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PS Bishop Edward Chomba slams Lusaka Water over supply of clean and safe drinking water

Headlines PS Bishop Edward Chomba slams Lusaka Water over supply of clean...

Water and Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary Bishop Edward Chomba
Water and Energy Ministry Permanent Secretary Bishop Edward Chomba

Government has taken to task Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) over its lack of pro-activeness in the management and supply of clean and safe drinking water that is cardinal in arresting the spiraling cholera situation in Lusaka.

ZANIS reports that Water Development Permanent Secretary Edward Chomba, was hugely unimpressed and disturbed to find water point infrastructure in Bauleni Compound not operating efficiently with leakages unattended to.

Bishop Chomba who was accompanied by officials from his ministry and LWSC, said there is need for the water utility company to improve its operations and ensure that it provides adequate, clean and safe drinking water to residents in the Cholera ravaged capital city.

The permanent secretary was not amused that LWSC which is campaigning against water leakages is in fact a major culprit which was not servicing and maintaining its infrastructure.

Bishop Chomba learnt that Bauleni compound which has five water points has only two operational water points serving over 44,000 people.

The permanent secretary also visited several houses and marketeers and engaged them on the need to practice and maintain high standards of hygiene and desist from selling fly infested foods.

Bishop Chomba was perturbed that marketeers were trading right next to heaps of garbage removed from blocked drainages and sewer lines.

He directed the LWSC to address the water rationing and improve supply in the area if concerted efforts to address the cholera situation in Lusaka are to be achieved.

He further urged the water utility firm to ensure that Schools and health facilities in Bauleni and the capital city are provided with adequate water supply.

He pointed out that Cholera cases have hit over 1,500 cases in Lusaka and bemoaned the negative public behavior and response to government led cholera remedial measures.

The permanent secretary said people need to change their mindsets and attitude over hygiene in order to address cholera which he said if left unchecked can claim more people.

And LWSC Managing Director Jonathan Kampata has commended government for coming to its aid to help improve the water network in Lusaka.

He said improving the water system will help arrest the ravaging cholera pandemic in the capital city.

Mr. Kampata said expanding the water supply call for a huge investment and pledged that his firm will work round the clock to repair its infrastructure and improve water supply to residents in Lusaka.

Recently President Edgar Lungu declared Lusaka a cholera emergency area and called for concerted efforts to halt the pandemic.


  1. Shifting the responsibility on others when he is in authority and is equally accountable.

    His dressing also shows how serious he takes his job.

    • 1,500 Cholera cases in Lusaka is alarming. If the problem is not quickly fixed, they better forget about launching Zambia Airways. Nobody wants to travel to a Cholera-infested places.

    • They claim to be patriotic and well meaning zambians, why can’t he put on a mufulira wanderers jersey or nchanga rangers?

    • Yes bloggers are very right why would an African minister be promoting an English football team? Why not promote your own products? Like City of Lusaka, Lusaka Dynamos etc. It displays a lack of pride and confidence in yourself. If you have no pride in your products or in yourself how can you believe that you will sort out the cholera problem?

    • @Nine Chale, I guess you’re not bringing your German kids to Zambian anytime soon? ???. Your PF has taken Zambia to 1700- 1800 England during John Snow’s time …???

    • Don’t forget he is a bishop. Bishop and hypocrisy should always be in the same sentence. He has just known that LWSC has not been doing its work.

  2. Is this the time he is knowing that the is no safe drinking water in Bauleni? What I’d Kanyama, Chazanga and many other places outside Lk. If he can’t know.what’s happening in Lk how do I expect him to know what’s happening in Muyombe? The chorela story is repeated every. Govt sort it once n for all. Supply water first and we have plenty of it in the region n beyond. Seondly individual cleanliness shud become mandatory

  3. Where did all the grants from the hated colonial masters for sanitation in lusaka end up.
    The whites are simple they keep giving us money for projects that dont happen.
    Maybe they have a collective guilt for the treatment by the original colonisers.
    53 years and we still shit in the streets.. hey but we have great roads in the bush

  4. Lt go on post my comment, after 53 years we still defecate in the streets. Come to zambia the real africa on pur brand new airline

  5. Useless cader appointments……this has been the situation since and before you were appointed by the equally useless corrupt theif lungu …….this is when you are finding out leaking sewage and garbage and non working pipes ???

    Just go back to looting with the corrupt theif lungu……

  6. Lungu is the most useless President ever…..look at this useless vader PS dressed like he is at a football match….only when cholera grips is when the corrupt theifs start noticing leaking pipes and dirt and sewage everywhere ???

    God pleas help Zambia from this corrupt drunk lungu….

  7. Were it not for these cases of cholera, this whole talk about “safe and clean drinking water” was not going to have arisen. You are a “Bishop”, please stop being hypocritical.

  8. Bishop? Try a soccer fan who was dragged from his couch while watching his favorite game and came in drunk and stoned to give a statement.

  9. Laddies and gentlemen…..

    When some of us say lungu is a useless corrupt theif…..you people think we hate lungu for nothing….how can the bishop come water and sanitation PS only realise the filth and water and sewage leaking every where ……..the corrupt theif , the appointing authority lungu is equally clueless….

  10. The decay of Zambia under lungu is unpresidented…..from ministers lying on air about non existent violence in SP to PF seniors calling for PF thugs to takeover public places and steal plots to 42/42 to wanting Chinese in ZP to the people in charge of water and sanitation oblivious to how the cholera is speeding….lungu has to pay one way or another…

  11. Cholera again and again and yet again then we act as if its all just normal.Our leaders and health officials are on the job just for personal emolument and not for making a difference in Zambia.

  12. Oh this one is an easy solution: simply shift the blame to someone else and I’m good. Like many have already pointed out, you are the water PS and this is when you have noticed the problem at the government water distributing company? Where do you spend all your precious time? In the office drinking coffee and in useless meetings claiming allowances? Do you even get reports from them? Please put on PPE gear and tour.

    A government that operates on being reactive and playing catch up is a dangerous one. You need to be proactive. And blaming LWSC is being simplistic and cheap. The entire Lusaka is a dump; those vendors have no toilets. And i didn’t know we still ration water, jeez!

    Stop diverting aid money from Scandinavia, other EU donors and the US. Thiscrisis will really expose…

  13. continued…
    This crisis will really expose the looting and incompetence of Lungu and his minions at home and abroad (nowhere to hide).

    By the way I don’t have a problem with his attire or dressing… if only he was competent that’s all I care. I once had a lecturer who wore the same shorts and t-shirt for an entire year and he is one of the smartest people you could ever find. Bring your brains to my meeting and you can even come naked I wouldn’t give a shyt. Stop being petty bloggers… that t-shirt has nothing to do with whether or not he can solve this crisis.

  14. Bishop Chomba

    U are one of the fake Bishops and your appointment is not based on merit but political cadre.

    You not right and fight to be a permanent secretary.

  15. Zambia is a funny place.. Nature gives us more than 10 months in the year to prepare for the coming of the rains, this is enough time to invest in cleaning technologies, clear all streets and compounds of the sh.i.t which is all over the place, with infants playing in it, invest in drainage and maintenance of such… but NO, the rulers we have and those with the responsibility of power, wait until the first day of heavy rains and signs of cholera before they begin talking about this problem. Nothing short of I.d.i.ots

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