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Trade between Zambia and India to hit $ 1 billion

Economy Trade between Zambia and India to hit $ 1 billion

Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga
Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga
Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga has disclosed that trade between Zambia and India is projected to reach UU$1 billion this year (2018).

Mrs. Kapijimpanga attributed the increase to good incentives that government has put in commerce and trade.

She said the Mission has engaged in various activities that promote investment, trade and economic cooperation between Zambia and India including other countries in Asia namely; Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Maldives, Nepal, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

She further disclosed that her office facilitated several ambitious initiatives of attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

“The Mission attended and hosted several meetings to ensure that the objectives of attracting FDIs and enhancing Zambia’s international trade are realized,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Kapijimpanga disclosed that trade between Zambia and India improved by over US$300 last year compared to in US$650 million in 2016.

The High Commissioner has since appealed to all stakeholders to move with speed in ensuring that prospective investments were actualized as the Mission’s mandate ended at marketing the country.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi India, Bangwe Navilley.

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  1. Chonde a Bangwe Navilley. A simple break down will do i.e

    From India to Zambia

    From Zambia to India
    -Soya beans
    -Mukula logs
    -Medical Tourism

  2. Again getting excited about incomplete data…who is benefiting most from that $1billion; how does such articles by pass the Editors eyes?

  3. If it is trade where we export and they export goods, and not people, then good. India is not a country Zambia should be buddy buddy with. They are the shadiest Asians you can ever deal with. They Chinese are upfront with what they want from deals and trade. That is your resources, all of them, and a little ivory and mostly Mukula trees and Rhino horn sprinkled in.

  4. What commodities are driving growth? Who is exporting or importing what? How does this translate into improved living standards of poverty stricken Zambians and Indians?

    By the way any update on that Indian company that was announced to start expansion and modernisation of Lusaka city roads. Bufi mwalebepa?

  5. Why wasn’t india approached to buy mukula. At least we could have had an auction.
    10 days ago uor german ambassor announced 1 billion investment by germany, now indian ambassador 1 billlion
    Some months back it was turkey 1 billion. 1 billion seems to be the magic figure

  6. In private and Public FDIs So which companies is composed in that $1 Billion apart from Tata Itezhi Tezhi pick $120 M, Bank of Baroda or manjeet cotton or pravi modi

    In terms of hospitality SA has been the most beneficially and Mozambique the Best overall recipient’s of Indians FDIs

    May be an outline of those Investments will help see the composition of $1 Billion in bound to Zambia and perhaps Out bound would be important A two way traffic

    I think I have supported you enough LT

  7. Okay the Pepsi drink Velun company $27.5 Million dollars To outline those Private and Public would be useful to nature tailor and support those FDIs but So far Mozambique is Leading by Far in attractiveness of FDIs from INDIA

    May be they are just pledges to $1 Billion

  8. Agreed the Information is inaccurately presented and may require some facts as projections to 2018 and actually realised 2017

    and if you say its Mauritius to be ranked as 1 its simply because of its Tax haven But Mozambique and SA has been the Best recipients

  9. Instead of the Minister for Foreign Affairs issuing end year speeches that are often the preserve of a head of state one would have expected a comprehensive annual report from the Minister capturing all these reports from abroad and not allow a secretary oops I mean a High Commissioner to issue a one off statement….career diplomats indeed!

  10. The good side is She is one of the diplomats really working to be seen The other is Anthony Mukwita always in Investments promotion You can really see her efforts and resolve to create that Investments between Zambia and India

    In such reports you always mention the total trade (imports and exports) between two period indicating the % increase or decrease Then you mention the composition/drivers of than change and then talk about the FDIs increase or decrease between India and Zambia Always be careful of confirmation bias towards the one traffic (emphasising imports from India as opposed to direct FDIs to Zambia in manufacturing sectors )

    She is a good diplomat

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