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UPND refutes social media reports that HH has donated dustbins for Cholera fight


The opposition UPND says its leader Hakainde Hichilema has not donated any dust bins towards the fight against cholera.

Some images showing a dustbin with Mr Hichilema’s image surfaced on social media alleging that the items were donated by the UPND leader to the Ministry of Health for the Cholera fight.

Deputy Press Secretary to the UPND President Brian Mwiinga said the public and media will be informed by Mr. Hichilema’s press office of what material support will be donated towards the cholera outbreak fight.

“Therefore, the public is hereby informed to ignore the circulating social media propaganda depicting to be from Mr Hichilema,” Mr Mwiinga said.

“Currently, the team constituted by the UPND President is making frantic efforts to deliver his donations as earlier on there was a challenge from Ministry of Health officials on accepting his donations,” he said.

The dustbins allegedly donated by HH and the UPND
The dustbins allegedly donated by HH and the UPND


    • Only in a cretin’s paradise will Human Hyena donate even a bubble gum! The man is the most stingy human being in Africa! Just ask his workers! I pray for a miracle so that HH can put a clinic on his huge farm and hopefully his cattle herders will also be given footwear and overalls and not running around the farms like abena Tarzan.


    • So now he is under pressure to make a donation after we questioned his visit to cholera center empty handed. His followers were so enthusiastic to defend him by claiming that he donated dust bins, this is what happens when all you think of is taking advantage of a situation to gain political mileage. The man has no clue what he ought to be doing. I wish he could desist from this syndrome of ‘ I know best’.

    • Yes he CAN’T donate. So he is busy asking other people to give what he will donate. The man in strikingly stringy.

    • Putting your face on a trash bin is as good as calling yourself trash, just as well he said no, otherwise we could have concluded that he is indeed trash.

  1. HH can never ever donate. His money has conditions. How can he donate towards the well being of Zambians when his religion is keen to see lives being claimed and blood banks filled. His businesses are booming at the expense of sorrow. I did not thank God when I heard abt the donations. HH will be the last person to donate. He is busy donating spiritual demons to bring more afflictions on Zambians.

    • Like the we see in the Nigerian films…
      money called choppa has conditions, either to kill a relative, cut your limb, don’t buy clothes, don’t wash, kill your manhood, no charity or alms.

    • Brethren, let brotherly love continue Heb 13:1. Hate towards one another will never take you anywhere. Just imagine if God had this hate you have against each other? What would have become of us.

  2. If you mean to donate something do not announce it or make it a publicity stunt or else it will be seen as campaigning at the expense of those affected or infected. Can someone advise this power hungry man to be tactful.

    • A donation is different from alms or bailing out someone at personal level. Why do the Americans who are constructing the drainage and sewer system in Lusaka put up huge billboards which read, “from the American people?” Even donations from CHAZ, UN, EU are always embossed with the logos of the organisations that may have made the donations. Why?

    • @GR, I don’t know if analyse before you make comparison. The American money is from taxpayers and not from the ambassador’s pocket. The embassy expense is accountable to the government which wants to know what projects have been done.

    • Imwe so any accusation against PF is correct but any against HH your heavenly father is the work of PF. This HH must be superior because even Jesus had his trying moments which isn’t the case with HH.

  3. I now see why Upnd is refusing their own product. They’ve just realize that the picture on this kamungomo could send many negative messages such as HH belongs to the dustbin.

  4. So many ignorant bloggers making statements from without. HH has been donating, building structures for communities and sponsoring pupils through schools for a long time. He does’t always say it or sing about it. This obsession to condemn HH at every corner without facts will affect your health, if it hasn’t already done so.

  5. Let us work hard And not looking on what my neighbor has got. You end up Stealing or kill your friends. Like some of the post we have ready. The moment reading it u understand that this one is a noise makers and a destructor .

  6. Another brilliant idea from HH. Just waiting for an opportune time to make his move and watch him, it may end up a wrong timing as usual. He may donate bulbs to help counter the epidemic. NO INSULTS PLEASE

  7. WATCH THE SPACE HH and UPND have donated 42 Cholera fight trucks with a boom to spray infected areas, as u are aware 42 is a lucky number

  8. This is the time to see love ….when one loves another they will not look around or find reasons not to show the love within them. When one loves, one gives unconditionally to another in need.

  9. Does HH smile. I have never seen a smile. It is one of the conditions set by his god. He is not a good guy. How can u go empty handed when u know the needs affected require. Its good the tongas now know the type of leader they have always wanted to power. People will not stop talking until he is.delivered. I was a follower but bcoz of his religious affiliation, i have quit.

  10. Ilya group abako HH, ama masons, they don’t smile! I once watched American masons on TV in an underground prayer session, baba its serious business, there’s no smiling there! Full of various sacrifices! No wonder your HH doesn’t smile, he’s always wearing sad look on face!

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