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Parents Challenged to Educate Children on Zambia’s Christian nation declaration

General News Parents Challenged to Educate Children on Zambia's Christian nation declaration

Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has challenged parents to educate their children on the significance of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation.

Reverend Sumailai says it is imperative for parents to educate the current generation on the declaration for them to educate future generations.

She explains that the declaration has brought divine peace that Zambia has continued to enjoy.

Reverend Sumaili was speaking at the 26th Commemoration of the Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation in Lusaka.

She said President Edgar Lungu has taken the declaration to a deeper level by putting measures to actualise it when he set October 18th as National Day of Prayer

And National House of Prayer Chairperson Bishop Joshua Banda has challenged political players questioning the declaration using their ideologies to explain their stance.

Bishop Banda said it is important for the political players to explain where they intend to take the nation in the future.


  1. There is no significance of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation.
    If anything, we are a laughing stock because ni country has every declared itself as such and we are declared by a mother f**king thieving stoker.

    • In my view it was too early to give independence to countries like Zambia. This about the time independence should have been given around 2015 – 2020. The country would have achieved much better advancement under British rule in the last 50 years.

    • “She explains that the declaration has brought divine peace that Zambia has continued to enjoy” This is quackery. Trying to claim an achievement thats not yours. KK didn’t declare a Christian nation but everyone can say he ruled over a peaceful Zambia. Now you want to claim a harvest you didn’t sow?

  2. This is good, I support the idea of including it in the school curriculum. Excerpt for part of deporting Nigerian Pastor’s.

  3. Being a christian nation is not about whats is in the constitution , its about how pipo of the nation interact with each other.
    Its about RESPECT for your fellow man. Madam you are trying to justify your relevance but place the onus on others.
    Give us your plan for implementing how a christian nation should behave,
    Start your plan from within government

  4. The country’s economy is tanking from an insurmountable mountain of reckless debt and massive exposure to kleptocracy by a govt led by a kleptomaniac alcoholic clueless illegitimate president, and all this foolish minister can dream of is the declaration made by a despicable stinking dead thief! The stu.pidity is wholly gutless & a blasphemous affront to god ??

  5. Even “dwanzy” Zimbabweans one day awoke from their eternal slumber and dumped Sekuru Mugabe & his Marufurous DisGraceful wife! In Zambia today, tribalism against Tongas is the order of the day, you bet if a Koswe from Chipata or Kolwe from kwaNaBwalya ran against HH, Banda and Mulenga respectively will vote for the rabid animals! ? ?.

  6. As a parent what should I teach my children about the significance of declaring Zambia a christian country? What tangible positive attributes have come with the declaration which were not in place before? How has it affected the governance of the country. What examples can I point to (sonta!)?

  7. The brainless lady has no idea what education is about. When citizens pay their taxes and in all cases, they are overtaxed, they expect education to be fully funded by the state in order to grow a well balanced population of young citizens. The current obsession with corruption practices, stealing of public funds and complete absence of leadership has given way to decay in education and other social services which Zambians keep paying for! This regime is a criminal entity disguised as a political party. The disinformation caused by its name: Patriotic Front is completely mind boggling because the activities of all its leadership and membership is acts of looting, plunder, corruption, self-seeking greed, kleptomania, and all types of racketeering at all levels of its organs with impunity.

  8. Minister the president and his ministers should be the first ones to live like christians ,talk like christians…this is not happening now…..don’t blame parents…..

  9. It was the most styopet declaration, now Christian con men and women feel like they’re more Zambian than the rest of us. Why do you want to classify us according to our faith or lack of it? Under this declaration women paraded themselves before dogs for money! Large scale theft of public resources of rampant, even Kadansa made his fortune under the same declaration. Christians closed their eyes in prayer and found inkoko basenda! Zambia is not a Christians nation. Excuse me

  10. Why are you asking parents to explain something they don’t even understand. Something illegal because one man whether president or not is not entitled to lead a whole nation into his lost path. You can’t force a religion on people. Take the horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink

  11. I was born in the early 70’s and we had Christian values in homes and schools back then even before Zambia was declared a Christian Nation. Christianity has nothing to do with declarations, it is a life style of living like Christ and not just empty words. This ministry is irrelevant period.

  12. Chiluba also declared my friend aMwanza’s wife “liberalized” like he did the economy and started having canal knowledge of her pus.s, in the process infecting her with HIV that ultimately killed her. Same with this curse called Christian nation, you a busy murdering, committing fornication and adultery, stealing etc and you think god can’t see you because of this stinking veil of a declaration! Winangu azalila pa judgement day, PF!

  13. Just the idea of Chiluba with his pencil dick copulating with Regina almost makes one to puke! And given his pencil Willy, you bet it was always falling off that bucket Pu.ssy, it was agony sure!

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