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NDC says Lucky Mulusa was fired for speaking the truth

General News NDC says Lucky Mulusa was fired for speaking the truth

Erick Chanda arriving at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre for the debate
Erick Chanda

Opposition National Democratic Congress has charged that the firing of former minister of national planning development Lucky Mulusa is a clear indication that President Edgar lungu does not want and will not tolerate anyone with different views to be part of his cabinet.

President Edgar Lungu on Wednesday fired Minister of National Development and Planning Lucky Mulusa and also revoked the nomination of Mr. Mulusa as a nominated Member of Parliament.

NDC Spokesperson Eric Chanda has alleged that the fact that the reasons behind the firing of Mr. Mulusa clearly indicates that he was fired for speaking the truth about the electricity situation in the country and the procurement of the fire tenders.

Mr Chanda has wondered how a well performing minister could be fired for unknown reasons while the corrupt and underperforming ministers in cabinet are being left to continue with their corrupt acts and underperformance.

Meanwhile, Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa says his organization is appalled that some section of society is condemning President Lungu’s move to fire National Planning Development Minister Lucky Mulusa.

Mr. Mulemwa says President Lungu’s critics are offside to insinuate that the Head of State‘s move to fire Mr. Mulusa was wrong or in bad faith.


    • Mulemwa is just another” Useful *****”! He’s one of the most ardent proponents of “Politics of the belly”! It’s their time to eat!

    • Lucky Mulusa is a hot property at the moment. He should stand as President of Zambia and wipe out corruption in the ravaged Sub-Saharan country. Go Lucky Go Lucky!

  1. So if Lucky Mulusa was fired for saying the truth about electricity then what ba Chanda?should we start dancing for that?
    Sometimes these useless politicians must learn to keep quiet than subjecting us Zambians to their nonsense daily!!the president has the powers to hire and fire any ministers.just like your NDC’s leader Kambwili was fired minus giving us a reason,ECL did the same on Mulusa,so stop telling lies!!
    The loss of employment by Lucky Mulusa wont put any food on our tables and we have lost nothing as Zambians and we dont care!!let his family who benefited directly mourn about that!!HENCE TELL US SOMETHING PROGRESSIVE BA ERIC CHANDA UNLIKE THIS NONSENSE!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  2. Spuki please look at the bigger picture lest you are seen to be looking for something from Lungu. Mulusa has been fired for likening new fire tenders to wheelbarrows period. Not that he was not working.

  3. This NDC party is a bemba tribal party? all positions bemba, Chishimba Kambwili, Mwenya Musenge, Eric Chanda etc, no tongas, luvales, ngonis, lozis. Tafibomba bane bembas are not so primitive like their colleagues in upnd. Your party is just like a birthday balloon it will deflate soon.
    Just imagine ati President Kambwili? Ok maybe in 2041 after southern koswe hh has served his one term?

  4. “Mr Chanda has wondered how a well performing minister…” WHEN DID MULUSA BECOME A WELL PERFORMING MINISTER??? I would name Dr. Chitalu Chilfya as a well performing minister who is moving mountains quietly and not issuing careless press statements. What exactly did Mulusa do to warrant him a “well performing” tag except the fact that opposition would support even a dog that barks “lungu, lungu”!!!!

  5. Mr Mulesa may have said the truth and kudos to him on that. But the cardinal rule in every organization is to argue it within your selves inside and not wash linen in public. Let say Katuka or any other upnd official try to correct HH in public or media and what happens. The noble thing to do is to resign if you feel your colleagues are becoming uncontrollable.

    • Like Canicius Banda and Saboi Imboela who still command the respect of the public with thier morals. Not Kambwili, Mulusa, Musenge-shameful skunks with no integrity and morals!!!

  6. The right to hire and fire. Wait until you are fired for being honest and expressing a different view from your boss that’s when you will see the badness of such an action.

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