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Mufulira residents up in arms over incomplete roads

General News Mufulira residents up in arms over incomplete roads

Residents of Mufulira district have bemoaned the slow pace of works in the upgrading of Nalikwanda road connecting Chibolya township to the town centre.

The upgrading of the road, which is part of a 2014 project to upgrade about 18 kilometres of township roads in Mufulira to bituminous standard, was expected to be completed by August 2017 but up to date, the road works have not been completed.

A check found that part of the road was partially damaged by rain due to lack of drainages.

Some residents spoken to expressed concern that although the tarring of the road has been completed, lack of road humps is posing a danger to motorists and pedestrians alike.

One of the residents, Wedson Simfukwe appealed to government to ensure that road humps are installed as soon as possible in order to reduce the risk of having road accidents in the area.

“Months have passed since they tarred the road but up to now there are no road humps. This has led to motorists over speeding on this road. Just yesterday, a Corolla overturned on this road and unless something is done, the lives of motorists and pedestrians are at risk,” Mr. Simfukwe said.

He has since appealed to the council to put up road humps as soon as possible.

And another resident, Abigail Kalaluka said the delay in the installation of road humps on Nalikwanda road could lead to loss of lives.

Ms. Kalaluka added that the delay in the construction of drainages on the road could also lead to the road being washed away by the rains, thereby reducing its lifespan.

“We appreciate that government has upgraded this road. But we are just appealing to them to finish up the works fast because the tarring was done somewhere in August yet up to now there are no humps, markings, and even the drainages are incomplete,” Ms. Kalaluka said.

She said part of the road is already being washed away due to lack of drainages.

“I am appealing to government to ensure that the contractor speeds up the pace of works so that money used to construct this road does not just go to waste> If there is any delay in working on the drainages, I think more damage will be done and the road will soon have pot holes,” she stated.

And Mufulira Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Thandiwe Tembo assured that works on the road will be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

Ms. Tembo said the delay in the installation of road humps and the drainage works was as a result of the contractor still finishing up works on other roads.

“Nalikwanda road is not yet complete. We are yet to do road signages and markings, drainage works and installation of road humps. As soon as the contractor finishes up works on the other roads that were being upgraded, they will come and do these works on Nalikwanda road,” she explained.

The upgrading of township roads to bituminous standard in Mufulira is being done by China Jiang Xi contractor, and was supposed to have been completed by August 2017.

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  1. People in compounds wants tarmac roads

    Which normal
    Person lives at the Copperbelt nowadays anyway ?

    I left there many years ago and most smart people have left too.



  2. Mushota you do really make me wonder if you have those PHDs you claim because every time i read your comments it just shows how much of a lumpen you are…

  3. This person called Mushota is she normal? Please don’t thing by staying in UK, USA or abroad then you are an Angel. God has given us Zambia and we are proud of our Country. All we need is to develop and Mufulira residents are right to claim what belongs to them and what politicians were promising them. PHD is nothing if you can not contribute positively to mother Zambia and live a respective life.

  4. Having a Phd is not the same as having wisdom. Professors have ruled Malawi but the country has not really improved. Even a footballer, if he has wisdom, can run this country better. Remember the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

    • But Malawi is a basket case. It shows the lack of initiative among African leadership. Malaw, Zambia, DRC shouldn’t be poor

    • No fooool would buy that second hand fire truck for even a £100K, in the UK the sell used trucks for £15 in far much better condition and a higher spec all you buy is just equipment.

  5. These PF rats side as a whooping $450 million that half a billion dollars, the overpriced the contracts so they could steal got too greedy and stole alot…this is the cost of corruption here!!

  6. What hypocrisy by RDA & State House worrying about Lumumba road yet Chingola and Mufulira are left in a horrible state of road network! A big shame!! You think Lusaka is Zambia and Zambia is Lusaka, right??

  7. Our fellow Zambian contractors are failing us thats why we look forward to the foreign countries like China quick and good job . We’re what we are in zambia to day because of China whom we conderm every day but those PHD holders ubwalwa , ubucende failing even to manufacture a tooth pick , toys etc . Imwe ba contractor baku Ndola , Mufulira road mwilalyafye ubwali mufikopo incito taile enda nga ma Chinese ngakale ba pwisha

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