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NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili talks tough on Tribalism

Headlines NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili talks tough on Tribalism

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili
National Democratic Congress NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili says tribalism is a cancer that should never be tolerated. Dr. Kambwili says all Zambians are equal regardless of tribe.

Dr. Kambwili has since advised the newly formed party that turned three months old yesterday to be inclusive and embrace people from all the ten region’s of the country.

The Roan parliamentarian has added that people are joining the NDC because it is a peoples party that is seriously trying to address the plight of the majority poor Zambians.

Dr. Kambwili has since advised the NDC to ensure that its Central Committee takes tribal balancing as a matter of priority.

The NDC consultant said this when he addressed the first NDC central committee meeting in Luanshya.

He said he is amazed at how the NDC has transformed its self into a mass movement barely 90 days after its formation.

The outspoken Roan lawmaker said the NDC has continued receiving recognition from people from all walks of life including the traditional leadership of the country.

Dr. Kambwili said he had no doubt in his mind that NDC will forming Government in 2021 because it is the party of choice.

He said he is impressed that NDC is promoting and championing unity of purpose.

Dr. Kambwili added that he is elated to learn that in the spirit of unity of purpose and inclusiveness, NDC has made changes at Central committee level by including Zambians from different ethnic back ground’s.

He is particularly happy with the appointment of Bridget Attanga as NDC Deputy Secretary General.

Mrs. Attanga is former PF Deputy Secretary General who played a pivotal role in the Famous 2011 tripartite elections that saw Micheal Chilufya Sata take to the helm of the country.

Meanwhile, the NDC has made strategic change’s at Central committee level with immediate effect.

Saboi Imboela is the new NDC chairperson for Gender.

In receiving her appointment, Dr. Kambwili urged Ms. Imboela to champion women’s rights and draw up programmes that will attract more women to join NDC and urged her to ensure that she actively promoted the rights and aspirations of the marginalized women.

Dr. Kambwili is happy to learn that NDC is gaining respect and popularity both locally and abroad because of it’s firm stance on national matters.

Former copperbelt PF chairman Menyani Zulu is the new NDC National Chairman for Defense and Security.

Former chimwemwe ward councillor and NDC founder member Charles Kabwita continues as National Youth Chairman.

Ackson Simwizye is officially Chairman of Elections with former Zambia Railways Director Professor Muyenge Attanga taking over the portfolio of Chairperson for Higher Education in the upcoming NDC Central Committee.

The Central Committee Headed by NDC Secretary General and Party CEO Mwenya Musenge was also informed that the party manifesto will be ready by January 2018 as the document is still being crafted by experienced scholars and stakeholders.

And Mr. Musenge told the gathering that the growth of the NDC is interestingly rapid and having been around In politics for decades the SG stated that the party is headed for political stardom.

The NDC central committee has new names mostly experienced politicians, former diplomat’s, ex Senior Ministers, MPs, business men, media practitioners, academia and university scholars among other’s.

The party consultant further instructed the senior members of the party to vehemently screen those that will join from henceforth as he encouraged them to be mindful of having a perfect blend and balance between old and new, experienced and inexperienced as well pin point gender balancing. Dr Kambwili encouraged those in charge to create a fierce team that comprises of the finest political minds.


    • Tribalism must be condemned by everyone in this day and age!
      Having said that there is only room for one disruptive sata in this generation we don’t need another one

    • Those of us who have been around the block know when the time is over….. the say keep your friends close but even your enemies very close. RB cried Bwana Lungu will weep.

    • He will succeed President Lungu in my opinion.

      He has everything that will make him a Good President



    • I am loving this.
      Frank Bwalya need make move right now, he is no longer wanted in PF. Image Frank reporting to Sunday Chanda.

