Thursday, May 30, 2024

Ministers Briefing the Nation After Cabinet Meeting



    • Sadness, and these are the leaders???
      I pray to lord Almighty to give KK a long life so these “ministers” don’t make any speech at his funeral.
      My point is, during KK, these PF ministers had to study for grade 7 exam, ministers by name and ministry.
      But which children will be inspired by these PF ministers for God sake!?

    • #nostradamas. If I remember at one time you said nasty things against KK when he appeared to support Edgar. I’m worried when people show such inconsistencies.

    • Ayi???? He’s so irritating and patronising this Amos Chanda, Mudala chill with treating the other government officials like your pupils.

      Mmmm it’s too much

    • Pastor Choolwe gave a good but misplaced analysis of Alcohol consumption in relation to the economy. He missed to address the economic gain of those trading in licit alcohol products.

  1. Who is actually the government spokesperson, kampamba od Amos?All announcements are done by Statehouse.Please educate me on this.

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