FQM engineers work on the Chingola-Solwezi Road.
The Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) has applauded the Patriotic Front Government over the speedy works on Solwezi – Chingola road and the dual carriageway on the Independence Avenue.

MUZ Kansanshi mine branch Chairperson Mr. Happy Messiah stated that the works done so far shows that the Patriotic Front Government under the leadership of H.E President Edgar Chagwa Lungu does not segregate in terms of taking development to all parts of the country. “We really appreciate the PF Government’s work done so far on the Solwezi – Chingola road and the dual carriageway, we are very happy as a union, ” Mr. Messiah said.

Mr. Messiah speaking during the end of year meeting where Patriotic Front Provincial chairperson Mr. Jackson Kungo was guest of honor. Mr Messiah stated that his Union will support the Government of the day because as a union they had an obligation to. He also praised the Provincial Chairman for his continuous engagement with stakeholders in the Province.

He however appealed to Mr. Kungo to appeal to the office of the Provincial Minister, Permanent Secretary and District Commissioners to open their doors to the union. He further appealed to Government through the ruling party’s Provincial Chairperson to expedite the works on the township roads.

And Mr Kungo said the PF Government under the leadership of H.E President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is committed to deliver development to all parts of the country including North Western Province as evidenced with the expansion of the Independence Avenue and the soon to be completed Solwezi Chingola road.

He said president Lungu has a passion for North Western Province and wants to see the province develop just like any other place.

He encouraged the union leadership to continue saving the people wholeheartedly. “In the same vain, continue to engage the party and it’s leadership because this will cement our relationship, ” Mr Kungo said.

On the township roads, the Provincial Chairperson assured the union leadership and the general public that the roads will be worked on soon. “The same contractor that is working on the dual carriageway is the same contractor that is going to work on township roads,” he said.

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    • Why is he in a hurry to praise the government when the road hasn’t even been completed? And which independence road is this ba LT. Zambia has many independence roads


  1. “Happy Messiah” I wonder if that’s his real name?

    Anyhow, infrastructure development should be self-explanatory in every country. No need to praise anyone for doing the necessary – just congratulate them for fulfilling their mandate and using the funds accordingly.


  2. This heavy duty vehicle seen above explain why there are poor road constraction. Instead of wheels, it must have hammers as wheels front and back. HEAVY ONES


  3. I knew I was going to find UPND cadres passing wind here! Praising government to you is grievous! Reason! Evil spirits of your party wants Zambia to be ungovernable! That why an evil spirit cannot become president in Zambia.


  4. Victor, with your bias and your pschic powers knowing what you would read then why read if you all ready knew.
    You like to read your own posts
    In your post where does it mention the road works



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