    • Some of you were defending ECL that him as the president he was realising a mistake was made in the past concerning trading places at City and Soweto markets which are contaminated with dirt and faecal matters. But you are quick to condemn Chimbwili when he says tribalism is cancer that should never be tolerated. And yet ECL is the President with all his machinery while Chimbwili is just a consultant. The interesting factor is that most of those condemning Kambwili are tribalist or have shown a tendency to be tribalists. Why are you condemning CK? Tribalism is evil, just as apartheid or Racism. You should be commending him for bringing up such topics because they are practical and impact Zambians. It’s 2018 now, you people should change and be the constructive opposition and not just ba…

    • cont`d

      It’s 2018 now, you people should change and be the constructive opposition and not just ba.rking rubbish all the time.

  1. Another opportunist trying to take hold of the rope before he sinks into obscurity. What does he have to offer the people of Zambia in 2018?

    Ati NDC consultant. Yaba.

    • @nine chale
      Please! We are all opportunists, we either create or we take what we can see before us,, that’s why you’re in a Germany ,,, opportunitist typically!!!!

    • Agreed gentlemen. Opportunism is not the problem but the problem begins when your ego gets more important than your principles: then you will use every opportunity to satisfy your ego. You end up stealing and even think it is Ok to be corrupt as can be seen in many of these public figures.

    • Much as I concur with your sentiment, tribal balancing is a practical reality. We keep animals locked in a kraal at night, not necessarily to imprison them, but to keep them, both from trouble, and from causing trouble. It is an element of control. If by walking away from tribal balancing, you end-up with one tribe running the show, that is trouble, regrettably so.

    • Ooh in France the new youthful leader just needed nine (9) months and it was done, CK with good political reasoning can do it in three (3) years with much ease.

      People of Zambia do not like corruption, thieves, thieving, stealing, bukabolala, bupompwe, amadilu, ukusompola, ukusheta, bukatubi, buchinseketa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Dream on Kambwili!!if it took great and famous Michael Sata 10 yrs to enter state house,who is CK to win it within 2 or 3 years?Kambwili’s NDC should dream about 2026 general elections and not 2021.
    Plus Kambwili and HH should be the last ones to lecture us about tribalism because the two are kings of tribal1sm!!the current 3 top NDC leaders are all bembas just like top upnd members are all tongas.SO GIVE US A BREAK DULL KAMBWILI!Moreover,how do you come up the central committee minus a party manifesto?kekekekekeke…dull politicians indeed!!
    RESIGN FROM PF NOW AND SEE HOW PF WILL KOLOPA YOUR NDC IN ROAN!!!Elections are not won by merely dreaming!!Miles Sampa,Wynter Kabimba and even HH overrated themselves the way NDC is doing now,but cried after final election results were announced…

    • You should be panicking by now….
      Iwe, how can they have a manifesto without a team that helps formulate the manifesto itself? You just head, his central committee is working on the manifesto to be made available on January 18th.
      It’s not a norm that since it took MC 10 years, then everyone coming thereafter it should take him the same period. The world is changing…, people are having different challenges…..people are getting educated…..new people in politics….the list goes on. Different environment. Just because Sampa or Kabimba failed, then Chimbwili should fail. That is a flawed assumption. PF you are complacent and still sleeping. You will be SHOCKED once the court rules that ECL is not ELIGIBLE for 2021.

  3. Kambwili preaching against tribalism?? That’s like Lungu preaching against pocketing clients cash or like HH telling us not to grab privatization funds

    • @Miss Harp,
      How old are you? Records are there about privatisation. Ignorance is no defense in the courts of law. Have you made any effort to at least read and understand, or are you one of these dull people who wrongly think they can hide behind a pseudo name and a computer and deliberately fabricate lies without realising what an IP address on each computer can reveal, especially in this day and age of tracking terrorism?

    • Brabus you cyber bully go get a life. Who has employed you to bare your teeth on social media. Go get my IP address and shove it up……..

  4. Can someone please advise Kambwili that popularity is in the ballot box not in the mouth. Upnd attracted all the heavyweights but still lost.
    Go and confer with hh about tribalism. They are the ones who practice tribal politics.

