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Lusaka Central Business district runs out of chlorine

Headlines Lusaka Central Business district runs out of chlorine

The Lusaka Central Business District has run out of chlorine due to unprecedented demand as the fight against the deadly cholera disease which has now spread beyond the capital city.

Meanwhile some unscrupulous people are collecting excess bottles of chlorine to sell them at inflated prices, forcing Government to warn them of prosecution for their criminal conduct.

Health Permanent Secretary Kennedy Malama said it was sad that some individuals wanted to make capital out of the cholera situation, and advised health personnel not to allow such illegal practices.Dr Malama said in an interview yesterday that Government would ensure that chlorine was readily available, especially among the vulnerable people.The permanent secretary noted that since the outbreak of the epidemic, there has been unusual demand for chlorine in Lusaka.

He also disclosed that Trade Kings this week might start manufacturing chlorine for free distribution among citizens, adding that Government would increase the supply of chlorine from various sources.

“With the numbers reported and general appreciation of people who need chlorine, there has been unprecedented demand for chlorine in the country, particularly in Lusaka. As you are aware, for chlorine, there is a cost to it, as Government we will increase the supply of chlorine from various sources,’ he said.

He said Government was happy that during this outbreak, some of partners like Trade Kings who had come on board had assured that starting this week, they were likely to commence manufacturing chlorine which would be given to people free of charge.

Trade Kings Foundation, part of Trade Kings Group (Zambia’s largest FMCG manufacturer) has committed approximately K2,100,000 worth of products and supplies towards the Government’s efforts to contain the spread of cholera. This includes making use of Trade King’s vast media presence nationwide, along with practical means to assist the fight, equipping those involved in the clean up with over 50,000 bottles of chlorine, gum boots, PVC gloves and aprons, as well as portable toilets for use by marketeers in affected areas.

Dr Malama called on all stakeholders to invest in the provision of chlorine so that the supply could surpass the demand, stating that Government was committed to ensuring increased availability of chlorine.

“That’s the time we are going to kick out all those who are trying to take advantage by selling chlorine exorbitantly,” he said.

Meanwhile, a survey around the Lusaka CBD at the weekend in all major outlets revealed that chlorine had run out. Some shoppers were seen looking for chlorine in shops moving from one shop to another in search of the commodity.

[Times of Zambia,BrandPulse media]

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  1. NO worry chlorine is not cure for cholera, AFTER all only 58 deaths in 3 months , which is a very small number , lets continue normal life , deaths from cholera cannot be compared to AIDS malaria accidents so stop panicking bane!!!! we are doig fine at 58 ONLY

    • The President should come out of wherever he is hiding and take control. How can we run out of chlorine. Chitalu Chilufya and Vinicent Mwale are jokers…this is unacceptable. How come jet fuel for attending inauguration ceremonies never runs out?

    • Too bad… Hoping for quick solution to this problem. Otherwise cholera has really dented our image as Zambians. We are branded “dirty”.

    • The more ideal fix to cholera is to keep Lusaka clean, not just for a week, but for ever. It is possible.

    • JIK is a good alternative. Just put a little in your drinking water as prescribed and it will be as good as using chlorine. You can thank me later.

  2. It is a very sad situation to hear what is going on, are we ever going to learn? What is the role of Lusaka major or is he still sleeping. Leaders should be held accountable!!. The whole Lusaka City council has not been working and if they had we could have avoided this, we are now spending more and what lives of beloved families we have lost? May God hear our cry for our mother Zambia.

  3. This is amazing to watch all the cholera saga going on and one wonders! Where is the president of the country in all these. These are times when you see the leader take charge and assure the nation that all will be fine but not this nation – ni auto pilot chabe!

  4. If Zambia had a proper GRZ we would have been a major exporter by now had we taken advantage of all the calamities that have befallen the nation…..

    With load shedding we should have been assembling solar products by now…..with the suspect fires we should have had a fire prevention and detection industry by now …… with cholera we should be gearing up to a manufacture of cleaning and water purification and manufacture of other products to make pit latrines and septic tanks safe…….all those industries can be guaranteed by regulatory requirements and high import tariffs on others…….but alas as Africans we accept that we are just du.ll and destined to be beggars and exploited ………our demand for products of the above mentioned industries are driving employment S.A. and…

    • I must add well done trade kings for taking the inicetive to produce chlorine in the country …….GRZ still needs to be driving and directing these inicetives instead of just looking for tenders…..

  5. Bimbe Trading are manufacturing chlorine in large quantities. I don’t think they’ve run out.. Maybe LUSAKA CBD has run out of *free chlorine.*

  6. Where there is no vision people perish. This is a wake up call for you Zambians who vote blindly. Lungu has no clue about his job description.

  7. hi there, search for sodis to internet, it´s short for solar water disinfection, it can help you

  8. Zambians ought not to blame the people in power concerning cholera but us government we a dirt we a good at acting when things a worse otherwise mu market let it b born in minds to keep their surrounding clean every time, do we need Zambian army to draw a timetable for housekeeping shame on us

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