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I will hit the ground running-Chiteme


Newly appointed Minister of National Development and Planning Alexander Chiteme and his counterpart newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji during the swearing in ceremony

Newly appointed National Development and Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme says he will prioritize the implementation of the 7th National Development Plan.

Speaking to Journalists at State House shortly after he was swore in, the Nkana Member of Parliament said the implementation of the 7th NDP will be taken seriously and effectively.

Mr Chiteme has since thanked President Lungu for demonstrating confidence in him by appointing him as Minister of National Development and Planning.

“First of all, I want to thank His Excellency the president Edgar Chagwa Lungu for giving me this opportunity to serve in his cabinet. I want assure the country that we will hit the ground running… my immediate focus is the Census coming up. We will need to up preparations, strengthen and deal with grey areas in the preparation process,” Mr Chiteme said.

He added, “We recently launched the 7th National development plan which has been wildly accepted within and outside the country, we must ensure implementation of these plans are taken seriously.”

Mr Chiteme, an Accountant by profession replaces Lucky Mulusa who was fired by President Lungu two weeks ago.

And new Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji says he is not hitting into a vacuum at the Ministry because President Lungu himself is diplomat number one who has put the country on a very high profile.

Ambassador Malanji said he was equal to the task and will pay back president Lungu by walking the talk.

“This country has a record of very good foreign policy. Not underrating the input from my predecessors, one thing I can mention is that I am equal to the task,” Ambassador Malanji said.

“You can tell by the number of foreign heads of state that have visited our country that our foreign policies are good and definitely I’m not hitting into a Vacuum,” he stated.

Ambassador Malanji, President of the African Golf Union is a Member of Parliament for Kwacha and replaces Harry Kalaba who resigned from cabinet last week.


  1. Accountant to NATIONAL PLANNER ah only politicians see sense in such appointments, KALABA was known for arranging foreign trips for LUNGU lets see what MALALANJE WILL DO

  2. Give credit where it’s due,do not always condemn ,these are good appointments, let’s see how they going to perform

  3. This ministry is not effective because it relies upon performance of other ministries. It should be a ministry within the presidency so that in the end, it helps the president to crack the whip on non performing ministers or ministry. Unless it focuses on developing strategies for govt as whole to deliver. In south African, they have similar ministry of performance monitoring and evaluation and has been less effective. Minister in the end just travels inspecting projects but has no power to bring people responsible to book thus wasting taxi payer money and other ministers see him as their policeman. Mulusa was not effective and was just travelling inspecting projects without accountability of those found wanting.

  4. The entire cabinet is changing just Wath the space. Remember I hinted you about it last week. Kz is going and Dora.

  5. I am not into this whole women everywhere thing, but there is a shortage of female ministers. This is 2017 and we only have like 4 to 5 female ministers.

  6. ” Alexander Chiteme says he will prioritize the implementation of the 7th National Development Plan”

    Really laughable…priortise what when you have no money, even dipping in the road fund to fight cholera as you didn’t save for emergencies.

  7. Congrats the two appointed Ministers!
    Try and live up to the expectations of the appointing authority and the people in Zambia.
    Learn from the past failures and successes.
    We are at our best when we learn from history and contemporary events.

  8. With a belly like that run where? Perhaps you will hit the ground strolling there’s lots of deals to be struck you will be the darling of the slant eyes


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