    • What even surprises me is how can one form a party based on falsities like corruption which Kambwili has failed to prove but HANG ON TO THE SAME PARTY THAT IS CORRUPT??? NDC was formed out of bitterness, what ideology ate they going to sell to people?? Oh, I am better than Lungu, even at meetings he would sit on the ground while I would sit on a chair…

    • @6 HH Oval head

      Please note that PF have their hands in the ballot box too, not just on the logs of the mukula tree.

  5. Let him test the 2021 he will go binding. Withdrawn your case and yes your so called popularity. Ukulandikisha be cilumba tecisuma. Lesa tafwaya Columba

  6. Opportunism at its lowest for sure… you know we have a national crisis when they likes of Chishimba Kambwili have strong aspirations and high hopes of running this country as president. Not that the current one fairs any better. This is all the legacy of PF and Lungu… it will take decades before this mediocre legacy is reversed. Compare this fake doctor to the quality of Kapwepwe, Mundia Nalumino, Nkumbula, Akashambatwa Lewanika, Humphrey Mulemba, Mazoka or even Mundia Sikatana… all those that aspired to rule this country but never got the opportunity to. We are doomed, thanks to Sata and Lungu.

    Tribalism my a$s… Kambwili really has no shame; has he forgotten his Tonga verbal abuse?

  7. The best Kambwili can contribute to this nation is continue exposing the corruption of Lungu and his minions, including spilling the beans on the stealing and manipulation of those disputed 2016 elections.

    • Don’t think for him. Don’t underestimate his prowess. He may not win, but he can cause pain and inflict damage.

  8. Kambwili is just a mad person! Can’t he first look at himself, does he have any presidential qualities in him? Zero! He’s just waisting his time! And those joining him have nothing better to do! Nga was pingila sana ukwingila mu State House, you will never go there! History is well written! Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda and Lungu were never desperate to enter state house, it just came to them! For Kaunda, it should have been Harry Nkumbula! Chiluba was a last minute inclusion in MMD, Mwanawasa was just waken up by Chiluba! Banda was just told by Mwanawasa to take off his overalls and gumboots, given a black suit and shoes and told to come to Lusaka from Chipata! For Lungu, the building blocks just automatically went on top of each other, till he was at the top! Sata was desperate…

    • He may not be as mad as you think he is. Besides, sometimes it takes a mad person to put things straight – case in point: Libya and that infamous despot, Moammar Gadhafi. Please check the latest, and see what has happened to Libya since his departure, however dishonorable he may have been.

    • Manga no wonder we have had misfits for presidents and that is why our country is for ever in reverse its because of your thinking.
      God has given us all the tools to use our brains but when voting we give him back our initiative so he chooses leaders for us God does not work like that.

  9. Is this not the same person who STRONGLY preached tribalism during campaigns in run up to the last general elections, 18 months ago! what has changed in such a short time. I will have severe difficulties trusting this man.

    • He learnt from his mistake, nothing wrong with that, and its not even important. What is important is the topic naming tribalism as cancer, which we all ought to fight against.
      It’s “One Zambia…One Nation”. Zambia was at the forefront in Africa, as one of the few African countries where we stood as one nation without the tag of whether you were a Tonga, Lozi or Bemba. This has been a contributing factor that Zambia has been peaceful without wars. To start tribalism now, is just dununa reverse, while troublesome countries like Rwanda have realized this evil and made adjustments and now look, Rwanda is prospering and benefiting. Let us not build political houses using tribalism as building blocks, sooner or later will crumble.

    • He never supported tribalism.His strong condemnation was mistaken for being tribalistic.He was telling the nation how deep-rooted that party,upnAdOwn was.Many supporters of this tribal party twisted it were supported tribalism facilitators-shame!!

