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RTSA summoned 8 motorists for throwing litter out of their moving vehicles

General News RTSA summoned 8 motorists for throwing litter out of their moving vehicles

RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has summoned eight motorists for throwing litter out of their moving vehicles.

RTSA Head of Public Relations Fredrick Mubanga says this is because of the warning that the Agency has evoked the Road Traffic Act of 2012.

Mr. Mubanga says the eight will now be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

And Police in Lusaka have arrested and charged 8 people for illegal disposal of waste after citizens imposed a citizen’s arrest.

Police working with the Zambia Environmental Management Agency ZEMA charged the 8 in line with the Environmental Management Act of 2012.

ZEMA Head of Corporate Affairs Ireen Lungu says four of the 8 have since been charged and paid a fine of 1-thousand 8-hundred kwacha.

Ms Lungu says the Agency has also issued a restoration order for the 8 to clean up the same area they had illegally dumped waste.

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  1. Much as we are against this behaviour, let us emphasize on having concrete evidence of such acts. Most Zambians are Sadists who enjoy putting others in trouble. Any unscrupulous motorist can choose to make a malicious and false report against another motorist for reasons best known to themselves. A simple misunderstanding on the road is one such example. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out knowing we are a country full of failed experiments. Without CCTV or photographic evidence, such summons will be a waste of time for RTSA and a mechanism must be in place to punish such Sadistic reporting. Yes, let’s outlaw the shameful behaviour of throwing anything from vehicles but we need to ensure we have everything in place!

  2. But where is the nearest public bin? This govt spending $1 million on a single Fire Truck imagine if the spent that on vandal proof bins!

  3. How much litter is in front of your Didan Kimathi office. Buses through litter at Kabendekela House and what you are trying to show us here ??

  4. So because there is no bin nearby it’s OK to throw litter out your window? I usually keep trash in my car until I find a bin, you should give it a try. That said its also important that bins be put in place.

  5. Very interesting topic, if only this will continue and CCTV cameras placed in many parts of most of the major roads, like the way it is in Zimbabwe, then we will b heading somewhere, RATSA THUMBS UP!!!

  6. I salute ba RTSA, please keep up the good work ifiko mu Zambia fyalatusebanya.
    Punishing them is the way forward or let the army do it the military way.

  7. Those fines are too lenient, its $1000 for such offenses in the united states. If its bulk trash the city will also send you a clean up and sanitisation bill.


  9. I am a victim also were by am driving from Lusaka to copper belt I can’t see were the bin is, toilets ,people on the way they use bush as there bin and toilet check it out

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