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Cholera shuts down UNZA, More Food outlets shutdown

General News Cholera shuts down UNZA, More Food outlets shutdown

UNZA students are currently mobilizing at monk square
UNZA students

University of Zambia Registrar Sitali Wamundila has announced the indefinite closure of the institution owing to the cholera outbreak.

In a statement today, Wamundila stated that UNZA would provide transport to all 10 provinces for those without means of getting home.

“Meanwhile, for those who may not have means for returning back to their homes, they are directed to get in touch with the Office of the Dean of Students for details on free transport that has been arranged to take students to all the 10 provincial headquarters,” Mr Wamundila said.

He said all students at both campuses are being directed to leave with immediate effect while staff of the University are being guided to continue operating normally.

Meanwhile, six more outlets including Pizza Hut, Debonair Pick N Pay (bakery) Woodlands, Mika Hotel restaurant and a bakery in Matero have been shut down after food samples collected showed presence of Cholera germs.


  1. that’s your outrage, grammatical error. you got the point. it’s not important to knit pick on an error when you understand the bigger picture. the institution is shutting down, that should be the outrage, not a grammar error. priorities please zambians! I know we all have our pet peeves, but damn!
    what’s alarming is the effect this is having on Zambia. tourists will start thinking twice about booking their trips to Zambia.
    it’s such an embarrassment. every rain season it’s the same story, floods everywhere due to blocked drainages, those responsible are seen wearing ties and suits, that’s all Zambians are great at, dressing up in those fake brands. nobody wants to be modest and do the dirty work. everyone from the maid to the office clerks, they all want to be seen as having…

  2. This whole situation was a time bomb that exploded at the right time sending terror and causing panic to the entire citizenry

  3. It is a great move taken to save our future leaders from this scourge, only disgruntled characters from the tribal grouping would still want to take advantage of this to gain cheap political mileage when the reason behind the closure is well known to everybody.

  4. Bad news for months. Mongu HH fracas, Fire tenders, City market burnt, Chinese police commissioners, ambulances, Mulusa fired, Cholera, cadres block Mikula firewoods, Harry Kalaba resigns, more mikula intercepted, more cholera, island sold out, institutional and business shut downs,

  5. And when they return to Campus in February they will riot over meal allowances and then return again to their homes in March!

  6. Concentrate on why there has been a necessity to close the institution, not those irrelevancies that some of you are spouting. The likes of … @ Nubian Princess have a serious problem.

    Back to the gist. Is there a suggestion, with the closure of all these places that all water systems have been infected by the cholera bacteria? I have yet to read about results from water tests – unless someone has them here? Primary sources have to be contained as a matter of urgency.

  7. Meanwhile some parts of Matero has had no water for the past two days in the midst of the deadly cholera outbreak. There are times when we go without water for five days and no apology, explanation or plan b from LWSC. The area MP is dead quiet. Mr. President how do we keep clean without water? Please come to our rescue.

  8. The solution is not closing primary and secondary schools and Universities… Zambians are naturally filthy and unless that is addressed cholera will continue to be a menace.

  9. The govt was very slow to respond until thousands have been hospitalized and hundreds dead. This problem started in Spetember and the govt takes it serious after 3 months. Pathetic! If one death was a little to many, the first person who died in September could have been the last one.

  10. They say if you don’t fix a crack ,you’ll end up being forced to rebuild a whole wall .Lungu’s govt and institutions saw the cholera crack sometime ago ignored it and now they wanna act like heroes ?

    Their lack of accountability and NOT being on top of things stinks worse than Lusaka’s filthy trenches.

  11. It’s a very reactionary government. They have no plans for the country except waiting for calamities and disasters to create plans for them. They should have prepared for this way before the rain season started. Now it’s too late with these last minute efforts and the clean up did nothing much to contain the situation.

  12. Man it’s a shame to see Zambia going backwards even though we’ve got so many educated folk in the country. Health and safety of the people should always be priority number 1.. This just tells the rest of the world that Zambia is a dirty and unhygienic country.These dinosaurs in power are holding the country back, we need some new and young faces who have not been tainted by corruption and are weak when it comes to negotiating trade deals

  13. What Zambia needs is new faces throughout the government that are highly educated. The minister of health was supposed to be in charge of taking a proactive approach in ensuring that Zambia’s water and sewage treatment systems is supposed to be up to par. It is not rocket science that modern sewage and water treatment have virtually eliminated Cholera in industrialized nations. Why in Zambia’s 54 years of independence, there’s been no leader that has made an effort to make clean water, hygiene a priority. It’s shame. Clean water is not considered a luxury. CLEAN WATER IS A NECESSITY FOR LIFE.
    The negligence of the Zambian government to contain the disease in the early stages is disgraceful.

  14. From 1978 cholera has afflicted Zambians every year to date, it was worse in 1991 – 13,154 cases, 1992 – 11,659 cases, 1999 – 11,527 cases, 2003 / 2004 – 2529 cases and 128 deaths. Street vending has always been blamed as a contributing factor and poor personal hygiene plus contaminated drinking water. Public health enforcers have always been in slumber and things got worse when a leading politician took advantage of the poverty amongst street vendors and supported street vending for votes. Hence vendors occupied every space available using plastic or paper bags as toilets and throwing faeces any how. The councils suspended the by-laws against street vending. Can the President tell us who will enforce the law after the current outbreak has been contained, is it the military, police or…

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