  10. Dr. Kambwili those days of tribal balancing are gone, now we look at quality, not which tribal one comes from! So try that in your NDC and you will create problems for yourself and your colleagues! So you are more than 30 years behind, Kaunda era! Yaabaaa!

    • @Manda- What qualities are you talking about? Do we have people worth what you say in the current government? What do the Mail as, Kapyongos, Mumbis, Kaiser Zulu, etc. possess? Do Zambian voters look at the merit of people they elect?

  11. Ba Kambwili let’s be honest here, focus your energy and effort on becoming the second relevant opposition party in Zambia because currently there’s none.
    You know for sure that the economic trajectory President Lungu has taken of transforming our cities and towns and deliver social amenities to our people like clean water and sanitation, and and all weather roads, schools, affordable mealie meal prices and create job opportunities for the youth will certainly see him wallop you guys in 2021.
    For now your strategy must be to relegate UPND to 3rd opposition position.

  12. how do i join the party. you need bureaucrats and not cadres only to boost the party and provide the necessary intelligentsia and not stone throwes
    . Contact me on 0975991403

  13. Careful with what you say about privatization, when KK asked about the proceeds from the exercise he was grazed with a bullet on the forehead. From then he became quiet and he’s celebrated 94yrs. Chimbwi wa mwenso alakota. There’s only 1 tribal party in Zambia, the rest are 1 man parties like that of Mulongoti or Milupi

  14. NDC is a game changer for Upnd, they lost last elections through theft and only by 100 000, it will take NDC to split the northern, cb and muchinga vote between them and pf for upnd to win, only blind people can see this coming. I do not perceive NDC having an impact on upnd strongholds, because it is pf that people are frustrated with.

    • My friend, unfortunately, the PF is so obsessed with HH and talk about 6.5 vs 3.5. To them, the provinces matter, and tend to ignore 103 000 votes difference. For a country with about 6million registered voters, the difference is not really much. I keep warning these PF Vuvuzelas here, but they are so blind that they aren’t able to figure that out or still sleeping. If you tell them they think you are UPND. NDC is really coming, they can not ignore that fact, NDC will dilute PF votes. In the past 1 year, PF hasn’t done any major changes that would arise in increasing their voters base, I think many people are rather disappointed with the government. If we were to conduct opinion survey now, I don’t think ECL will come out popular as he was before elections


    • That can perhaps happen on social media but the dynamics on the ground are really different… UPND are good at analysing on social media but on actual elections they are failures because they are always Subjective in their reasoning rather than Objective…

  16. Kekekekekekeke the analysis by upnd cadres above is very useless!!according to you,NDC will only affect PF in 2021?you are also talking about PF winning in 2016 by 103 000?ok true,but in 2015 the difference between PF and upnd was about 35 000 votes.this increased to 103 000(3 times up) in 2016 and it may increase above 300 000(3 times up) in 2021!!
    Then check politicians who are either joining PF or NDC;Dr.Guy Scott,Miles Sampa,Saboi,the Atangas,etc all supported HH in 2016,SO HOW IS HH’S VOTES NOT AFFECTED?one of the reasons why HH did well in 2015&2016 is that many voters in PF strongholds who used to vote for MMD before ended up voting for HH,but in 2021 they may vote for Kambwili and further reducing HH’s votes!!!THIS IS A TRUE POSITION FOR 2021!!so stop comforting yourselves.plus…

  17. The problem with upnd guys who ever speak hail of pf you rejoyce the problem with you is you forget first ck wen in govr ,you cried fail that he must be fired because he called tongas names now today he is your daring think he may join you ck he is arogant same as hh to mush pride working togather this two cant never

  18. Continue…
    Plus the more we have opposition leaders standing,the more they split opposition votes a thing which would always favour the ruling party!!!one of the reason why the opposition parties in Zambia struggle to defeat a party is Govnt is having so many opposition leaders standing as presidential candidates!!!
    SO WHOEVER SHALL STAND ON PF WILL HAVE A HUGE ADVANTAGE TO WIN BECAUSE PF IS STRONG IN 6.5 PROVINCES!!!!since 2006 HH’s upnd has no MP in Lusaka and CB urban,Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Eastern,bemba speaking areas of central,so PF may still come out number one in those areas!!

