Boyfriend, her abuser Mark and posing for photos with Mike Tyson.
    Now we saw her his Aki na Popo.
    this Govt has failed the Zambians in Many spheres. see revelations by Kambwili, Lucky Mulusa, the overpriced Wheelburrows, overpriced ambulances, overpriced Ministry of General Education vehicles and yet farmers getting a role deal.

    Im shocked pipo like Mushota still support foolishness. in the process attracted ridicule for years.

  9. The farmers are the one to confirm if its going well or otherwise and so far farmers from across the country have complained. You release the money on 27th or 28th December and arrogantly address the media that its not about EL or minister of agriculture, well if it not about these 2 whom the people have employed to manage the affairs then who must fingers be pointed at?? First of you are late with that deposit of money and to you thats success. Most People who are eloquent in speech are a disaster in actual work performance, and this lady up there is just one of those!

  10. Dr Dora Solitaire, I believe in the e-voucher system. But in this 2017/18 farming season, there maybe two things happening.

    1. There’s definitely a big delay in the input supply, for many farmers that depend on the govt system. This points to insensitivity on your part as a ministry and as a government.
    2. According to some economic theories of supply and demand, there was an overproduction of maize in the last seasons, to a point of absolute loss on the part of government. Maybe this confusion is by design, so that govt spending on the agro-sector can be reduced somehow. A point you cannot tell the public openly! Some ugly economics is at play here ladies and gentlemen…. Ugly in terms of expectations of the people.

  11. Let’s also be mindful of the SUBSIDY reduction as “rightly” demanded by the IMF and World Bank.

    So Dr Dora Solitaire is playing the game cleverly, trying to balance the economic policies and political fallout. Just think about these things ladies and gentlemen. Yalikaba. But that does not mean I support PF corruption. I am just trying to objective, looking at facts.

  12. She can’t say that E voucher has failed for fear of being fired like Mulusa, it’s every thing is going well and bootlicking to keep the job,also the thing behind her back will keep her job.

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