  19. stop talking about difference for the last elections mulekwatako nensoni ba upnd that why you miss ready yourself time and again ,2021 wont be good for you especially the noise you have made which has exposed you how untrue you are ,this is just 2018 but you think pf are fools you will cry and cry

  20. This castrates alpha baboon is the worst tribalist! To him it’s only bad when it’s working against him. He called North Westerners as “banyamazai” while campaigned very tribally against HH during elections. For all I care, the baboon can go hang!

    • @ 24 Njangwamuloty:

      It’s the hook in the mouth that matters, not the bait. The bait may be eaten. The hook is what does the job. When Mainza Chona teamed up with Kaunda during pre-independent Zambian politics, we all saw what that did to Nkumbula’s ANC. Whether PF likes it or not, Kambwili’s NDC is a dagger in its side. That is the hook in PF’s mouth.

    • What do you know about KK’S politics. First tell us how many MPs Unip had in Central and Southern provinces had then we can discuss. It’s only MMD which managed to have MPs in Southern Province and its allies. Mainza Chona was regarded as a sellout by his people.

  21. @23 Njimbu,
    We all know HH won those elections but he was robbed of victory. Though your 6.5 provinces observation is very interesting especially that the presidential votes were almost split even. It proves that Western, North-Western and Southern provinces constitute over half the population of Zambia. If you add on Central Lenjes who actually make the majority there, HH is winning next polls so continue polarizing Zambia tribally, it’ll bite you in the pray soon.

  22. Bonehead Mushota, you heard, ‘mouth farts are the stinkiest’. Please keep your mouth shut!!! This Kambwili is the mastermind of tribalism!!! Trust him at your own peril. Mark my words, he will be labeling other parties as tribal parties when the time is right and it suits him!!!

  23. I see that the position of NDC party president is still vacant.
    What more do you need to demonstrate that tribalism is a cancer than appointing a tonga, lozi or chokwe or mbunda or even tumbuka to the vacant position? Then Mr Kambwili you can be vice president no problem.

  24. A more convincing proof of strength would be the recruitment and resignations of serving ministers, senior party officials and MPs, even serving president, than former this former that. In our environment former this former that is prood of poverty, chancers than coherent team. Its a case of sangwapo bwangu judt in case it wins.

  25. CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI will be the first to realize that other ethnic groups outside the Bemba tribe, especially the Tongas will find this statement extremely laughable. He is just playing politics. Suddenly Kambwili has realized that you need balanced support from all corners of Zambia to win against Edgar Lungu. Kambwili is a wolf in sheep-skin. He is exactly like Rupiah Banda that id*ot who shot dead unarmed civilians across the country just months before elections and still expected to win – he got a shock of his life he will never recover from. Good Luck Chishimba Kambwili, but NO not for me, thanks.

  26. Who can forget that not long ago this same f00l was telling our brothers and sisters from southern province that even if you bring jesus christ to stand against their hakainde, they will vote for their tribesman and not Jesus christ. So what can he tell us about tribalism. He is just trying to feast on the minds of the weak. I can’t vote for you cheap *****!

  27. Wonders will never end. …this Fatso planted seeds of hate among tribes when he was on top of the world. To me it’s just a ploy to hoodwink the unsuspecting Zambian.

  28. Upnd will welcome anything that turns against Edgar. ..no principles. …let Mumbi Phiri renegade, she’ll all of a sudden become a principled and brave woman.

  29. Tribalism is indeed a disease but lately i have realised that people who always talk about it are actually tribalists. We have seroius issues in Zambia lets just leave togather in harmony. There will be no development if we continue dwelling on useless things.

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